Author: Greg A. Stier
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 9781575674568
Size: 66.75 MB
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Outbreak from the Author: Greg A. Stier. New in paperback and now revised and updated, Outbreak, by gifted youth leader, Greg Stier, draws on the example of "viral marketing" in secular marketing to illustrate the idea of "viral evangelism". He believes if we equip teens to be contagious, unstoppable Christians like those in the book of Acts, a major revival is sure to follow. This new edition contains practical strategies and links to free resources and forums.

Raising The Bar

Author: Alvin L. Reid
Publisher: Kregel Academic
ISBN: 9780825497520
Size: 69.14 MB
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Raising The Bar from the Author: Alvin L. Reid. Two-thirds of today's teens are interested in having a meaningful relationship with God, yet less than one-third of them are active in a local church. These statistics indicate that it is time to change how the church does youth ministry, and this compelling book provides an impassioned plea for the church to set higher standards for ministry to teens and their families.

Preaching To Convert

Author: John Fletcher
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 047211915X
Size: 38.79 MB
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Preaching To Convert from the Author: John Fletcher. Preaching to Convert offers an intriguing new perspective on the outreach strategies of U.S. evangelicals. Author John Fletcher frames these activities, from door-to-door proselytizing to the spirited sermons of superstar televangelists, as examples of activist performance, broadly defined here as acts performed before an audience in the hopes of changing hearts and minds. Most writing about activist performance has focused on left-progressive causes, events, and actors, and if evangelicals have appeared at all, they often appear as one-dimensional forces of ignorance or bigotry against which brave (left-leaning) activists must fight. Preaching to Convert argues against such a constricted view of activism and for a more nuanced understanding of U.S. evangelicalism as a movement defined by its desire to win converts and spread the gospel. In other words, evangelicals are activist performers par excellence. The book positions evangelicals as a diverse, complicated group confronting the loss of conservative Christianity’s default status in twenty-first–century U.S. culture. In the face of an increasingly secular age, evangelicals have been reassessing models of outreach. In acts like handing out Bible tracts to strangers on the street or going door-to-door with a Bible in hand, in elaborately staged horror-themed morality plays or multi-million-dollar creationist discovery centers, in megachurch services beamed to dozens of satellite campuses, and in controversial “ex-gay” ministries striving to return gays and lesbians to the straight and narrow, evangelicals are redefining what it means to be deeply committed in a pluralist world. The book’s engaging style and careful argumentation make it accessible and appealing to scholars and students across a range of fields.

Mobilizing A Great Commission Church For Harvest

Author: Thomas P. Johnston
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1621891062
Size: 25.17 MB
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Mobilizing A Great Commission Church For Harvest from the Author: Thomas P. Johnston. Mobilizing a Great Commission Church for Harvest addresses practical aspects of evangelism in the local church, with the voices and views of nineteen current Southern Baptist professors of evangelism. They address important topics to local church evangelism, such as "Invitations with integrity" and "Preparing for Spiritual Warfare." Key leaders and professors write in their areas of expertise. For examples, Alvin Reid writes on "Mobilizing Students," David Wheeler on "Servant Evangelism," Josef Solc on "Sports Evangelism," and Darrell Robinson on "The Evangelist." In addition, the book begins and ends with two different applications of Matthew's Great Commission. Mobilizing a Great Commission Church for Harvest is a gold mine of information for both pastor and deacon, as it is for students considering the importance of evangelism to local church ministry. It is fresh, new, and true--as all of its authors teach at SBC-affiliated schools and are grounded in the Bible as the inerrant Word of God!

The Great Commission Connection

Author: Raymond F. Culpepper, Editor
Publisher: Pathway Press
ISBN: 1596845406
Size: 39.86 MB
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The Great Commission Connection from the Author: Raymond F. Culpepper, Editor.

Battle Zone

Author: Greg A. Stier
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 1575678713
Size: 76.62 MB
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Battle Zone from the Author: Greg A. Stier. Greg Stier is fired up to motivate young people to live sold-out for Christ. Battle Zone is his latest offering, aimed at helping students understand the serious nature of the spiritual battle that they face. In his youthful, enthusiastic style, Stier explicitly describes Satan, his demons, and spiritual warfare. In addition, he gives a contemporary breakdown of Galatians, helping students learn how to arm themselves to do spiritual battle with the devil.

Das Bombardement Von Bo Historischer Roman

Author: Carl Spitteler
Publisher: Musaicum Books
ISBN: 8075830709
Size: 74.73 MB
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Das Bombardement Von Bo Historischer Roman from the Author: Carl Spitteler. Diese Ausgabe von "Das Bombardement von Åbo" wurde mit einem funktionalen Layout erstellt und sorgfältig formatiert. Dieses eBook ist mit interaktiven Inhalt und Begleitinformationen versehen, einfach zu navigieren und gut gegliedert. Carl Spitteler (1845-1924) war ein Schweizer Dichter und Schriftsteller, Kritiker und Essayist. 1919 erhielt er den Nobelpreis für Literatur. Aus dem Buch: "Während des Krimkrieges, als die englischen Kriegsschiffe den Finnischen und den Bottnischen Meerbusen unsicher machten, wurde dem Gouverneur von Åbo, General Baraban Barabanowitsch Stupjenkin, eine russische Besatzung geliehen; zwei Regimenter stark, wie man in Petersburg glaubte, in Wirklichkeit jedoch anderthalb Bataillone, mit einem in Helsingfors abwesenden Palkownik an der Spitze, an dessen Stelle der Major Balvan Balvanowitsch kommandierte, gewaltig im Kartenspiel, daneben, trotz seiner beträchtlichen Faulheit, ein vollendeter Reiter, im übrigen, außer seiner sprichwörtlichen Dummheit, ohne hervorstechende kriegerische Eigenschaften. Der Dienst, nachdem einmal die Küstenwachen eingerichtet waren, ließ vollauf Zeit zu der jedem Russen unentbehrlichen Langeweile, welche bekanntlich vom Schöpfer ausdrücklich zu dem Zweck geschaffen wurde, damit man sie durch Kartenspiel vertreiben könne. So gestaltete sich das Societätshüß, dieses unvermeidliche Grandhotel aller finnischen Städte..."


Author: Janette Oke
ISBN: 9783865910073
Size: 33.14 MB
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Lisa from the Author: Janette Oke.

Martin Luthers Theologie

Author: Oswald Bayer
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 9783161492259
Size: 64.70 MB
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Martin Luthers Theologie from the Author: Oswald Bayer. English summary: Few Luther scholars are more accomplished, and still fewer more influential, than Tubingen's Oswald Bayer. In this wide-ranging overview of the theology of Martin Luther, B. leads the reader skillfully through a comprehensive survey of the most important, and often confusing, themes in Luther's theology. In the process, he demonstrates Luther's continuing relevance, including some of his potential contributions to contemporary theology. [...] it is important once again to emphasize the immense erudition and analytical depth reflected in this superb volume. This is an essential contribution to the field of Luther studies, one that scholars should now consult as a matter of course. All of us who continue to find Luther fascinating are very much in the author's debt.Mickey L. Mattox in Theological Studies 2006, 189f. German description: Die Lekture von 'Martin Luthers Theologie' wirkt anregend, besonders durch Bayers gekonnte Auswahl von Originaltexten Luthers, die er kommentiert, ja geradezu meditiert. Er zeigt: Luther ist ein theologischer Klassiker von allerhochster Aktualitat und - zumindest im Dialog mit der romisch-katholischen Kirche der Gegenwart - von grosster okumenischer Reichweite und Bedeutung.Annemarie C. Mayer in Theologische Quartalschrift 186, 2006, S. 70f.Oswald Bayer gelingt es in gewohnter Weise, gewichtige theologische Themen so vorzustellen, dass der Leser neugierig wird, tiefer zu graben und weiter zu forschen. Es ist sein Verdienst, mit diesem Werk die Bedeutung der Theologie Luthers fur unsere Gegenwart stilistisch glanzend und fur alle theologisch interessierten Christen gut lesbar erschlossen zu haben, nicht ohne hier und da auch zu markieren, wo die Grenzen solcher Gegenwartsbedeutung Luthers liegen.Armin Wenz in Lutherische Beitrage 10 (2005), 253-255