Not Hidden By The Fog

Author: John Creasey
Publisher: House of Stratus
ISBN: 0755134338
Size: 34.10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Not Hidden By The Fog from the Author: John Creasey. The fog was thick, sulphurous and impenetrable and just like old times before clean air legislation. Beneath it the villains went about their work quietly and largely undisturbed. Commander George Gideon was aware of this and meant to disturb their peace, but he found himself involved in a web that was more impenetrable than the fog itself.


Author: M. D. Waters
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698157230
Size: 66.75 MB
Format: PDF
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Prototype from the Author: M. D. Waters. From a writer to whom “comparisons to Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and S.J. Watson’s Before I Go To Sleep are justified” (Library Journal), in Prototype, a woman’s dual pasts lock onto a collision course Emma looks forward to the day when she can stop running from her past—both of them. But when Declan Burke decides he wants his wife back, there’s nowhere on the planet she can hide. One man could help her, but he’s the person Emma most dreads confronting: Noah Tucker. When she finally returns to face him, Emma discovers that Noah has moved on and another woman is raising their daughter. Emma will stop at nothing to reveal the truth and prove she isn’t the woman they thought she was. Even if it means she winds up dead. Or worse, reborn. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Fog

Author: James Herbert
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 1447202392
Size: 47.15 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Fog from the Author: James Herbert. In James Herbert's The Fog, the peaceful life of a village in Wiltshire is suddenly shattered by a disaster which strikes without reason or explanation, leaving behind it a trail of misery and horror. A yawning, bottomless crack spreads through the earth, out of which creeps a fog that resembles no other. Whatever it is, it must be controlled; for wherever it goes it leaves behind a trail of disaster as hideous as the tragedy that marked its entry into the world. The fog, quite simply, drives people insane.

Appreciate The Fog

Author: Stephen Harrison
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1479723959
Size: 20.44 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Appreciate The Fog from the Author: Stephen Harrison. Appreciate the Fog written by Stephen Harrison is a self-help and leadership book that encourages embracing change with power and purpose. This book offers some invaluable suggestions that may provide quick payback in life with the intent to acknowledge that there are deeper processes with wonderful, lasting benefits that are available as the lifelong process of self-discovery opens. It encourages embracing the fog as it rises and developing a meaningful, authentic, and intimate relationship with the inner self. This book has been structured to be a natural progression through concepts that build on each other in a natural manner, with each chapter largely self-contained. Each chapter may be read and utilised as when and in whatever order suits the readers. Some may prefer to quickly browse this book and then pick out those portions that have immediate relevance to where they are in their journey at present. Others will find it useful working through the book from start to finish. These concepts will assist readers when working in relationships and organisations where fog is in effect. Being aware of the personal inner world, how to respond to a fog and exhibit that publically can make a positive difference to the capacity to process responses and the ability to work with others. Appreciate the Fog encourages readers to reflect on life, the mechanisms used to protect and feel safe, the triggers and patterns that generate episodes of fog and how working with all this knowledge may create a more satisfying and rewarding life. It encourages self-discovery with the intent that in knowing oneself, a person can decide to act with alignment and integrity to who he/she is, and in so doing manifest personal power and leadership.

High Hurdles Collection Two

Author: Lauraine Snelling
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441235086
Size: 68.19 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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High Hurdles Collection Two from the Author: Lauraine Snelling. Fourteen-year-old DJ Randall wants nothing more than to compete as a show jumper in the Olympics. The challenges that stand in her way only spur her to work harder toward her dream. Whether it's mucking out stalls and hosting pony parties to earn money to buy her first horse or navigating the changing family dynamics at home, DJ relies on her faith in God to see her through the most daunting obstacles. Collection Two includes Close Quarters, Moving Up, Letting Go, Raising the Bar, and Class Act.

A Course In Miracles

ISBN: 0981597165
Size: 69.55 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 2008
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A Course In Miracles from the Author: . This volume contains the original "Course in Miracles" text, as well as the "Course for Miracles for Teachers" and "The 360 Lessons."

Werewolf Cop A Novel

Author: Andrew Klavan
Publisher: Pegasus Books
ISBN: 1605987484
Size: 44.94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Werewolf Cop A Novel from the Author: Andrew Klavan. From Edgar Award-winning Andrew Klavan, a supernatural thriller about a good cop in the grips of an evil curse: the first in a trilogy about a crime-fighter on a quest to control the beast within. Zach Adams is one of the best detectives in the country. Nicknamed Cowboy, he’s a soft-spoken homicide detective known for his integrity and courage under fire. He serves on a federal task force that has a single mission: to hunt down Dominic Abend, a European gangster who has taken over the American underworld. In a centuries-old forest under a full moon, a beast assaults Zach, cursing him forever. In the aftermath, he is transformed into something horrible—something deadly. Now, the good cop has innocent blood on his hands. He has killed—and will kill again—in the form of a beast who can’t be controlled or stopped. Before he can free himself, he’s going to have to solve the greatest mystery of all: How can you defeat evil when the evil is inside you?


Author: Ellen Datlow
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1466817674
Size: 44.65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Inferno from the Author: Ellen Datlow. As stated in her introduction to Inferno, Ellen Datlow asked her favorite authors for stories that would "provide the reader with a frisson of shock, or a moment of dread so powerful it might cause the reader outright physical discomfort; or a sensation of fear so palpable that the reader feels compelled to turn on the bright lights and play music or seek the company of others to dispel the fear." Mission accomplished. Datlow has produced a collection filled with some of the most powerful voices in the field: Pat Cadigan, Terry Dowling, Jeffrey Ford, Christopher Fowler, Glen Hirshberg, K. W. Jeter, Joyce Carol Oates, and Lucius Shepard, to name a few. Each author approaches fear in a different way, but all of the stories' characters toil within their own hell. An aptly titled anthology, Inferno will scare the pants off readers and further secure Ellen Datlow's standing as a preeminent editor of modern horror. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Delta Queen

Author: Charles Bowen
Publisher: Charles Bowen
ISBN: 0738858501
Size: 14.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Delta Queen from the Author: Charles Bowen. More than 30 years ago, Walker Raines lost the woman he loves. Now he has clandestinely orchestrated what he hopes will appear to be an accidental meeting in very romantic circumstances: aboard the beautiful Delta Queen during a leisurely four-day spring cruise from New Orleans to Natchez. He has chosen the setting very carefully. This stately steamboat has been a dynamic symbol for both of them all their lives. Now it will witness their reunion -- and the secrets that have kept them apart. The Delta Queen is a National Historic Landmark, a 70-year-old steamboat that sails the Mississippi River and its tributaries. Not a reconstruction, she is the genuine article, a sternwheeler that has worked these rivers for half a century. Being aboard is like visiting in a fine old Southern home, where the parlors are filled with brass and crystal, mahogany and Old English oak, where the meals are legendary, a rocking chair is always available and the company is genteel. Walk her decks with us now, while the journey is under way. Hear the towboats whistle as she goes by. Pilots sometimes even lean out their doors and shout, "Helllllo to The Del-ta Queeeeen!" They love her out here, because she is a working girl. They know her from New Orleans to Minneapolis/St. Paul, from St. Louis and Louisville to Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, from Galveston and Little Rock to Memphis, Nashville and Chattanooga. And yet she seldom stays anywhere more than a few hours. She is always on the go, from Louisiana´s Bayou Country to the icy northern reaches of the Canadian border. No wonder they flirt with this tough little prom queen. She has won the hearts of millions. And she has witnessed countless love stories in her travels. This is but one of them. Delta Queen: A Novel, produced by Bowen Books, is a contemporary, intelligent love story in the new tradition of Bridges of Madison County, The Notebook and A Message in a Bottle. Readers who liked those books will love this one. And for anyone who has ever been a passenger on The Delta Queen, or who has always dreamed of being a passenger, this story is for you.