Medicinal Plants 2

Author: Schmelzer, G.H. & Gurib-Fakim, A.
Publisher: PROTA
ISBN: 9290815205
Size: 57.96 MB
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Medicinal Plants 2 from the Author: Schmelzer, G.H. & Gurib-Fakim, A..

Aphids On The World S Herbaceous Plants And Shrubs 2 Volume Set

Author: R. L. Blackman
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470519592
Size: 58.68 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Aphids On The World S Herbaceous Plants And Shrubs 2 Volume Set from the Author: R. L. Blackman. Aphids are well-known as pests of agriculture, horticulture and forestry, but they are also one of the most biologically interesting groups of plant-feeding insects, and thus have attracted the attention of biologists in many research fields such as ecology, biodiversity, physiology, behaviour and genetics. Following the successful format of previous books on the world's aphids by the same authors, these two volumes provide a comprehensive species-by-species account of the aphids on the world's herbaceous plants and shrubs. They can be used not only as an identification guide and information source for entomologists and taxonomists throughout the world, but also as a unique database for studies of biodiversity and insect-plant relationships. In all, 3120 aphid species in 340 genera are covered, feeding on 2150 genera of host plants. Volume 1 features comprehensive host lists and keys to the aphids colonizing each plant genus. This information is supplemented in Volume 2 by a systematic account of all the aphid species, which provides information on their appearance in life, host range, geographical distribution and life cycles. There are 357 original line drawings, 252 photographs of slide-mounted specimens and 1000 references. Aphids on the World's Herbaceous Plants and Shrubs is the culmination of many years of work by two leading specialists and provides an essential research tool and standard reference work for entomologists in universities and research institutes throughout the world.

Horticulture Plants For People And Places Volume 2

Author: Geoffrey R. Dixon
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9401785813
Size: 24.57 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Horticulture Plants For People And Places Volume 2 from the Author: Geoffrey R. Dixon. This Trilogy explains “What is Horticulture?”. Volume two of Horticulture: Plants for People and Places analyses in depth the scientific, managerial and ecological concepts which underpin Environmental Horticulture. Chapters describe: Horticulture and the Environment, Woody Ornamentals, Herbs and Pharmaceuticals, Urban Greening, Rural Trees, Urban Trees, Turfgrass Science, Interior and External Landscaping, Biodiversity, Climate Change and Organic Production. Each is written by leading international experts. Sustainable use of resources and careful conservation are critically essential for the continuation of life on this Planet. Achieving this is where horticulture, natural flora and fauna and the environment interact in achieving sustainable development. Horticulture is the fundamental partner of ecological and environmental science and provides an understanding of eco-system services. Live plant networks are essential for rural and urban life. They are integral parts of natural communities, the context of historic and modern architecture and a means for rejuvenating cities and uniting communities. Plants provide urban, peri-urban and rural employment, business and tourism opportunities, leisure, rest and relaxation. These facets of Environmental Horticulture are clearly described in this book.

Alien Gene Transfer In Crop Plants Volume 2

Author: Aditya Pratap
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461495725
Size: 18.77 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Alien Gene Transfer In Crop Plants Volume 2 from the Author: Aditya Pratap. Genetic engineering and biotechnology along with conventional breeding have played an important role in developing superior cultivars by transferring economically important traits from distant, wild and even unrelated species to the cultivated varieties which otherwise could not have been possible with conventional breeding. There is a vast amount of literature pertaining to the genetic improvement of crops over last few decades. However, the wonderful results achieved by crop scientists in food legumes’ research and development over the years are scattered in different journals of the World. The two volumes in the series ‘Alien Gene Transfer in Crop Plants’ address this issue and offer a comprehensive reference on the developments made in major food crops of the world. These volumes aim at bringing the contributions from globally renowned scientists at one platform in a reader-friendly manner. The second volume entitled, “Alien Gene Transfer in Crop Plants: Achievements and Impact” will deal more with the practical aspects. This volume will cover achievements of alien gene transfer in major food crops of the world and their impact on development of newer genetic variability and additional avenues for selection; development of superior cultivars for increased yield, resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, improved nutritional and industrial quality; innovation of new techniques and positive as well as negative environmental implications. This volume has been divided into four groups with an aim to cover all major cereals, pulses, oilseeds and other crops (vegetable and horticultural crops) which are of economic importance.

The Classification Of Flowering Plants Volume 2 Dicotyledons

Author: Alfred Barton Rendle
Publisher: CUP Archive
ISBN: 9780521060578
Size: 52.11 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Classification Of Flowering Plants Volume 2 Dicotyledons from the Author: Alfred Barton Rendle. This second volume of renowned English botanist Alfred Barton Rendle's The Classification of Flowering Plants was published in 1925.

Aquatic And Wetland Plants Of Northeastern North America Volume Ii

Author: Garrett E. Crow
Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press
ISBN: 9780299162849
Size: 65.33 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Aquatic And Wetland Plants Of Northeastern North America Volume Ii from the Author: Garrett E. Crow. This is by far the best and most comprehensive manual and illustrated guide to native and naturalized vascular plants—ferns, conifers, and flowering plants—growing in aquatic and wetland habitats in northeastern North America, from Newfoundland west to Minnesota and south to Virginia and Missouri. Published in two volumes, this long-awaited work completely revises and greatly expands Norman Fassett’s 1940 classic A Manual of Aquatic Plants, yet retains the features that made Fassett’s book so useful. Features include: * coverage of 1139 plant species, 1186 taxa, 295 genera, 109 families * more than 600 pages of illustrations, and illustrations for more than 90% of the taxa * keys for each species include references to corresponding illustrations * habitat information, geographical ranges, and synonomy * a chapter on nuisance aquatic weeds * glossaries of botanical and habitat terms * a full index for each volume Wetland ecologists, botanists, resource managers, public naturalists, and environmentalists concerned with the preservation of wetland areas, which are increasingly threatened, will welcome this clear, workable, and comprehensive guide.

Medicinal Plants In Australia Volume 2

Author: Cheryll Williams
Publisher: Rosenberg Publishing
ISBN: 192507806X
Size: 17.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Medicinal Plants In Australia Volume 2 from the Author: Cheryll Williams. This is a book designed to enhance our appreciation of the medicinal history of Australia’s flora, its unique contributions to everyday life, and its extraordinary future potential. The renewed importance of the medical importance of Australian Plants is discussed particularly in relation to the advent of drug-resistant strains of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. New Eucalypts that can yield higher grade oils, essential oils from the Melaleuca and Leptospermum show excellent therapeutic potential, and the success of Tea Tree oil in the international market is also discussed. Commercial value of resins, gums and tannins is covered.

Practical Machinery Management For Process Plants Volume 2

Author: Heinz P. Bloch
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing
ISBN: 9780080510583
Size: 15.36 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Practical Machinery Management For Process Plants Volume 2 from the Author: Heinz P. Bloch. This newly expanded edition discusses proven approaches to defining causes of machinery failure as well as methods for analyzing and troubleshooting failures.