Politics And Society In The South

Author: Earl Black
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674689596
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Politics And Society In The South from the Author: Earl Black. "Politics and Society in the South" is a systematic interpretation of the most important national and state tendencies in southern politics since 1920. The authors contend that, notable improvements in race relations notwithstanding, the central tendencies in southern politics are primarily established by the values, beliefs, and objectives of the expanding white urban middle class. This is the crucible for a more competitive two-party politics that is emerging in the South.

Politics And Society In South Africa

Author: Daryl Glaser
Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd
ISBN: 9780761950165
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Politics And Society In South Africa from the Author: Daryl Glaser. Providing a wide-ranging and critical introduction to contemporary South Africa, this book uses an interdisciplinary lens to introduce the student to the main debates, historical context, and issues that have characterized the study of South Africa over the last three decades. Key topics include: the role of colonialism, capitalism and modernity in the formation of the racial order; changes in the South African state; questions of class, race and ehtnicity; black resistance; and the transition to democracy. A number of underlying debates are critically evaluated. For exmple, the contribution of materialist and class-analytic approaches, the application of post-structuralism and theories of modernity, and th


Author: Peter Alegi
Publisher: University of Natal Press
ISBN: 9781869141820
Size: 57.17 MB
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Laduma from the Author: Peter Alegi. This new, updated edition of Laduma! embodies sporting history at its best and will be of interest to soccer fans, general readers and scholars seeking to inform themselves ahead of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. --

Old Southampton

Author: Daniel W. Crofts
Publisher: University of Virginia Press
ISBN: 9780813913858
Size: 63.46 MB
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Old Southampton from the Author: Daniel W. Crofts. Crofts (history, Trenton State College) links local and national history. He explains how partisan loyalties developed, white democracy flourished in the late antebellum years, secession sharply divided neighborhoods with few slaves from those with large plantations, and how, following emancipation,

African Politics And Society In The 21st Century

Author: Tyodzua Atim
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1481786881
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African Politics And Society In The 21st Century from the Author: Tyodzua Atim. After more than one hundred years of statehood, most African countries are still facing serious challenges of political instability, low growth, underdevelopment and stagnation. These challenges have created a dysfunctional African society and destroyed the heroic and proud myth of resilience and hard work associated with a typical African. The book has analyzed the trends, and dynamics of the breakdown of family and institutional values, which have necessitated the classification of most African states as failed. While the book is of the opinion that in as much as the relationship between Africa and the West has contributed to the continent's current predicaments, Africa's problems are predominantly, self induced and are traced from the stereotypical culture of lack of idealism. The book has empirically, demonstrated that this culture has hindered initiative and promoted mediocrity, deceit and tyranny on the part of African leadership while the politics of exclusion has promoted the culture of self resignation and fratricidal conflicts on the continent. The book has also proved that the current 'wave' of democratization in Africa particularly, the electoral process as dramatized rituals that seek to legitimate the authority of the ruling class.

Philippine Politics And Society In The Twentieth Century

Author: Eva-Lotta E. Hedman
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415147903
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Philippine Politics And Society In The Twentieth Century from the Author: Eva-Lotta E. Hedman. The only book length study to cover the Philippines after Marco's downfall, this key title thematically explores issues affecting this fascinating country, throughout the last century. Appealing to both the academic and non academic reader, topics covered include: national level electoral politics economic growth the Philippine Chinese law and order opposition the Left local and ethnic politics.

Power Lines

Author: Andrew Needham
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400852404
Size: 35.81 MB
Format: PDF
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Power Lines from the Author: Andrew Needham. In 1940, Phoenix was a small, agricultural city of sixty-five thousand, and the Navajo Reservation was an open landscape of scattered sheepherders. Forty years later, Phoenix had blossomed into a metropolis of 1.5 million people and the territory of the Navajo Nation was home to two of the largest strip mines in the world. Five coal-burning power plants surrounded the reservation, generating electricity for export to Phoenix, Los Angeles, and other cities. Exploring the postwar developments of these two very different landscapes, Power Lines tells the story of the far-reaching environmental and social inequalities of metropolitan growth, and the roots of the contemporary coal-fueled climate change crisis. Andrew Needham explains how inexpensive electricity became a requirement for modern life in Phoenix—driving assembly lines and cooling the oppressive heat. Navajo officials initially hoped energy development would improve their lands too, but as ash piles marked their landscape, air pollution filled the skies, and almost half of Navajo households remained without electricity, many Navajos came to view power lines as a sign of their subordination in the Southwest. Drawing together urban, environmental, and American Indian history, Needham demonstrates how power lines created unequal connections between distant landscapes and how environmental changes associated with suburbanization reached far beyond the metropolitan frontier. Needham also offers a new account of postwar inequality, arguing that residents of the metropolitan periphery suffered similar patterns of marginalization as those faced in America's inner cities. Telling how coal from Indian lands became the fuel of modernity in the Southwest, Power Lines explores the dramatic effects that this energy system has had on the people and environment of the region.

North Korea In Transition

Author: Kyung-Ae Park
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442218126
Size: 57.46 MB
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North Korea In Transition from the Author: Kyung-Ae Park. Following the death of Kim Jong Il, North Korea has entered a period of profound transformation laden with uncertainty. This authoritative book brings together the world s leading North Korea experts to analyze both the challenges and prospects the country is facing. Drawing on the contributors expertise across a range of disciplines, the book examines North Korea s political, economic, social, and foreign policy concerns. Comprehensive and deeply knowledgeable, their analysis is especially crucial given the power consolidation efforts of the new leadership underway in Pyongyang and the implications for both domestic and international politics."

Religion Politics And Society In South And Southeast Asia

Author: N. N. Vohra
Publisher: Konark Publishers Pvt, Limited
Size: 15.24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Religion Politics And Society In South And Southeast Asia from the Author: N. N. Vohra. Outcome of Seminar on Religion, Politics, and Society in South and Southeast Asia held in New Delhi, 10-12 Dec. 1997 and organized by India International Centre.