Philosophy Imprisoned

Author: Sarah Tyson
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739189484
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Philosophy Imprisoned from the Author: Sarah Tyson. Western philosophy’s relationship with prisons stretches from Plato’s own incarceration to the modern era of mass incarceration. Philosophy Imprisoned: The Love of Wisdom in the Age of Mass Incarceration draws together a broad range of philosophical thinkers, from both inside and outside prison walls, in the United States and beyond, who draw on a variety of critical perspectives (including phenomenology, deconstruction, and feminist theory) and historical and contemporary figures in philosophy (including Kant, Hegel, Foucault, and Angela Davis) to think about prisons in this new historical era. All of these contributors have experiences within prison walls: some are or have been incarcerated, some have taught or are teaching in prisons, and all have been students of both philosophy and the carceral system. The powerful testimonials and theoretical arguments are appropriate reading not only for philosophers and prison theorists generally, but also for prison reformers and abolitionists.

Death And Other Penalties

Author: Geoffrey Adelsberg
ISBN: 0823265293
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Death And Other Penalties from the Author: Geoffrey Adelsberg. Mass incarceration is one of the most pressing ethical and political issues of our time. In this volume, philosophers join activists and those incarcerated on death row to grapple with contemporary U.S. punishment practices and draw out critiques around questions of power, identity, justice, and ethical responsibility. This work takes shape against a backdrop of disturbing trends: The United States incarcerates more of its own citizens than any other country in the world. A disproportionate number of these prisoners are people of color, and, today, a black man has a greater chance of going to prison than to college. The United States is the only Western democracy to retain the death penalty, even after decades of scholarship, statistics, and even legal decisions have depicted a deeply flawed system structured by racism and class oppression. Motivated by a conviction that mass incarceration and state execution are among the most important ethical and political problems of our time, the contributors to this volume come together from a diverse range of backgrounds to analyze, critique, and envision alternatives to the injustices of the U.S. prison system, with recourse to deconstruction, phenomenology, critical race theory, feminism, queer theory, and disability studies. They engage with the hyper-incarceration of people of color, the incomplete abolition of slavery, the exploitation of prisoners as workers and as "raw material" for the prison industrial complex, the intensive confinement of prisoners in supermax units, and the complexities of capital punishment in an age of abolition. The resulting collection contributes to a growing intellectual and political resistance to the apparent inevitability of incarceration and state execution as responses to crime and to social inequalities. It addresses both philosophers and activists who seek intellectual resources to contest the injustices of punishment in the United States.

Philosophy Ethics For Dummies 2 Ebook Bundle Philosophy For Dummies Ethics For Dummies

Author: Tom Morris
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118595637
Size: 38.57 MB
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Philosophy Ethics For Dummies 2 Ebook Bundle Philosophy For Dummies Ethics For Dummies from the Author: Tom Morris. Two complete eBooks for one low price! Created and compiled by the publisher, this Philosophy & Ethics bundle brings together two important titles in one, e-only bundle. With this special bundle, you’ll get the complete text of the following two titles: Philosophy For Dummies Philosophy For Dummies is for anyone who has ever entertained a question about life and this world. In a conversational tone, the book's author – a modern-day scholar and lecturer – brings the greatest wisdom of the past into the challenges that we face now. This refreshingly different guide explains philosophical fundamentals and explores some of the strangest and deepest questions ever posed to human beings, such as: How do we know anything? What does the word good mean? Are we ever really free? Do human beings have souls? Is there life after death? Is there a God? Is happiness really possible in our world? Ethics For Dummies An easy-to-grasp guide to addressing the principles of ethics and applying them to daily life How do you define "good" versus "evil?" Do you know the difference between moral "truth" and moral relativity? Whether or not you know Aristotle from Hume, Ethics For Dummies will get you comfortable with the centuries-old study of ethical philosophy quickly and effectively! Ethics For Dummies is a practical, friendly guide that takes the headache out of the often-confusing subject of ethics. In plain English, it examines the controversial facets of ethical thought, explores the problem of evil, demystifies the writings and theories of such great thinkers through the ages as Aristotle, Confucius, Descartes, Kant, Nietzsche, and so much more. You’ll learn how to apply the concepts and theories of ethical philosophy to your everyday life. Whether you're currently enrolled in an ethics course or are interested in living a good life but are vexed with ethical complexities, Ethics For Dummies has you covered! About the Author of Philosophy For Dummies Tom Morris, Ph.D., author of True Success and other books, taught philosophy at Notre Dame University for 15 years and currently heads the Morris Institute for Human Values. About the Authors of Ethics For Dummies Christopher Panza, PhD, is an associate professor of philosophy at Drury University and coauthor of Existentialism For Dummies. Adam Potthast, PhD, is an assistant professor of philosophy at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

What Is Love

Author: M. L. Bush
Publisher: Verso
ISBN: 9781859848517
Size: 31.79 MB
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What Is Love from the Author: M. L. Bush. What is Love? provides a timely appreciation of Richard Carlile's neglected shocker, Every Woman's Book. Originally published in 1826, it scored a double first: as a progressive sex manual and as the first book in English to specify methods of contraception. Carlile, a leading radical of the early nineteenth century, was notorious for his blend of republicanism, atheism and libertarianism. His book created a philosophy of sex which was found irresponsible and obscene at the time but today appears sensible and progressive. It proposed that sex was a right of adulthood rather then a marital privilege; that sexual satisfaction was necessary to a person's health and happiness; that sexual intercourse was a virtue and therefore a source of morality; and that men and women both had the same sexual needs and were therefore naturally equal. Michael Bush provides a lucid and entertaining introduction to Carlile, a man opposed to alcohol and meat-eating but committed to the 'health-giving' properties of raw mercury, and who served ten years in prison for his beliefs, during which he organised an extensive following of fellow republicans and atheists. Bush's careful analysis of the personal and intellectual origins of Carlile's work and its impact do full justice to what is both a fascinating historical document and a key influence on society's acceptance of a liberal, sensualist view of sex.

The Distressed Body

Author: Drew Leder
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022639624X
Size: 20.95 MB
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The Distressed Body from the Author: Drew Leder. Bodily pain and distress come in many forms. They can well up from within at times of serious illness, but the body can also be subjected to harsh treatment from outside. The medical system is often cold and depersonalized, and much worse are conditions experienced by prisoners in our age of mass incarceration, and by animals trapped in our factory farms. In this pioneering book, Drew Leder offers bold new ways to rethink how we create and treat distress, clearing the way for more humane social practices. Leder draws on literary examples, clinical and philosophical sources, his medical training, and his own struggle with chronic pain. He levies a challenge to the capitalist and Cartesian models that rule modern medicine. Similarly, he looks at the root paradigms of our penitentiary and factory farm systems and the way these produce distressed bodies, asking how such institutions can be reformed. Writing with coauthors ranging from a prominent cardiologist to long-term inmates, he explores alternative environments that can better humanize—even spiritualize—the way we treat one another, offering a very different vision of medical, criminal justice, and food systems. Ultimately Leder proposes not just new answers to important bioethical questions but new ways of questioning accepted concepts and practices.

Proceedings Of The 21st Ivr World Congress

Author: Svein Eng
Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag
ISBN: 9783515085243
Size: 48.51 MB
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Proceedings Of The 21st Ivr World Congress from the Author: Svein Eng. Contents Jan Wolenski: Philosophers' and Logicians' Contributions to Legal Theory Mark Van Hoecke: Lawyers Legal Theory Henrik Zahle: oWhat should I do in this case?o Legal Philosophy between Theory and Practice Miracy B. Sousa Gustin: Social Complexity and the Teaching of Law: New Concepts and New Roles Itaru Shimazu: Legal Mind as Basic Faculty for the Citizens of Liberal States John Bell: Legal Theory in Legal Education - oAnything you can do, I can do metaao Bartosz Brozek: Law, Defeasibility and Logical Consequence Carlos Bernal Pulido: The Structure and the Limits of Balancing Samuel M. Breasail, Jr.: Weighing and Balancing through Conditional Logics Harm Kloosterhuis: Analysing and Evaluating Arguments from Principles of Law: a Pragma-Dialectical Perspective Endre Stavang: Welfare-Based Private Law: The Case of Norwegian Torts Robert S. Summers: On Giving Legal Form its Due - A Study in Legal Theory Juan A. Cruz Parcero: On the Structure of Social Rights Norms. A Commentary on Robert Alexy's Structural Scheme Guenther Kreuzbauer: Methodological Aspects of Empirical Research in Legal Argumentation H. Jose Plug: References to the Intention of the Legislator in Judicial Decisions C.E. Smith: The Significance of Facts for Judicial Interpretation and the Legitimation of Legal Verdicts Seppo Sajama: Rules for the Use of Precedents Thom Brooks: On Jury Nullification Burkhard Schafer / Jeroen Keppens: oAnd then there was noneo. Indirect Proof and Hypothetical Reasoning in Law Miklos Szabo: Practical Equivalence Ghita Holmstrom-Hintikka: Actions in Legal Argumentation Pierre de Fornel: Legal Consequences and the Hypothetical Character of Legal Norms.

Studies In Presocratic Philosophy Volume 2

Author: David Furley
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1315511436
Size: 11.28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Studies In Presocratic Philosophy Volume 2 from the Author: David Furley. The articles in this volume deal with the four major philosophical positions of the presocratic period: The arguments of Parmenides and Zeno against earlier or contemporary pluralist theories The three pluralist responses of Empedocles, Anaxagoras and the early Atomists.