No Symbols Where None Intended Literary Essays From Laclos To Beckett

Author: M. Axelrod
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 113744732X
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No Symbols Where None Intended Literary Essays From Laclos To Beckett from the Author: M. Axelrod. An homage to Nabokov's Lectures on Literature, this collection of essays sheds new light on canonical authors such as Ibsen, Beckett, and Strindberg. Using style and structure as the connective thread, Mark Axelrod joins a wide and deep conversation on writers on writing.

Samuel Beckett

Author: Deirdre Bair
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0671691732
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Samuel Beckett from the Author: Deirdre Bair. Examines the psychological agonies of Beckett's young manhood, his World War II heroism, his enigmatic character, and the growth of his style which revolutionized modern theater.


Author: Samuel Beckett
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Watt from the Author: Samuel Beckett.

The Expelled The Calmative The End With First Love

Author: Samuel Beckett
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571296998
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The Expelled The Calmative The End With First Love from the Author: Samuel Beckett. These four stories or 'nouvelles' date from 1945, though all were published much later, in French and subsequently in English. All make use of a first-person narrator, and relish its vagaries - the inability to remember facts, the uncertainty as to why he is speaking in the first place, the loss of heart when explanations seem called for... Above all, the stories crisply plot the narrator's plotless descent into vagrancy, the steeper as it approaches The End. Out of these short works and their patient procedures grew the large canvases of Molloy and Malone Dies. My bench was still there. It was shaped to fit the curves of the seated body. It stood beside a watering trough, gift of a Mrs Maxwell to the city horses, according to the inscription. During the short time I rested there, several horses took advantage of the monument. The iron shoes approached and the jingle of the harness. Then silence. That was the horse looking at me. Then the noise of pebbles and mud that horses make when drinking. Then the silence again. That was the horse looking at me again. Then the pebbles again. Then the silence again. Till the horse had finished drinking or the driver deemed it had drunk its fill. Edited by Christopher Ricks

Memory And Narrative

Author: James Olney
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226628172
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Memory And Narrative from the Author: James Olney. At a time when the memoir has never been more popular, Memory and Narrative presents an account of how the weave of life-writing has altered over time to arrive at its present form. James Olney, tells the story of an evolving literary form that originated in the autobiographical writings of St. Augustine, underwent profound and disruptive changes in Jean-Jacques Rousseau's life-writing trilogy, and found its momentary conclusion in the body of Samuel Beckett's work. Among other issues, Olney considers the rejection of the pronoun "I" by many post-Rousseau writers; the uses of narrative in the works of Beckett, Franz Kafka, and the sculptor Alberto Giacometti, and the role of literary memory in light of recent "memory work" from a variety of scientific disciplines. Giambattista Vico, Henry Adams, Gertrude Stein, Richard Wright, and Christa Wolf are some of the many writers examined in this monumental study.

A Taste For The Negative

Author: Shane Weller
Publisher: MHRA
ISBN: 1904713084
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A Taste For The Negative from the Author: Shane Weller. Since the mid-1950s, when the works of Samuel Beckett began to attract sustained critical attention, commentators have tended either to dismiss his oeuvre as nihilist or defend it as anti-nihilist. On the one side are figures such as Georg Lukacs; on the other, some of the most influential philosophers and literary theorists of the post-war era, from Theodor Adorno to Alain Badiou. Taking as his point of departure Nietzsche's description of nihilism as the 'uncanniest of all guests', Weller calls this critical tradition into question, arguing that the relationship between Beckett's texts and nihilism is one that will always be missed by those who are simply for or against Beckett.

The Complete Short Prose Of Samuel Beckett 1929 1989

Author: Samuel Beckett
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 0802198430
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The Complete Short Prose Of Samuel Beckett 1929 1989 from the Author: Samuel Beckett. Nobel Prize winner Samuel Beckett was one of the most profoundly original writers of the 20th century. He gave expression to the anguish and isolation of the individual consciousness with a purity and minimalism that have altered the shape of world literature. A tremendously influential poet and dramatist, Beckett spoke of his prose fiction as the "important writing," the medium in which he distilled his ideas most powerfully. Here, for the first time, his short prose is gathered in a definitive, complete volume by leading Beckett scholar S. E. Gontarski.