Author: Martin P. Mathews
Publisher: Nova Publishers
ISBN: 9781590333167
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Nigeria from the Author: Martin P. Mathews. Nigeria seems to be in the news all of the time for something, be it regime changes, co-operation, internal strife or oil policies. The most populous country in Africa and the largest in area in the West African state, Nigeria was an early twentieth century colony that became an independent nation in 1960. A country of great diversity because of the many ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups that live within it borders, Nigeria is also a country with a long past. This book brings together current issues and a detailed historical background.

Nigeria U S Trade Relations In The Non Oil Sector

Author: Gbadebo Olusegun Odularu
Publisher: Universal-Publishers
ISBN: 1599427036
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Nigeria U S Trade Relations In The Non Oil Sector from the Author: Gbadebo Olusegun Odularu. In as much as trade fosters economic development, it also exacerbates poverty, especially in the sub Saharan African (SSA) countries. Against this backdrop, this study will increase our understanding of the estimation of non-oil commodity trade flows between Nigeria and the U.S. More specifically, the study aims to analysing the impact of African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) on the U.S. imports of non-oil products from Nigeria. The research objectives are woven around the following questions: - What is the nature of Nigeria's and the U.S.'s foreign trade policies with particular reference to non-oil trade? - What are the patterns, magnitude, composition and trends in Nigeria-US non-oil trade? - Which economic sectors possess greatest potential for fostering trade in the non-oil sector between Nigeria and the U.S.? - What is the impact of AGOA on the diversification and growth of non-oil exports in Nigeria? This study adopts the difference-in-differences (DiD) as the research methodology. Within the Nigerian context, DiD intuitively compares the trends in imports of AGOA non-oil products before and after AGOA with the pattern of imports of non-AGOA non-oil products before and after AGOA, controlling for the timing of AGOA, import capacity and economic performance of both U.S. and Nigeria. Using the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Integrated Data Base (IDB), the empirical analysis reveals that AGOA non-oil products increased by as much as 182 percent with the implementation of AGOA, while the non-AGOA non-oil products fell by 76 percent. Conclusively, AGOA has had a considerably positive impact on the Nigerian non-oil sector at the general level. The policy implication of the empirical analysis is the need for the U.S. to expand the product coverage and opportunities of AGOA non-oil products in order for AGOA to achieve its objectives of using trade as a potent tool for promoting economic growth in SSA.

Union Education In Nigeria

Author: H. Tijani
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137003596
Size: 42.21 MB
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Union Education In Nigeria from the Author: H. Tijani. This book aims to fill some of the gaps in historical narrative about labor unions, Nigerian leftists, and decolonization during the twentieth century. It emphasizes the significance of labor union education in British decolonization, labor unionism, and British efforts at modernizing the human resources of Nigeria.


Author: John Campbell
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 1442221585
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Nigeria from the Author: John Campbell. Nigeria, the United States’ most important strategic partner in West Africa, is in grave trouble. While Nigerians often claim they are masters of dancing on the brink without falling off, the disastrous administration of President Goodluck Jonathan, the radical Islamic insurrection Boko Haram, and escalating violence in the delta and the north may finally provide the impetus that pushes it into the abyss of state failure. In this thoroughly updated edition, John Campbell explores Nigeria’s post-colonial history and presents a nuanced explanation of the events and conditions that have carried this complex, dynamic, and very troubled giant to the edge. Central to his analysis are the oil wealth, endemic corruption, and elite competition that have undermined Nigeria’s nascent democratic institutions and alienated an increasingly impoverished population. However, state failure is not inevitable, nor is it in the interest of the United States. Campbell provides concrete new policy options that would not only allow the United States to help Nigeria avoid state failure but also to play a positive role in Nigeria’s political, social, and economic development.

Short Of The Goal

Author: Nancy Birdsall
Publisher: CGD Books
ISBN: 1933286059
Size: 68.38 MB
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Short Of The Goal from the Author: Nancy Birdsall. "Analyzes U.S. policy toward poorly performing states that are ineligible for new U.S. foreign assistance programs and examines the role of specific policy instruments in building state capacity to prevent deterioration and collapse"--Provided by publisher.

Problems And Prospects Of Sustaining Democracy In Nigeria

Author: Bamidele A. Ojo
Publisher: Nova Publishers
ISBN: 9781560729495
Size: 57.35 MB
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Problems And Prospects Of Sustaining Democracy In Nigeria from the Author: Bamidele A. Ojo. The past few years have been very traumatic ones for many Nigerians. With the exception of those in power or close to the seat of power, the changes of 1998 were a welcome relief given the tyranny and repression that the country had suffered under General Abacha. With many people in prison and more in exile, the death of Abacha was received with a sigh of relief. Many observers have seen the resilience that has come to signify the strength and potential of this once 'giant of Africa', as well as the destruction and the socio-political and economic decay of the past decades. The Nigerian people have endured the exploitation of their rights due to the lack of democratic leadership, and with this in mind, they have been called to attention to fight for their country.

Stakes In Africa United States Relations

Author: Abdul K. Bangura
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595451977
Size: 26.95 MB
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Stakes In Africa United States Relations from the Author: Abdul K. Bangura. Stakes in Africa-United States Relations: Proposals for Equitable Partnership is our response to a 170-page report of the Africa Policy Advocacy Panel titled Rising U.S. Stakes in Africa: Seven Proposals to Strengthen U.S.-Africa Policy. In this book, we present the objectives for vibrant and lasting relations between Africa and the United States and measures to achieve them.

Contemporary Development Issues In Nigeria

Author: A. O. Omobowale
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 144387664X
Size: 68.86 MB
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Contemporary Development Issues In Nigeria from the Author: A. O. Omobowale. Africa today confronts, and is known for, daunting developmental challenges, despite the abundant human and material resources and significant global development assistance. A number of issues have been identified as causes of the continent s poor development performance. However, a number of these implicated issues have been insufficiently unaccounted for, and the majority of existing analysis on them is too generic and misinformed. Against this background, this book uses Nigeria as an example to contribute knowledge and informed research to the wider African continent. Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa, and is one of the continent s most resource-endowed countries, but, despite this, it is one of the poorest countries in the entire world. While many studies have examined the country in depth, its continued development complications and its paradoxical status on the world stage suggest that there is still a need to better understand the country. Even though the issues of Nigeria are engaged with directly in this book, the findings have implications and relevance for the rest of the continent and many other developing countries in general. As such, this book will be of particular interest to all development students, scholars, practitioners and policy makers, especially those interested in the sustainable development of Africa, both now and in the future."