Tamora Pierce The Immortals

Author: John Lennard
Publisher: Humanities-Ebooks
ISBN: 1847600379
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Tamora Pierce The Immortals from the Author: John Lennard. Tamora Pierce is a prolific and very unusual modern master of fantasy for young adults and the first such author to appear regularly on the New York Times bestseller lists. The four books making up The Immortals are the 5th–8th (of 15) novels set in Tortall, and introduce the ‘Wildmage’, Veralidaine Sarrasri, who appears in most later novels in the Tortall series. The Notes in this book cover Tamora Pierce’s life and work; the world of Tortall (including the geography, cast, and neighbouring cultures); the strange menagerie of immortal creatures who may be friend or foe; and the pantheon of interfering multicultural god/desse/s. The well-illustrated Annotations pay special attention to the many animals who feature, cultural and historical references, and the major thematic issues that develop throughout the quartet. Wild Magic, Wolf-Speaker, The Emperor Mage, and The Realms of the Gods are all covered on a chapter-by-chapter basis, and there is a link to the deleted chapter of The Emperor Mage (in which Daine heals a poisoned camel). The Essay compares The Immortals with its successor quartet, Protector of the Small, for both the brave teenage heroines have a particular and very educational relationship with Pierce’s greatest fantasy-beasts, the amazing (and amazingly smelly) Stormwings. The Bibliography has a section detailing works about ‘Tamora Pierce and Children’s Writing’. Revised September 2013.

Paul Scott

Author: John Lennard
Publisher: Humanities-Ebooks
Size: 46.87 MB
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Paul Scott from the Author: John Lennard. A study of Scott's four great novels of British India - The Jewel in the Crown, The Day of the Scorpion, The Towers of Silence, A Division of the Spoils - and of the popular coda, Staying On.

Portuguese American Literature

Author: Reinaldo Francisco Silva
Publisher: Humanities-Ebooks
ISBN: 1847601073
Size: 22.96 MB
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Portuguese American Literature from the Author: Reinaldo Francisco Silva. The book is the first in a new series of monographs entitled Contemporary American Literature. Chapter contents are: 1. Locating the Portuguese within the Body of Emergent American Literatures; 2. America Through the Eyes of the Educated Immigrant: José Rodrigues Miguéis, Jorge de Sena and Onésimo T. Almeida; 3. Alfred Lewis as a Writer of Transition; 4. Lesser-Known American Voices of Portuguese Descent: Julian Silva, Thomas Braga and Charles Reis Felix; 5. Under the Spotlight of Critical Acclaim: The Writings of Frank Gaspar and Katherine Vaz.

Writing Down The Dragon

Author: Tom Simon
Publisher: Bondwine Books
ISBN: 9780988129252
Size: 49.48 MB
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Writing Down The Dragon from the Author: Tom Simon. Eleven essays on the works of J. R. R. Tolkien, written from the perspective of the working fantasy writer. How did Tolkien produce his effects, and what can we learn from his methods? In this collection, Tom Simon investigates topics from the uses of archaic language to the moral philosophy of Orcs.

Fire In The Dragon And Other Psychoanalytic Essays On Folklore

Author: Gza Rheim
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691028682
Size: 79.67 MB
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Fire In The Dragon And Other Psychoanalytic Essays On Folklore from the Author: Gza Rheim. The only Freudian to have been originally trained in folklore and the first psychoanalytic anthropologist to carry out fieldwork, Gza Rcheim (1891-1953) contributed substantially to the worldwide study of cultures. Combining a global perspective with encyclopedic knowledge of ethnographic sources, this Hungarian analyst demonstrates the validity of Freudian theory in both Western and non-Western settings. These seventeen essays, written between 1922 and 1953, are among Rcheim's most significant published writings and are collected here for the first time to introduce a new generation of readers to his unique interpretations of myths, folktales, and legends. From Australian aboriginal mythology to Native American trickster tales, from the Grimm folktale canon to Hungarian folk belief, Rcheim explores a wide range of issues, such as the relationship of dreams to folklore and the primacy of infantile conditioning in the formation of adult fantasy. An introduction by folklorist Alan Dundes describes Rcheim's career, and each essay is prefaced by a brief consideration of its intellectual and bibliographical context.

Thrill Me

Author: Benjamin Percy
Publisher: Graywolf Press
ISBN: 1555979548
Size: 51.58 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Thrill Me from the Author: Benjamin Percy. Bold new essays on how to craft a thrilling read--in any genre--from the bestselling author of The Dead Lands Anyone familiar with the meteoric rise of Benjamin Percy's career will surely have noticed a certain shift: After writing two short-story collections and a literary novel, he delivered the werewolf thriller Red Moon and the postapocalyptic epic The Dead Lands. Now, in his first book of nonfiction, Percy challenges the notion that literary and genre fiction are somehow mutually exclusive. The title essay is an ode to the kinds of books that make many readers fall in love with fiction: science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, horror, from J.R.R. Tolkien to Anne Rice, Ursula K. Le Guin to Stephen King. Percy's own academic experience banished many of these writers in the name of what is "literary" and what is "genre." Then he discovered Michael Chabon, Aimee Bender, Cormac McCarthy, Margaret Atwood, and others who employ techniques of genre fiction while remaining literary writers. In fifteen essays on the craft of fiction, Percy looks to disparate sources such as Jaws, Blood Meridian, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to discover how contemporary writers engage issues of plot, suspense, momentum, and the speculative, as well as character, setting, and dialogue. An urgent and entertaining missive on craft, Thrill Me brims with Percy's distinctive blend of anecdotes, advice, and close reading, all in the service of one dictum: Thrill the reader.

The Story Of Owen

Author: E. K. Johnston
Publisher: Carolrhoda Lab â„¢
ISBN: 1467724068
Size: 75.18 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Story Of Owen from the Author: E. K. Johnston. Listen! For I sing of Owen Thorskard: valiant of heart, hopeless at algebra, last in a long line of legendary dragon slayers. Though he had few years and was not built for football, he stood between the town of Trondheim and creatures that threatened its survival.There have always been dragons. As far back as history is told, men and women have fought them, loyally defending their villages. Dragon slaying was a proud tradition.But dragons and humans have one thing in common: an insatiable appetite for fossil fuels. From the moment Henry Ford hired his first dragon slayer, no small town was safe. Dragon slayers flocked to cities, leaving more remote areas unprotected.Such was Trondheim's fate until Owen Thorskard arrived. At sixteen, with dragons advancing and his grades plummeting, Owen faced impossible odds--armed only with a sword, his legacy, and the classmate who agreed to be his bard.Listen! I am Siobhan McQuaid. I alone know the story of Owen, the story that changes everything. Listen!

Film Sequels Theory And Practice From Hollywood To Bollywood

Author: Carolyn Jess-Cooke
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748689478
Size: 15.80 MB
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Film Sequels Theory And Practice From Hollywood To Bollywood from the Author: Carolyn Jess-Cooke. The film sequel has been maligned in popular culture as a vampirish corporative exercise in profit-making and narrative regurgitation. Drawing upon a wide range of examples from early cinema to the twenty-first century, this volume reveals the increasing popularity of, and experimentation with, film sequels as a central dynamic of Hollywood cinema. Now creeping into world cinemas and independent film festivals, the sequel is persistently employed as a vehicle for cross-cultural dialogue and as a structure by which memories and cultural narratives can be circulated across geographical and historical locations. This book aims to account for some of the major critical contexts within which sequelisation operates by exploring sequel production beyond box office figures. Its account ranges from sequels in recent mainstream cinema, art-house and 'indie' sequels, non-Hollywood sequels, the effects of the domestic market on sequelisation, and the impact of the video game industry on Hollywood.