People And Tourism In Fragile Environments

Author: Martin F. Price
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc
ISBN: 9780471965848
Size: 32.83 MB
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People And Tourism In Fragile Environments from the Author: Martin F. Price. Mountains, deserts, savannahs and the polar regions are fragile both in their ecologies and the cultures of their inhabitants. These fragile environments are characterised by a marked seasonality, and many human activities are limited to clearly defined times of the year. Environmental impacts arise not only from traditional economic activities, but also from tourism which has recently grown rapidly in many of these environments around the world. This trend is welcomed by the tourism industry but viewed with apprehension by many organisations concerned with protecting the human and natural systems of fragile environments. While tourism can provide new sources of revenue and help stem depopulation, it can also destabilise communities, making them dependent on external sources of money and endangering long-established traditions and ways of life. People and Tourism in Fragile Environments discusses many of these delicate interactions by presenting detailed case studies from five continents. The contributors write from a wide and well-balanced range of perspectives, including anthropology, geography, recreation, national park management, environmental consulting and the tourism industry. The common theme is clear: that tourism must always be seen in the long-term context of the communities with which it interacts. This book is an essential contribution to the literature of tourism and sustainable development and will be widely read by students of tourism, travel and tourism professionals, and anyone involved in related fields of sustainable development and fragile environments.

Tourists And Tourism

Author: Simone Abram
Publisher: Berg Publishers
ISBN: 9781859739006
Size: 60.36 MB
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Tourists And Tourism from the Author: Simone Abram. The fact that tourism is a major global industry forecast to continue its dramatic growth well into the twenty-first century is often cited as a rationale for its analysis. However, while the connection between individual locations and the world's global markets is an obvious product of tourism, the heart of the tourist experience is the construction of identity: the relation of the traveller to resident populations; the participants' views of themselves and others; tourists' search for authenticity and their testing of boundaries. This book significantly furthers current debates on tourism by asking important and vexing questions about the nature of the tourist experience: 'folk museums' that forget many of the 'folk' who live in the areas represented; the environments and events that are shaped to meet the 'imagined dreams' of tourist spectators; the categorization of visitors and returnees who take up residence and participate in the construction of 'local' identities; the evolving meanings associated with indigenous culture, tradition, heritage, representation, reality and authenticity. In renegotiating the definitions of tourism for the new millennium, this book represents a major contribution to an emerging and highly topical area of study.

Sex And The Sexual During People S Leisure And Tourism Experiences

Author: Neil Carr
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443822469
Size: 63.91 MB
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Sex And The Sexual During People S Leisure And Tourism Experiences from the Author: Neil Carr. Sex and the sexual have for far too long been consigned to the dark corners by social scientists in general and tourism and leisure scholars in particular. Sex and the Sexual During People’s Leisure and Tourism Experiences seeks to begin to rectify this situation by bringing the position and nature of sex and the sexual into the light of academic debate. As such, this book is designed to highlight cross-disciplinary emerging work on sex and the sexual in leisure and tourism and provide the readers with insights into this social realm. It encompasses a broad array of sex-related issues and tourism and leisure environments from across a variety of countries. The book should appeal to researchers and students across the humanities and social sciences both for the value of the research in its own right and the ability of it to be used as a lens through which to view the position of sex and the sexual as well as tourism and leisure in today's world. Overall, it is argued that sex and the sexual should play a part in the academic discourse, especially if we wish to describe what is actually happening out there as far as tourism and leisure are concerned.

Sex Tourism

Author: Michael C. Hall
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134646976
Size: 61.41 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Sex Tourism from the Author: Michael C. Hall. Sex Tourism examines the issues which emerge from sex worker-client interactions and from tourists visiting 'sex destinations'. It is a comprehensive summary of past research by academics and original primary and secondary research by the authors and has examples from Asia, Australasia and the USA. The authors have generated new models to show different dimensions of sex tourism, which normalise at least some components of the sex industry, and represent a new way of looking at sex tourism by challenging the preconceived perceptions that some people have of sex tourism or confirm the impression of others. Sex Tourism looks at issues of importance to those working in tourism, women's studies, gender studies and social change.

Tourism And Indigenous Peoples

Author: Richard Butler
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136353909
Size: 77.46 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Tourism And Indigenous Peoples from the Author: Richard Butler. Tourism and Indigenous Peoples is a unique text examining the role of indigenous societies in tourism and how they interact within the tourism nexus. Unlike other publications, this text focuses on the active role that indigenous peoples take in the industry, and uses international case studies and experiences to provide a global context to illustrate best practice and aid comparison. First published over ten years ago the editors, Butler and Hinch, have thoroughly revised and updated the text to bring together a new collection of contributions and case studies from recognised international authors and those with first hand experiences in this area. Divided into five main sections, the text looks at this topic under the following headings: * Involvement: Uses case studies to discuss and compare such as ‘campfire’ programmes in east Africa, and the employment of indigenous peoples as guides, amongst other cases, * Turbulence: Host guest relationships, conflicts on communities and contrasting strategies and results of tourism in indigenous villages in South Africa * Issues: Discusses issues such as authenticity, religious beliefs and managing indigenous tourism in a fragile environment * Progress: Looks at tourism education, tourism and cultural survival and examples of the policy and practice of indigenous tourism. * Conclusions: Five contributions from indigenous people on North America, Australasia and Europe to discuss implications and experiences. Each section uses international case studies from, for example, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, Namibia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and South America.

Tourism And Indigenous People

Author: Raghu Ankathi
Publisher: Zenon Academic Publishing
ISBN: 9385886061
Size: 35.25 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Tourism And Indigenous People from the Author: Raghu Ankathi. Tourism is becoming one of the most important social and economic activities of today’s world. The number of domestic and international travelers is steadily increasing, and many countries in the world are now seeking to develop tourism for its many benefits. There is also justifiable concern about the possible negative effects of tourism and a growing desire to develop this sector in a planned and controlled manner that optimizes benefits while preventing any serious problems. In addition to newly developing Tourism and Indigenous People areas have substantial tourism development are now reexamining their tourism sectors and, in many places, desiring to make improvements where necessary to meet contemporary standards and environmental objectives. Recognition is gradually being given to the urgency of developing Indigenous People, as well other sector, in an integrated manner that sustains its Indigenous resources for perpetual use, and helps conserve and not deteriorate an area’s Indigenous People natural and cultural heritage. ‘Tourism and Indigenous People is meant for the students of Tourism and travel agency management. We believe that subject that has the potential to be one of the most interesting stimulating in educational career. Travel trade is a complex world of changing features, products, services and entertainment that makes our life more comfortable and enjoyable. The travel and tourism entrepreneurs similarly maybe interested in understanding how Indigenous People tourism markets and tourism professionals are the driving forces in the development and expansion of tourism industry. All the new or old tour planners, tour executives or managers need to understand different aspects of travel agency business to match the present as well as future requirements.