Political Murder

Author: Franklin L. Ford
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674686366
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Political Murder from the Author: Franklin L. Ford. Franklin Ford's unprecedented inquiry into assassination traverses civilizations, cultures, religions, and modes of social behavior to locate the common threads of this often mysterious and always shocking phenomenon. Are there similarities between the killings of the Gracchi brothers and the Kennedy brothers? Does the Baader-Meinhof terrorist gang have roots in the rightist murder teams of Weimar Germany? Was political context as important to the crucifixion of Jesus as to the death of Martin Luther King in 1968? Are political murders usually produced by elaborate conspiracies, or are they more often the work of lone assassins? What circumstances and impulses motivate an individual to risk his or her own life to kill another for reasons of state? This fast-paced narrative, interspersed with reflections, finds intriguing implications in a multitude of famous cases. From the first known case of political murder, Ehud the Benjamite's stabbing of Eglon, to the recent gunning down of Indira Gandhi by two trusted Sikh bodyguards, the frequency of such acts has varied greatly over time. Mainland Greece suffered few political murders in the violent century of Pericles. The Romans, despite their bloody record under the Empire, avoided assassination for almost four hundred years under the Republic. There was a third such "remission" during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, Europe's high Middle Ages, matched by yet another extending from 1650 to 1789. In the interval between, the sixteenth century was an especially violent time in countries such as Scotland, the Netherlands, and France. Assassination and terrorism increased again after 1815, but the nineteenth century did not come close to equaling the twentieth in the number of brutal episodes. Ford's exploration of calculated, personalized assassination draws on history, literature, law, philosophy, sociology, and religion. Addressing the vast array of cases and combing thousands of years of history, he asks most of all whether assassination works. Does it, in even a minority of cases, produce results consistent with the aims of those who attempt it? Can it forestall evil acts or prevent irreparable damage inflicted by misguided leaders? Or is it "bad politics" in every sense of the term? The questions are large ones, and this book offers a sophisticated basis for seeking answers.

The Art Of Political Murder

Author: Francisco Goldman
Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd
ISBN: 1848875509
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The Art Of Political Murder from the Author: Francisco Goldman. On a Sunday night in 1998, Bishop Juan Gerardi, Guatemala's leading human rights activist, was bludgeoned to death. Two days earlier, a Church-sponsored report had implicated Guatemala's government in the disappearances of 200,000 civilians. The Church, feeling that it could not rely on the legal system, took the controversial decision to assemble a team of men, Los Intocables (The Untouchables), to take down Gerardi's killers. In a gripping reconstruction, worthy of Graham Greene, Francisco Goldman traces Los Intocables struggle with the Guatemalan authorities to reveal the true story, uncovering the involvement of youth gangs, political corruption and organised crime. Most of all, he tells the story of an extraordinary group of courageous people and their fight for justice.


Author: Lindsay Porter
ISBN: 9781590203484
Size: 26.50 MB
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Assassination from the Author: Lindsay Porter. An illustrated analysis of the practice of political murder assesses some of history's most infamous examples including the killings of Julius Caesar, Thomas Becket and JFK to assess their philosophical and cultural ramifications.

A History Of Political Murder In Latin America

Author: W. John Green
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438456638
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A History Of Political Murder In Latin America from the Author: W. John Green. A sweeping study of political murder in Latin America. This sweeping history depicts Latin America’s pan-regional culture of political murder. Unlike typical studies of the region, which often focus on the issues or trends of individual countries, this work focuses thematically on the nature of political murder itself, comparing and contrasting its uses and practices throughout the region. W. John Green examines the entire system of political murder: the methods and justifications the perpetrators employ, the victims, and the consequences for Latin American societies. Green demonstrates that elite and state actors have been responsible for most political murders, assassinating the leaders of popular movements and other messengers of change. Latin American elites have also often targeted the potential audience for these messages through the region’s various “dirty wars.” In spite of regional differences, elites across the region have displayed considerable uniformity in justifying their use of murder, imagining themselves in a class war with democratic forces. While the United States has often been complicit in such violence, Green notes that this has not been universally true, with US support waxing and waning. A detailed appendix, exploring political murder country by country, provides an additional resource for readers.

The Politics Of Murder

Author: Dave Wagner
ISBN: 9780692662656
Size: 53.84 MB
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The Politics Of Murder from the Author: Dave Wagner. The Politics of Murder is a history of organized crime in Arizona from the heady days of prosperity after World War II to the end of the 20th century. It is a history of unsolved murders that include figures like Willie Bioff, a society gangster who was killed for double-crossing a Tucson kingpin on an unpaid loan. Another was Phoenix crime boss Gus Greenbaum, a friend of the state's most powerful politicians, who helped develop the Las Vegas casino industry. He was rewarded with a grisly murder that is still officially unsolved. Land-fraud king Ned Warren stole nearly a billion dollars from veterans and retirees. The Phoenix political network protected him even as he hired saboteurs and Mafia hit men to eliminate a dozen witnesses. All of these killings remained unsolved at the time of the most notorious murder in the state's history, the 1962 car-bombing death of Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles. The newsman was investigating a tip that one of the most powerful businessmen in the state was working with the Chicago Mafia to launder Las Vegas casino skim through Phoenix racetracks. The motive for killing Bolles was directly related to evidence the reporter uncovered about the Las Vegas money laundering, but his murder remained unsolved for other reasons.Solving Bolles? death would have revealed a carefully kept secret: When Bolles was assassinated, Barry Goldwater's political operation was in the process of removing from office by covert means the president of the Navajo Nation. It was a case of domestic regime change imposed on a sovereign Indian government that refused to submit to policies imposed by Washington to benefit non-Indian interests.The connection between the Bolles case and the Navajo plot was a strange and ruthless man, an assassin who made a living by building dynamite bombs. Before he killed Don Bolles, he built a bomb for the Goldwater political operation as it set out to remove the leader of the Navajo Nation. The connection was never revealed to the public. It had to remain a secret at all costs, and it was-- until now.

Portrait Of A Political Murder

Author: Harbans Singh Bhatia
Size: 30.15 MB
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Portrait Of A Political Murder from the Author: Harbans Singh Bhatia. On the trial and execution of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, 1928-1979, former President and Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Arab Terror

Author: Joseph B. Schechtman
Size: 59.80 MB
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Arab Terror from the Author: Joseph B. Schechtman.