Philip Larkin

Author: Sisir Kumar Chatterjee
Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist
ISBN: 9788126906062
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Philip Larkin from the Author: Sisir Kumar Chatterjee. Philip Larkin (1992-1985) Is Today Acclaimed As A British National Cultural Icon. Historically A Movementeer, Larkin Followed The Pleasure Principle To Democratize Poetry By Forging A Distinctive Philistine Aesthetic, By Employing A Defiantly Demotic Diction, And By Building His Poems Around A Structure Of Rational Discourse.Philip Larkin : Poetry That Builds Bridges Is A Well-Researched And Immensely Readable Book. It Is Perhaps The Only Work Available Today That Offers A Comprehensive Critical Account Of The Full Range Of Larkin S Poetry. A Significant Contribution To Larkin Studies, This Book Provides A Between-The-Lines Analysis Of Almost All The Poems Embodied In The Four Major Collections Of Larkin The North Ship, The Less Deceived, The Whitsun Weddings And High Windows.By Exploiting The Resources Of Larkin S Letters, His Prose Writings And His Biography, The Author Traces, Much Against The Grain Of Contemporary Larkin Criticism, The Poet S Thematic, Attitudinal And Technical Development From One Book Of His Poetry To The Next, And Shows The Trend Of Larkin S Evolution.With A Holistic Approach To The Total Corpus Of Larkin S Poetry, The Author Perspectivises The Poet, And Argues The Larkin S Achievements Lie In His Success In Building Bridges Between Aestheticism And Philistinism, Between Empiricism And Transcendentalism, Between Classicism And Romanticism, Between Modernism And Postmodernism, Between The Native British Poetic Tradition And The Anglo-Franco-American Experimental Line, And, Above All, Between Poetry And The Reading Public.This Book Also Contends The Larkin S Vision Of Life Is Neither Pessimistic Nor Optimistic, But Tragic And Melioristic.

Philip Larkin

Author: Nicholas Marsh
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 1137071958
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Philip Larkin from the Author: Nicholas Marsh. Philip Larkin's poems brought him fame: he became an English institution in his own lifetime. However, since his death in 1985, and the subsequent publication of his letters, controversy has raged around his character and life. Part I of this essential introduction to Larkin's work: - takes a fresh look at the poems - leads the reader into close analysis of many of Larkin's masterful lyrics, demonstrating how to approach these enigmatic works - features chapters on the variety of voices in the poems, on social dilemmas and rituals, Larkin's depiction of society, and the poet's role - builds familiarity with Larkin's technique and the major concerns around which his poetry revolves - contains suggestions for further study at the end of each chapter. Part II provides the key background information students of Larkin need, including: - an account of the poet's life - discussion of his place in a cultural context, stretching from Modernism, through the postwar 'Movement' years and into the 1980s - historical background, from the rise of fascism in the 1930s to the height of the Cold War - a sample of major critical views of Larkin's work - suggestions for further reading. Providing students with the critical and analytical skills with which to approach the poems, this stimulating book helps readers to enjoy and explore Larkin's work, and to develop their own opinions with confidence.

The Philip Larkin I Knew

Author: Maeve Brennan
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 9780719062766
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The Philip Larkin I Knew from the Author: Maeve Brennan. The Philip Larkin I Knew traces the author’s close friendship with the poet and stretches over his 30 year tenure of office as librarian of the University of Hull, taking in his literary achievements from The Less Deceived (1955), through The Whitsun Weddings (1964), to High Windows (1974). It reveals Larkin in a new light – courteous, compassionate, generous, and a man of deep sensitivity and charm – with a natural sense of fun and instinctive wit; in contrast to the gloomy and somewhat objectionable portrait that has emerged since his death.

Philip Larkin

Author: J. Booth
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230595820
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Philip Larkin from the Author: J. Booth. James Booth reads Philip Larkin's mature poetry in terms of his ambiguous self-image as lonely, anti-social outsider, plighted to his art, and as nine-to-five librarian, sharing the common plight of humanity. Booth's focus is on Larkin's artistry with words, the 'verbal devices' through which this purest of lyric poets celebrates 'the experience. The beauty.' Featuring discussion for the first time of two recently discovered poems by Larkin, this original and exciting new study will be of interest to all students, scholars and enthusiasts of Larkin.

The Art Of Philip Larkin

Author: Simon Petch
Publisher: [Sydney] : Sydney University Press ; Beaverton, OR, U.S.A. : International Scholarly Book Services
Size: 27.92 MB
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The Art Of Philip Larkin from the Author: Simon Petch.

Philip Larkin Letters To Monica

Author: Philip Larkin
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571264611
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Philip Larkin Letters To Monica from the Author: Philip Larkin. Philip Larkin met Monica Jones at University College Leicester in autumn 1946, when they were both twenty-four; he was the newly-appointed assistant librarian and she was an English lecturer. In 1950 Larkin moved to Belfast, and thence to Hull, while Monica remained in Leicester, becoming by turns his correspondent, lover and closest confidante, in a relationship which lasted over forty years until the poet's death in 1985. This remarkable unpublished correspondence only came to light after Monica Jones's death in 2001, and consists of nearly two thousand letters, postcards and telegrams, which chronicle - day by day, sometimes hour by hour - every aspect of Larkin's life and the convolutions of their relationship.

Philip Larkin

Author: James Booth
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1408851679
Size: 36.14 MB
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Philip Larkin from the Author: James Booth. Philip Larkin was that rare thing among poets: a household name in his own lifetime. Lines such as 'Never such innocence again' and 'Sexual intercourse began / In nineteen sixty-three' made him one of the most popular poets of the last century. Larkin's reputation as a man, however, has been more controversial. A solitary librarian known for his pessimism, he disliked exposure and had no patience with the literary circus. And when, in 1992, the publication of his Selected Letters laid bare his compartmentalised personal life, accusations of duplicity, faithlessness, racism and misogyny were levelled against him. There is, of course, no requirement that poets should be likeable or virtuous, but James Booth asks whether art and life were really so deeply at odds with each other. Can the poet who composed the moving 'Love Songs in Age' have been such a cold-hearted man? Can he who uttered the playful, self-deprecating words 'Deprivation is for me what daffodils were for Wordsworth' really have been so boorish? A very different public image is offered by those who shared the poet's life: the women with whom he was romantically involved, his friends and his university colleagues. It is with their personal testimony, including access to previously unseen letters, that Booth reinstates a man misunderstood: not a gaunt, emotional failure, but a witty, provocative and entertaining presence, delightful company; an attentive son and a man devoted to the women he loved. Meticulously researched, unwaveringly frank and full of fresh material, Philip Larkin: Life, Art and Love definitively reinterprets one of our greatest poets.

Philip Larkin

Author: Janice Rossen
Publisher: University of Iowa Press
ISBN: 9780877452713
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Philip Larkin from the Author: Janice Rossen. Following hard upon the posthumous publication of Larkin's Collected poems, Rossen (visiting scholar, U. of Texas) assesses the nature of his literary achievement and his life in the light of the poetry recently made available, examining the ambivalence with which the reticent poet regarded his own literary reputation. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Philip Larkin

Author: Stephen Regan
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9780312173494
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Philip Larkin from the Author: Stephen Regan. Since his death in 1985, Philip Larkin's reputation as a writer has undergone a profound and dramatic transformation. The essays in this volume offer a lively, provocative response to such issues as sexual politics, national identity and postcolonialism on the work of a widely regarded writer.

The Less Deceived

Author: Philip Larkin
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571295002
Size: 40.26 MB
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The Less Deceived from the Author: Philip Larkin. Philip Larkin's second collection, The Less Deceived was published by The Marvell Press in 1955, and now appears for the first time in Faber covers. The eye can hardly pick them out From the cold shade they shelter in, Till wind distresses tail and mane; Then one crops grass, and moves about - The other seeming to look on - And stands anonymous again. from 'At Grass'