Official Year Book Of Australia

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Official Year Book Of Australia from the Author: . Vols. for 1973- include statistical data compiled by the Bureau under its earlier name: Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics.

Big John Forrest 1847 1918

Author: Francis Keble Crowley
Publisher: Uwa Pub
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Big John Forrest 1847 1918 from the Author: Francis Keble Crowley. "His achievements after federation were no less impressive. As minister for defence, minister for home affairs, several times treasurer, and acting prime minister of Australia, he was one of the nation-builders during the early years of federal government, and took a prominent part in the creation of the two-party political system in national politics."--BOOK JACKET.

The Treaty Making Power In The Commonwealth Of Australia

Author: GĂĽnther Doeker
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9401195609
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The Treaty Making Power In The Commonwealth Of Australia from the Author: GĂĽnther Doeker. In the relation of states, treaties are a matter of great importance. The law of treaties and the study of treaty-making procedures in municipal law systems have become both from a theoretical and practical point of view, subjects of increasing interest. The United Nations Legal Committee as well as the International Law Commission have published studies concerned with the relationship of international law and municipal law, emphasizing national practices concerning the conclusion of treaties. In the case of some countries, such as Great Britain and the United States, numerous studies of treaty making problems have been made, but much less has been published in the case of many other countries such as Australia, Canada or India. In the case of Australia, research on treaty-making has resulted in comparatively few published articles in scholarly and legal journals and only a few comments in general legal treatises. But no comprehen sive legal analysis of the subject has as yet appeared. This study aims to present a comprehensive survey and analysis of actual treaty making procedures and practices in Australia against the setting of the relevant constitutional and other legal norms of the Australian political system. The analysis of treaty-making will consider both normative and empirical legal aspects. Basic constitutional norms, legal principles derived from common and constitutional law and statutes will be discussed, as well as the actual practices and procedures used in the exercise of the treaty-making power.

Only Yesterday

Author: Frederick Lewis Allen
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1504011376
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Only Yesterday from the Author: Frederick Lewis Allen. A history of roaring prosperity—and economic cataclysm: “The one account of America in the 1920s against which all others must be measured” (The Washington Post). Beginning November 11, 1918, when President Woodrow Wilson declared the end of World War I in a letter to the American public, and continuing through his defeat, Prohibition, the Big Red Scare, the rise of women’s hemlines, and the stock market crash of 1929, Only Yesterday, published just two years after the crash, chronicles a decade like no other. Allen, who witnessed firsthand the events he describes, immerses you in the era of flappers, speakeasies, and early radio, making you feel like part of history as it unfolds. This bestselling, enduring account brings to life towering historical figures including J. Pierpont Morgan, Henry Ford, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, Al Capone, Babe Ruth, and Jack Dempsey. Allen provides insightful, in-depth analyses of President Warren G. Harding’s oil scandal, the growth of the auto industry, the decline of the family farm, and the long bull market of the late twenties. Peppering his narrative with actual stock quotes and breaking financial news, Allen tracks the major economic trends of the decade and explores the underlying causes of the crash. From the trial of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti to the inventions, crazes, and revolutions of the day, this timeless work will continue to be savored for generations to come.

Campaigns Of World War I

Author: Nick Hunter
Publisher: Raintree
ISBN: 1406261424
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Campaigns Of World War I from the Author: Nick Hunter. From the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand to the Treaty of Versailles, this book gives an overview of the war. The causes of the war are discussed, as well as key battles on land, air, and sea.

Perilous Times

Author: Geoffrey R. Stone
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393058802
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Perilous Times from the Author: Geoffrey R. Stone. An investigation into how free speech and other civil liberties have been compromised in America by war in six historical periods describes how presidents, Supreme Court justices, and resistors contributed to the administration of civil freedoms, in an account complemented by rare photographs, posters, and historical illustrations. 20,000 first printing.