Dancing From Past To Present

Author: Theresa Jill Buckland
Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press
ISBN: 9780299218539
Size: 80.47 MB
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Dancing From Past To Present from the Author: Theresa Jill Buckland. This groundbreaking collection combines ethnographic and historic strategies to reveal how dance plays crucial cultural roles in various regions of the world, including Tonga, Java, Bosnia-Herzegovina, New Mexico, India, Korea, Macedonia, and England. The essays find a balance between past and present and examine how dance and bodily practices are core identity and cultural creators. Reaching beyond the typically Eurocentric view of dance, Dancing from Past to Present opens a world of debate over the role dance plays in forming and expressing cultural identities around the world.

Seattle Past To Present

Author: Roger Sale
Publisher: University of Washington Press
ISBN: 9780295956152
Size: 61.66 MB
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Seattle Past To Present from the Author: Roger Sale. Seattle, Past to Present, interprets the history of the foremost city in the Northwest and traces the implications of that history for the city’s present and future. In the process Seattle emerges not as a rough, half-formed frontier town but as a soft city of streets and houses, middle-class in aspiration and achievement; Roger Sale asks how it came to be that way. The methods Sale employs range from demographic analysis and residential survey to portraiture and personal observation and reflection. He highlights what was most important in each of the city’s major periods from the founding, when the settlers, in waiting forty years for the railroads to come, meanwhile built a city to which the railroads had to come, down to the post-Boeing Seattle of the 1970’s, when the city tried for the first time to discover a sense of itself based on the truths and lessons of its own past. Along the way one finds a good deal that has been obscured or ignored in other books on Seattle and in most books on the history of American cities: a discussion of the economic diversity of late-nineteenth-century Seattle which allowed it to grow; a description of the major achievements of the first boom years, in parks, boulevards, and neighborhoods of quiet eleganced; portraits of people like Vernon Parrington, Nellie Cornish, and Mark Tobey who came to Seattle and flourished here; an assessment of Seattle’s new vitality as the result of natives and newcomers mixing both in harmony and in antagonism.

World History

Author: Candice Goucher
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135088144
Size: 52.10 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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World History from the Author: Candice Goucher. World History: Journeys from Past to Present uses common themes to present an integrated and comprehensive survey of human history from its origins to the present day. By weaving together thematic and regional perspectives in coherent chronological narratives, Goucher and Walton transform the overwhelming sweep of the human past into a truly global story that is relevant to the contemporary issues of our time. Revised and updated throughout, the second edition of this innovative textbook combines clear chronological progression with thematically focused chapters. In this volume, chapters are divided into three parts as follows: PART 4. BRIDGING WORLDS (1300-1800 CE) PART 5. TRANSFORMING LIVES (1500-1900) PART 6. FORGING A GLOBAL COMMUNITY (1800- Present) The expanded new edition boasts an impressive full-color design with a host of illustrations, maps and primary source excerpts integrated throughout. Chapter opening timelines supply context for the material ahead, while end of chapter questions and annotated additional resources provide students with the tools for independent study. Each chapter and part boasts introductory and summary essays that explain and guide the reader in comprehending the relevant theme. In addition, the companion website offers a range of resources including an interactive historical timeline, an indispensable study skills section for students, tips for teaching and learning thematically, and PowerPoint slides, lecture material and discussion questions in a password protected area for instructors. This textbook provides a basic introduction for all students of World History, while at the same time incorporating the thematic perspectives that encourage critical thinking, link to globally relevant contemporary issues, and stimulate further study.

Past To Present

Author: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Publisher: IEEE
Size: 42.51 MB
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Past To Present from the Author: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Past To Present

Author: Joan Davis
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781449072094
Size: 27.40 MB
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Past To Present from the Author: Joan Davis. This is a book that must be read by everyone. The young and the old. Parents, Preachers and teachers. It explains how and why the lives of our youths has changed so dramatically. The change in their way of dressing, the change in their behavior, their character, and their lack of concern for their education. The fact that making a dollar selling drugs, joining a gang, or committing murder means more to them than self respect, or respecting their parents, or any other adult.

Iowa Past To Present

Author: Dorothy Schwieder
Publisher: University of Iowa Press
ISBN: 9781609380120
Size: 29.26 MB
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Iowa Past To Present from the Author: Dorothy Schwieder. In Iowa Past to Present, originally published in 1989, Dorothy Schwieder, Thomas Morain, and Lynn Nielsen combine their extensive knowledge of Iowa’s history with years of experience addressing the educational needs of elementary and middle-school students. Their skillful and accessible narrative brings alive the people and events that populate Iowa’s rich heritage. This revised edition brings the story into the twenty-first century and makes a paperback edition available for the first time. Beginning with Iowa’s changing geological landforms, the authors progress to historical, political, and social aspects of life in Iowa through the present day. The chapters explore such topics as the native peoples of the region; pioneer settlements on the prairie; the building of the railroad; the Civil War; the influence of immigrants; the formation of the state government and development of the current politic system; education; the Great Depression; religion (including a separate chapter on Mennonites and the Old Order Amish); life on the farm; business, industry, and economics; and the turmoil caused by World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War. A new chapter written specifically for this edition explains the impact of 9/11 on Iowa, discusses the roles played by Iowa soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and updates information on the newest immigrant populations of the state. The authors have teamed with Iowa Public Television's Iowa Pathways project to create a new Iowa Past to Present teacher's guide available online at “a href="http://iptv.org/iowapathways">http://iptv.org/iowapathways/a”. This guide includes additional articles, videos, links, and curriculum resources to support the textbook. div diviIowa Past to Present/i, its inviting format enhanced by hundreds of illustrations, is informed by three of the state’s most respected historians. The latest revision continues to be an important part of the curriculum for teachers and parents wanting their children to know all about Iowa history./div br

Germanic Standardizations

Author: Ana Deumert
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing
ISBN: 9789027218568
Size: 79.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Germanic Standardizations from the Author: Ana Deumert. This volume presents a comparative, socio-historical study of the Germanic standard languages (Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, English, Faroese, Frisian, German, Icelandic, Low German, Luxemburgish, Norwegian, Scots, Swedish, Yiddish as well as the Caribbean and Pacific Creole languages). Each of the 16 orginal chapters systematically discusses central aspects of the standardization process, including dialect selection, codification, elaboration and diffusion of the standard norm across the speech community, as well as incipient processes of de-standardization and re-standardization. The strongly comparative orientation of the contributions allow for the identification of broad similarities as well as intriguing differences across a wide range of historically and socially diverse language histories. Two chapters by the editors provide an overview of the theoretical background and rationale of comparative standardization research, and outline directions for further research in the area. The volume will be of interest to language historians as well as sociolinguists in general.

Past To Present

Author: Stuart Hirschberg
Publisher: Longman Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780130979483
Size: 59.92 MB
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Past To Present from the Author: Stuart Hirschberg. Comprehensive and accessible, Past to Present encapsulates for readers essential readings from the fields of humanities, social science, and science in a single book—putting a “human face” on the great ideas that have changed our world. The book is divided into seven thematic parts that trace the history of important ideas from their roots to their current incarnations. Each of the 73 readings includes discussions that focus on the history of the idea, the writer's rhetorical strategies, and the context in which the piece was written. For anyone who is interested in exploring the evolutions of the great ideas of our world.

Past To Present

Author: William Stevenson
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0762787376
Size: 45.17 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Past To Present from the Author: William Stevenson. William Stevenson may be best known for his friendship with and books about another William Stephenson, otherwise known as Intrepid, whose spy network and secret diplomacy changed the course of history. Originally published in 1976, A Man Called Intrepid sold over 2 million copies and quickly became a New York Timesbestseller. However, readers will be just as fascinated by his life’s story and adventures. Stevenson chronicles the major events of his life, beginning with his daring and dangerous time as a naval pilot during WWII flying a multitude of legendary aircraft—Stringbag, Tiger Moth, Seafire, Hellcats—and learning various maneuvers in the skies enroute to Russia, over England, Canada, Scotland, and the Pacific. After the war, still yearning for adventure, he returns to Canada to write for The Toronto Daily Star, where he again meets William Stephenson (aka Intrepid) on assignment and develops a lifelong friendship. Stevenson travels the globe, visiting Hong Kong, Delhi, Kashmir, Kenya, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow, Thailand, and many other exotic locals, where he meets iconic figures, such as Ian Fleming, Prime Minister Nehru, Ho Chi Minh, Chiang Kai-shek, Mao Tse-tung, Zhou Enlai, Tito, Khrushchev, and the King of Thailand among others. Privy to confidential information, full of international intrigue, Stevenson is a living embodiment of modern history. Past to Present, with story after amazing story to tell, will leave the reader breathless.