Balkan Babel

Author: Sabrina Petra Ramet
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0813346185
Size: 22.83 MB
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Balkan Babel from the Author: Sabrina Petra Ramet. The fourth edition of this critically acclaimed work includes a new chapter, a new epilogue, and revisions throughout the book. Sabrina Ramet, a veteran observer of the Yugoslav scene, traces the steady deterioration of Yugoslavia's political and social fabric in the years since 1980, arguing that, while the federal system and multiethnic fabric laid down fault lines, the final crisis was sown in the failure to resolve the legitimacy question, triggered by economic deterioration, and pushed forward toward war by Serbian politicians bent on power—either within a centralized Yugoslavia or within an “ethnically cleansed” Greater Serbia. With her detailed knowledge of the area and extensive fieldwork, Ramet paints a strikingly original picture of Yugoslavia's demise and the emergence of the Yugoslav successor states.


Author: David A Dyker
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317829522
Size: 33.16 MB
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Yugoslavia from the Author: David A Dyker. This book, first published in 1990, analyses contemporary Yugoslavian development strategy in its historical and political context, assessing how corruption, negligence, and an emphasis on industry to the detriment of agriculture and trade, have all played a part in bringing Yugoslavia close to financial and political chaos. The book concludes by considering the contemporary prospects for a more integrated policy approach in the midst of the country's political crisis.

Politika 14

Author: Andrea Felis
Publisher: Edition Raetia
ISBN: 8872834996
Size: 44.20 MB
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Politika 14 from the Author: Andrea Felis. Im Mittelpunkt von Politika 14 steht die Analyse der Landtagswahlen im Oktober und der Parlamentswahlen im Februar 2013. Die Landtagswahlen in SĂŒdtirol (Hermann Atz/GĂŒnther Pallaver) werden mit jenen in Tirol (Ferdinand Karlhofer), Bayern (Claudius Wagemann) und im Trentino (Marco Brunazzo) verglichen. Weitere Themenfelder betreffen die Vorwahlen, den Einsatz der Medien im Wahlkampf (Plakate, Printmedien, Neue Medien) sowie eine Milieustudie. Es folgen Abhandlungen zur politischen Bildung, zu politischen Persönlichkeiten und Rezensionen.

Catching Up And Falling Behind

Author: David A Dyker
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 1783260793
Size: 21.59 MB
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Catching Up And Falling Behind from the Author: David A Dyker. In this collection of essays David A Dyker explores some of the most difficult and fascinating aspects of the process of transition from autocratic “real socialism” to a capitalism that is sometimes democratic, sometimes authoritarian. The stress is on the economic dimension of transformation, but the author sets the economic drama firmly within a political economy framework and a historical perspective. Trends in key economic variables are analysed against the background of the struggle between different social and political groups for power and command over resources. While the book pays due attention to topical issues like EU enlargement, the underlying perspective is a long-term one. Transition is viewed not as a set of once-and-for-all institutional changes or a process of short-term stabilisation, but as a historic opportunity to solve the inherited problem of poverty and underdevelopment in Central-East Europe and the former Soviet Union. The book ends with a critical assessment of how economics, as a discipline, has coped with the challenge of that historic opportunity. Contents:The Political Economy of TransitionTransition and the Global EconomyThe East European Countries and the European UnionTechnology and TransitionPatterns and ProspectsBy Way of Conclusion Readership: Social scientists with interest in transition countries; transition and East Europe specialists; public policy bodies and international aid communities; undergraduates who major in social science. Keywords:Nomenklatura Nationalism;Transition;Post-Socialist;Russian R&D;Former Soviet Union;Social Capability;Technology Absorption;EU Enlargement;Economic Development;Supply Networks;Central-East EuropeReviews:“Transition of the post-Communist states has become a primary area of research for a number of scholars, and David Dyker is one of the most experienced and productive author among them. His latest book proves this in a very clear way 
 the book of David Dyker is one of the best that was written on transition economies and it could be highly recommended to all who are interested in these issues of transition.”Dr Igor Yegorov National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine “This book attempts to interpret the economic and historical implications of transition within the framework of catching up industrialization, and this reviewer basically agrees with the auguments of the book. In sum it provides a basis for a detailed reconsideration of the concepts of catching up and social capability.”The Developing Economies

Milos Sobaj C

Author: Edward Lucie-Smith
Publisher: Philip Wilson Publishers
ISBN: 0856676624
Size: 25.26 MB
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Milos Sobaj C from the Author: Edward Lucie-Smith. Richly illustrated with over 250 color images, this is the first in-depth study to be published in the English language of leading Serbain artist Milos Sobajic. Sobajic's work is a torrential outpouring of images in a wide variety of forms - paintings, sculptures, installations, and works that combine both painting and sculpture. These have gained him recognition as the leading Serbian artist of his generation, and led to comparisons with Francis Bacon, the classical surrealism of Salvador Dali, and the romanticism of GĂ©ricault. The book includes a complete catalogue of his work, along with a collection of essays.

Balkan Babel

Author: Sabrina P. Ramet
Publisher: Westview Pr
Size: 35.83 MB
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Balkan Babel from the Author: Sabrina P. Ramet. "In this thoroughly updated and revised edition, which includes four new chapters and a new epilogue, a veteran observer of the Yugoslav scene describes the forces that have fragmented the country. Tra"

Challenges To European Welfare Systems

Author: Klaus Schubert
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319076809
Size: 75.27 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Challenges To European Welfare Systems from the Author: Klaus Schubert. This book provides the first comprehensive analyses of the challenges all European welfare systems have been facing since 2007, combining in-depth country-based studies and comparative chapters. It focuses on: 1) the economic and financial crisis, 2) demographic change, and 3) the balance between avoiding risks and opening up opportunities in social policy. The results show that European welfare systems tend to face the same challenges in different ways and that also their responses to those challenges differ considerably. Although the EU also plays a part in shaping national welfare systems, it becomes evident that European welfare systems are by no means converging: in terms of social policy, national diversity within Europe is still a major factor that will shape future developments in European welfare systems.