Catching Up And Falling Behind

Author: David A Dyker
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 1783260793
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Catching Up And Falling Behind from the Author: David A Dyker. In this collection of essays David A Dyker explores some of the most difficult and fascinating aspects of the process of transition from autocratic “real socialism” to a capitalism that is sometimes democratic, sometimes authoritarian. The stress is on the economic dimension of transformation, but the author sets the economic drama firmly within a political economy framework and a historical perspective. Trends in key economic variables are analysed against the background of the struggle between different social and political groups for power and command over resources. While the book pays due attention to topical issues like EU enlargement, the underlying perspective is a long-term one. Transition is viewed not as a set of once-and-for-all institutional changes or a process of short-term stabilisation, but as a historic opportunity to solve the inherited problem of poverty and underdevelopment in Central-East Europe and the former Soviet Union. The book ends with a critical assessment of how economics, as a discipline, has coped with the challenge of that historic opportunity. Contents:The Political Economy of TransitionTransition and the Global EconomyThe East European Countries and the European UnionTechnology and TransitionPatterns and ProspectsBy Way of Conclusion Readership: Social scientists with interest in transition countries; transition and East Europe specialists; public policy bodies and international aid communities; undergraduates who major in social science. Keywords:Nomenklatura Nationalism;Transition;Post-Socialist;Russian R&D;Former Soviet Union;Social Capability;Technology Absorption;EU Enlargement;Economic Development;Supply Networks;Central-East EuropeReviews:“Transition of the post-Communist states has become a primary area of research for a number of scholars, and David Dyker is one of the most experienced and productive author among them. His latest book proves this in a very clear way 
 the book of David Dyker is one of the best that was written on transition economies and it could be highly recommended to all who are interested in these issues of transition.”Dr Igor Yegorov National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine “This book attempts to interpret the economic and historical implications of transition within the framework of catching up industrialization, and this reviewer basically agrees with the auguments of the book. In sum it provides a basis for a detailed reconsideration of the concepts of catching up and social capability.”The Developing Economies


Author: David A Dyker
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317829522
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Yugoslavia from the Author: David A Dyker. This book, first published in 1990, analyses contemporary Yugoslavian development strategy in its historical and political context, assessing how corruption, negligence, and an emphasis on industry to the detriment of agriculture and trade, have all played a part in bringing Yugoslavia close to financial and political chaos. The book concludes by considering the contemporary prospects for a more integrated policy approach in the midst of the country's political crisis.

Politika Volebn Ch Reforem V R Po Roce 1989

Author: CharvĂĄt Jakub
Publisher: Grada Publishing a.s.
ISBN: 8024787261
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Politika Volebn Ch Reforem V R Po Roce 1989 from the Author: CharvĂĄt Jakub. Volby a volebnĂ­ systĂ©my pƙedstavujĂ­ jednu ze zĂĄkladnĂ­ch a nejpodstatnějĆĄĂ­ch institucĂ­ modernĂ­ch demokratickĂœch politickĂœch systĂ©mĆŻ a jsou jednĂ­m ze zĂĄkladnĂ­ch pilíƙƯ modernĂ­ch demokraciĂ­ jako takovĂœch. Studium volebnĂ­ch systĂ©mĆŻ a jejich mechanismĆŻ je proto pƙedmětem poměrně velkĂ©ho mnoĆŸstvĂ­ odbornĂ© politologickĂ© literatury, ba dokonce patƙí k nejvĂœznamnějĆĄĂ­m tĂ©matĆŻm soudobĂ© politologickĂ© analĂœzy. ÚstƙednĂ­m tĂ©matem a hlavnĂ­m cĂ­lem tĂ©to publikace je detailnĂ­ diachronnĂ­ srovnĂĄvacĂ­ analĂœza politiky volebnĂ­ch reforem v Československu a v ČeskĂ© republice po roce 1989 a jejĂ­ch proměn v prĆŻběhu času. Autor primĂĄrně sleduje reformnĂ­ procesy vztahujĂ­cĂ­ se k volebnĂ­m pravidlĆŻm pro FederĂĄlnĂ­ shromĂĄĆŸděnĂ­ a Českou nĂĄrodnĂ­ radu v době existence ČSFR, respektive k nastavenĂ­ zĂĄkladnĂ­ch parametrĆŻ volebnĂ­ho systĂ©mu do PoslaneckĂ© sněmovny Parlamentu ČR od roku 1993.

Real And Financial Economic Dynamics In Russia And Eastern Europe

Author: Timothy Lane
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540009108
Size: 42.81 MB
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Real And Financial Economic Dynamics In Russia And Eastern Europe from the Author: Timothy Lane. Russia and many other transition countries are now facing the challenges of opening up, restructuring, and modernizing their economies, which requires addressing numerous institutional weaknesses and supply-side distortions. The papers in this collection examine these issues both in Russia and from a regional perspective, drawing on the experience of other reforming countries. Aspects addressed include the implications of trade and capital flows, the process of labor market reform, financial market development, productivity growth, and innovation dynamics. The dynamics of the reform process are also studied in the context of new political economy models.

Ivo Andric

Author: Celia Hawkesworth
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1847140890
Size: 67.85 MB
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Ivo Andric from the Author: Celia Hawkesworth. This is the first intoduction in English to the Nobel prize-winning novelist and writer Ivo Andric. The book covers the full range of his work, including verse, essays and reflective prose as well as fiction. Celia Hawkesworth also provides an account of Andric's life, and the cultural history of his native Bosnia.

Balkan Babel

Author: Sabrina P. Ramet
Publisher: Westview Pr
Size: 33.17 MB
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Balkan Babel from the Author: Sabrina P. Ramet. "In this thoroughly updated and revised edition, which includes four new chapters and a new epilogue, a veteran observer of the Yugoslav scene describes the forces that have fragmented the country. Tra"

Peopling The Russian Periphery

Author: Nicholas Breyfogle
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134112874
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Peopling The Russian Periphery from the Author: Nicholas Breyfogle. Though usually forgotten in general surveys of European colonization, the Russians were among the greatest colonizers of the Old World, eventually settling across most of the immense expanse of Northern Europe and Asia, from the Baltic and the Pacific, and from the Arctic Ocean to Central Asia. This book makes a unique contribution to our understanding of the Eurasian past by examining the policies, practices, cultural representations, and daily-life experiences of Slavic settlement in non-Russian regions of Eurasia from the time of Ivan the Terrible to the nuclear era. The movement of tens of millions of Slavic settlers was a central component of Russian empire-building, and of the everyday life of numerous social and ethnic groups and remains a crucial regional security issue today, yet it remains relatively understudied. Peopling the Russian Periphery redresses this omission through a detailed exploration of the varied meanings and dynamics of Slavic settlement from the sixteenth century to the 1960s. Providing an account of the different approaches of settlement and expansion that were adopted in different periods of history, it includes detailed case studies of particular episodes of migration. Written by upcoming and established experts in Russian history, with exceptional geographical and chronological breadth, this book provides a thorough examination of the history of Slavic settlement and migration from the Muscovite to the Soviet era. It will be of great interest to students and scholars of Russian history, comparative history of colonization, migration, interethnic contact, environmental history and European Imperialism.