Black Television Travels

Author: Timothy Havens
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814760767
Size: 63.50 MB
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Black Television Travels from the Author: Timothy Havens. “Black Television Travels provides a detailed and insightful view of the roots and routes of the televisual representations of blackness on the transnational media landscape. By following the circulation of black cultural products and their institutionalized discourses—including industry lore, taste cultures, and the multiple stories of black experiences that have and have not made it onto the small screen—Havens complicates discussions of racial representation and exposes possibilities for more expansive representations of blackness while recognizing the limitations of the seemingly liberatory spaces created by globalization.” —Bambi Haggins, Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies at Arizona State University “A major achievement that makes important contributions to the analysis of race, identity, global media, nation, and television production cultures. Discussions of race and television are too often constricted within national boundaries, yet this fantastic book offers a strong, compelling, and utterly refreshing corrective. Read it, assign it, use it.” —Jonathan Gray, author of Television Entertainment, Television Studies, and Show Sold Separately Black Television Travels explores the globalization of African American television and the way in which foreign markets, programming strategies, and viewer preferences have influenced portrayals of African Americans on the small screen. Television executives have been notoriously slow to recognize the potential popularity of black characters and themes, both at home and abroad. As American television brokers increasingly seek revenues abroad, their assumptions about saleability and audience perceptions directly influence the global circulation of these programs, as well as their content. Black Television Travels aims to reclaim the history of African American television circulation in an effort to correct and counteract this predominant industry lore. Based on interviews with television executives and programmers from around the world, as well as producers in the United States, Havens traces the shift from an era when national television networks often blocked African American television from traveling abroad to the transnational, post-network era of today. While globalization has helped to expand diversity in African American television, particularly in regard to genre, it has also resulted in restrictions, such as in the limited portrayal of African American women in favor of attracting young male demographics across racial and national boundaries. Havens underscores the importance of examining boardroom politics as part of racial discourse in the late modern era, when transnational cultural industries like television are the primary sources for dominant representations of blackness.


Author: Witi Ihimaera
ISBN: 9780143573678
Size: 17.27 MB
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Bulibasha from the Author: Witi Ihimaera. "Caught in the middle of the struggle between two great Māori clans, Simeon, grandson of Bulibasha and Ramona, struggles with his own feelings and loyalties as the battles rage"--Publisher information.

The Matriarch

Author: Witi Ihimaera
ISBN: 9780143010920
Size: 48.40 MB
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The Matriarch from the Author: Witi Ihimaera. In keeping with his commitment to revisit his first five pieces of fiction, Witi Ihimaera has reworked the original text of this much-loved classic. The matriarch is a woman of intelligence, wit, beauty and ruthlessness, and has become a mythical figure through her fight to repossess the land and sustain her people against the ravages wrought by the Pakeha. Priestess of the Ringatu faith, she has been virtually a law unto herself. In his search for the truth behind the legends surrounding the matriarch, his grandmother, Tama Mahana delves deeper and deeper into Maori history and lore to understand the mysterious sources of her power and ambition. Witi Ihimaera's prose is at turns lyrical and spare, sensuous and savage. Weaving fact with fiction, this remarkable odyssey into New Zealand history is a novel of stunning imaginative power. Also available as an eBook Winner of the Wattie Book of the Year, 1986 Runner-up for the Commonwealth Writers' Prize, 1987 'Witi Ihimaera's uncompromising masterwork . . . A profound and spellbinding character study' - New Zealand Herald

Heritage Museums And Galleries

Author: Gerard Corsane
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415289450
Size: 50.15 MB
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Heritage Museums And Galleries from the Author: Gerard Corsane. Bringing the reader the very best of modern scholarship from the heritage community, this comprehensive reader outlines and explains the many diverse issues that have been identified and brought to the fore in the field of heritage, museums and galleries over the past couple of decades. The volume is divided into four parts: presents overviews and useful starting points for critical reflection focuses more specifically on selected issues of significance, looking particularly at the museum's role and responsibilities in the postmodern and postcolonial world concentrates on issues related to cultural heritage and tourism dedicated to public participation in heritage, museum and gallery processes and activities. The book provides an ideal starting point for those coming to the study of museums and galleries for the first time.

Islands Of The Gulf

Author: Shirley Maddock
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 1775491471
Size: 64.96 MB
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Islands Of The Gulf from the Author: Shirley Maddock. The all-time classic telling of life in the 1960s Hauraki Gulf In 1964 trailblazing author Shirley Maddock and photographer Don Whyte made an extraordinary voyage around the Hauraki Gulf, documenting its people and places. This was a watershed moment in New Zealand history where New Zealanders were given the opportunity to see themselves, not just in the pages of this book but also on screen. It was a time when the way of life on the Gulf islands was a resourceful one, largely cut-off from the outside world. The best-selling and much loved Islands of the Gulf is a precious record of a bygone era, and an enchanting must-have for New Zealand households, baches and boats. Right on Auckland's doorstep, across 4000 square kilometres of ocean lie some 40 islands - more if you count the gannet perches. In the early 1960s Shirley Maddock joined Captain Fred Ladd, the pilot whose jaunty seaplanes served those isolated island communities, to film New Zealand's first (locally produced) documentary series, Islands of the Gulf, publishing a book of the same name. Maddock would visit everyone from farmers to gumdiggers, rangers to nurses, flying through the morning haze to the rugged battlements of Great Barrier and the dim, bluish mound of Little Barrier; over the top of North Head to the bone white tower of the light on Tiritiri Matangi; beyond to Kawau, east to Rakino and the little Noises; south-east to the long golden lengths of Waiheke and Ponui, and last to the clouded peaks of the Moehau Ranges; and nearer to the inner harbour islands of Motutapu and Motuihe, Brown's Island with its lopped-off crater and, at the entrance to the Gulf, the last great volcano, Rangitoto. This new 2017 edition is being published to coincide with the remake of Islands of the Gulf showing on TV ONE prime-time later this year with Shirley Maddock's daughter, actress and writer, Elisabeth Easther.


Author: Barbara Ewing
ISBN: 9781407401218
Size: 44.90 MB
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Rosetta from the Author: Barbara Ewing. As a child, Rosetta is fascinated by words and loves being told stories. She thinks she is named after Princess Rosetta of the fairytales. But when she finds that it is a small port town in Egypt that gave her her name, her interest in hieroglyphics is born. Years later, when Rose is an older, wiser and sadder woman, it is her love of language that saves her life. The French Revolution; the rise of the power of the English church; the battles for Egypt between the British and the French; the discovery of the hieroglyphs on the Rosetta Stone in that same small port all combine to carry Rose into France and a shared moment with Napoleon Bonaparte, and into the dark, unknown world of North Africa in her search to understand the meaning of words...


Author: John G. Stoffolano Jr.
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1450299288
Size: 36.26 MB
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Tonino from the Author: John G. Stoffolano Jr.. Tonino is a young, curious cricket boy, living with his family in Boston. Life is good for young Tonino, but he suspects there’s more to the world than his own backyard. He wants to learn about foreign cultures, but mostly he wants to learn about his own family roots. He heads to Italy, where he is surprised to meet the famous Blue Fairy, who was friends with Tonino’s ancestor—the cricket guide to Pinocchio. Whereas Tonino’s ancestor was put in charge of young Pinocchio’s conscience, Tonino is given a much more universal conscience. He is charged with the conscience of the world and the well-being of its environment, a big change to his personal journey. No longer is he looking after the story of his family; now he looks after the story of Mother Earth! Suddenly, he is transported on a worldwide adventure ... He heads to Puerto Rico and meets the Ta?no people. He visits a monarch in Mexico and cricket warriors in China. In the American Southwest, he learns about the spirit of the cricket “katsina”; in Hawaii, he encounters Pele’s rage. It’s a lot to take in for the young cricket boy, but ultimately he discovers that seeking his roots is only the beginning in the wide world of biodiversity, cultural diversity, and conservation of both. The boy/cricket is baptized Anthony at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. His parents live in the North End where his mother kept hearing the television advertisement “Anthony, Anthony, It’s Prince Spaghetti Day” so they named him Anthony. “Naming him Anthony was straight forward, but naming him Tonino was at the brilliant suggestion of Dr. William Cooley, retired Northampton Ophthalmologist and avid italophile. Dr. Cooley sent Dr. Stoffolano a short novel by an Italian author named Rodari about a young boy, Tonino, who tries to become invisible so that he could avoid problems with his teacher. Rodari (1920–1980) was one of Italy’s best-known writers of children’s books and the recipient of the Hans Christian Andersen Medal for children’s literature.” Thus, the name and his ability to become invisible are incorporated into the story. In addition to this reference to his nickname, Tonino is a small cricket because he always ate Italian food in the North End and not cricket food. Thus, he also got the name Tonino, which means little Anthony in Italian from Joe Pace who owns and started Joe Pace & Sons Italian Specialities in Boston’s North End. In his novel, Stoffolano establishes the first lineage for this famous cricket family. Tonino’s great, great, great grandfather was Grillo parlante, the talking cricket in the original story Pinocchio. Grillo was also the conscience of Pinocchio and Grillo’s great grandson was the famous Jiminy Cricket in Walt Disney’s classic movie Pinocchio. In this wonderful story about Tonino, the reader sees many different regions of the world through the eyes of this boy/cricket where, through the experiences of Tonino, the reader will learn more about how crickets played various and important roles in different indigenous cultures. Tonino’s charge by the Blue Fairy was to become the conscience of the world when it comes to environmental issues: A heavy responsibility or a small boy/cricket. The importance of cultural diversity, just as important as biodiversity, is stressed and Tonino takes on Dr. E. O. Wilson, one of the greatest thinkers/writers of our generation, as his mentor.