The Politicos Guide To The 2015 General Election

Author: Iain Dale
Publisher: Biteback Publishing
ISBN: 1849548072
Size: 32.78 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Politicos Guide To The 2015 General Election from the Author: Iain Dale. As the 2015 general election looms on the horizon, the only thing anyone can seem to agree on is that it will be unpredictable, not least because, for the first time in our history, we are experiencing the brave new world of four-party politics. Here, in one volume, is everything you need to know about what is shaping up to be one of the most exciting general elections of the last twenty years. In this unique guide to the state of the parties, policies and polls, you'll find expert predictions and commentary from political pundits, as well as all the facts and figures you need to make an informed decision at the ballot box. This essential guide includes: • Analysis of key marginal seats • Information about demographics, voting intentions and past electoral behaviour • Examples of historical precedent • Lists of prospective candidates • Profiles of the main party leaders • Articles on the role of social media and the traditional media • Breakdowns of regional and constituency data A book that will appeal to enthusiastic politicos and inquisitive voters alike, this is the essential guide to the most eagerly awaited general election in recent history.

The Politicos Guide To The New House Of Commons 2017

Author: Tim Carr
Publisher: Biteback Publishing
ISBN: 1785902784
Size: 46.97 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Politicos Guide To The New House Of Commons 2017 from the Author: Tim Carr. Following Theresa May's shock general election announcement, the UK political landscape looks set to change dramatically. Will predictions of a Tory landslide come to pass, or will the pollsters be surprised again? Whatever the result, the latest edition of the bestselling Politicos Guide to the New House of Commons will have all the info. Public affairs consultant Tim Carr and political experts Iain Dale and Robert Waller are rolling up their sleeves to put together a complete guide to the new personalities occupying the House of Commons benches in 2017. Who are they, what's their background and where will they lead the country? The Politicos Guide to the New House of Commons 2017 is a must-read for anyone eager to know the details of the election result and to understand its consequences. This essential, accessible and comprehensive volume provides, amongst much else: • Biographies of the class of 2017, alongside details of their majorities and constituencies; • Demographic analysis by age, gender, ethnic origin, education and background; • Lists of new marginal constituencies, possible target seats, defeated MPs and more; • Expert commentary from political journalists and pollsters, exploring the role of the media and the possible ways in which the new parliament will shape the future of Britain and redefine its relationship with Europe.


Author: Massimo Mastrogregori
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110951401
Size: 25.97 MB
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2001 from the Author: Massimo Mastrogregori. Annually published since 1930, the International bibliography of Historical Sciences (IBOHS) is an international bibliography of the most important historical monographs and periodical articles published throughout the world, which deal with history from the earliest to the most recent times. The works are arranged systematically according to period, region or historical discipline, and within this classification alphabetically. The bibliography contains a geographical index and indexes of persons and authors.

British Politics

Author: Robert Leach
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 0230344224
Size: 76.12 MB
Format: PDF
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British Politics from the Author: Robert Leach. Systematically revised and updated, British Politics is an accessible and definitive guide to the shape of Britain's political institutions and processes. The new edition covers significant developments and events in British politics, such as the financial crisis and the 2010 general election, and provides full analysis of the first year of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government. Incorporating useful learning aids throughout, the book examines the state of British politics set against the background of devolution within the UK and an ever-changing European and global environment. Key features • 'Comparative politics' boxes highlight differences and similarities with other political systems • 'MA26 controversy' boxes summarize debates on key issues • On-page glossary explains key words and concepts • Chapter summaries, questions for discussion and further reading to stimulate and reinforce learning • Illustrated 'key thinker' profiles • A companion website – – containing valuable additional material for students and lecturers

Central Debates In British Politics

Author: John Benyon
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317874935
Size: 77.56 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Central Debates In British Politics from the Author: John Benyon. Central Debates in British Politics focuses on British politics in a changing social, economic and institutional context. The book explores issues and debates using a variety of approaches and techniques. It is written and edited by a team of leading experts who analyse key issues in a highly structured and thematic manner.

A History Of British Elections Since 1689

Author: Chris Cook
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317693019
Size: 63.38 MB
Format: PDF
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A History Of British Elections Since 1689 from the Author: Chris Cook. A History of British Elections since 1689 represents a unique single-volume authoritative reference guide to British elections and electoral systems from the Glorious Revolution to the present day. The main focus is on general elections and associated by-elections, but Chris Cook and John Stevenson also cover national referenda, European parliament elections, municipal elections, and elections to the Welsh and Northern Irish assemblies and the Scottish parliament. The outcome and political significance of all these elections are looked at in detail, but the authors also discuss broader themes and debates in British electoral history, for example: the evolution of the electoral system, parliamentary reform, women's suffrage, constituency size and numbers, elimination of corrupt practices, and other important topics. The book also follows the fortunes not only of the major political parties but of fringe movements of the extreme right and left. Combining data, summary and analysis with thematic overviews and chronological outlines, this major new reference provides a definitive guide to the long and varied history of British elections and is essential reading for students of British political history.

Essentials Of Uk Politics

Author: Andrew Heywood
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 1137530766
Size: 71.33 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Essentials Of Uk Politics from the Author: Andrew Heywood. Updated to cover the period up to and including the 2015 General Election, the new edition of this best-selling AS-level text covers all topics in the Edexcel and AQA syllabi and the core requirements of other boards. Written by a top textbook author and chief examiner, it is packed with features to aid learning and revision.