Dutch Studies

Author: P. Brachin
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401175063
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Dutch Studies from the Author: P. Brachin. The language of some eighteen million people living at the junction of the two great cultures of western Europe, Romance and Germanic, is now taught by some 262 teachers at I43 universities outside the Netherlands, ineluding Finland, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Czecho slovakia, Portugal, Japan, Malaysia and South Korea. These teachers obviously need to keep in regular and elose touch with the two countries whose culturallife forms the subject of their courses. Yet the first international congress of Dutch teachers abroad did not take place until the early sixties, since when the Colloquium Neerlandicum has become a triennial event, meeting alternately in the Netherlands and Belgium, in The Hague (I96I and I967), Brussels (I964) Ghent (I970) with the fifth Colloquium planned for Leiden in I973. Financial support from the Dutch and Belgian governments enables the majority of European colleagues, and a number of those from other continents, to attend a conference lasting for four or five days and ineluding discussions of the problems involved in teaching Dutch abroad and papers on various aspects of current Dutch studies of interest to those who are working in a certain degree of isolation abroad. At the first Colloquium a Working Committee of Professors and Lecturers in Dutch studies at Universities abroad was set up.

Four Centuries Of Dutch American Relations

Author: Hans Krabbendam
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9781438430133
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Four Centuries Of Dutch American Relations from the Author: Hans Krabbendam. A comprehensive history of bilateral relations between the Netherlands and the United States.

The Oxford Critical And Cultural History Of Modernist Magazines

Author: Peter Brooker
ISBN: 0199659583
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The Oxford Critical And Cultural History Of Modernist Magazines from the Author: Peter Brooker. The third of three volumes devoted to the cultural history of the modernist magazine in Britain, North America, and Europe, this collection contains fifty-six original essays on the role of 'little magazines' and independent periodicals in Europe in the period 1880-1940. It demonstrates how these publications were instrumental in founding and advancing developments in European modernism and the avant-garde. Expert discussion of approaching 300 magazines, accompanied by an illuminating variety of cover images, from France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal, Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe will significantly extend and strengthen the understanding of modernism and modernity. The chapters are organised into six main sections with contextual introductions specific to national, regional histories, and magazine cultures. Introductions and chapters combine to elucidate the part played by magazines in the broader formations associated with Symbolism, Expressionism, Futurism, Dada, Surrealism, and Constructivism in a period of fundamental social and geo-political change. Individual essays, situated in relation to metropolitan centres bring focussed attention to a range of celebrated and less well-known magazines, including Le Chat Noir, La Revue blanche, Le Festin d'Esope, La Nouvelle Revue Francaise, La Revolution Surrealiste, Documents,De Stijl, Ultra, Lacerba, Energie Nouve, Klingen, Exlex, flamman, Der Blaue Reiter, Der Sturm, Der Dada, Ver Sacrum, Cabaret Voltaire, 391, ReD, Zenit, Ma, Contemporanul, Formisci, Zdroj, Lef ,and Novy Lef . The magazines disclose a world where the material constraints of costs, internal rivalries, and anxieties over censorship ran alongside the excitement of new work, collaboration on a new manifesto and the birth of a new movement. This collection therefore confirms the value of magazine culture to the expanding field of modernist studies, providing a rich and hitherto under-examined resource which helps bring to life the dynamics out of which the modernist avant-garde evolved.

Mark Twain American Humorist

Author: Tracy Wuster
Publisher: University of Missouri Press
ISBN: 0826274110
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Mark Twain American Humorist from the Author: Tracy Wuster. Mark Twain, American Humorist examines the ways that Mark Twain’s reputation developed at home and abroad in the period between 1865 and 1882, years in which he went from a regional humorist to national and international fame. In the late 1860s, Mark Twain became the exemplar of a school of humor that was thought to be uniquely American. As he moved into more respectable venues in the 1870s, especially through the promotion of William Dean Howells in the Atlantic Monthly, Mark Twain muddied the hierarchical distinctions between class-appropriate leisure and burgeoning forms of mass entertainment, between uplifting humor and debased laughter, and between the literature of high culture and the passing whim of the merely popular.

Star Course

Author: Peter Cherches
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9463512039
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Star Course from the Author: Peter Cherches. In the quarter century following the Civil War, “star courses” brought people famous for diverse pursuits before American audiences as lecturers, transforming what had been a largely educational institution into a major form of mainstream popular entertainment. No longer reliant on a rhetoric of uplift that had characterized the more sedate antebellum American lyceum movement exemplified by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Gilded-Age lecture series presented a wider range of individuals—writers, humorists, preachers, actors, scientists, and political activists—to an American public yearning to see and hear the famous and the infamous of all stripes in the flesh. Borrowing the word “star” from the theater, these national lecture tours helped to solidify an already evolving notion of celebrity through emerging public relations techniques and an expanding transportation network that transformed the lecture platform into a pre-electronic form of mass media, prefiguring much of the content of television and radio. Among the lecturers discussed are Mark Twain, the superstar cleric Henry Ward Beecher, cartoonist Thomas Nast, and African explorer Henry Morton Stanley, as well as the 19th wife of Brigham Young. Based on extensive archival research and newspaper accounts of the time, Star Course recaptures a lost chapter in American popular performance history. “In the century before television brought stars into our living rooms, celebrities crisscrossed the nation, bringing entertainment and perspectives to towns large and small. Peter Cherches, through his careful research and engaging prose, brings the stars and impresarios of the nineteenth-century lecture circuit back from the dead and gives us a front-row seat. This is an important book.” – David T.Z. Mindich, author of Just the Facts: How “Objectivity” Came to Define American Journalism and chair of Temple University’s journalism department.

Ethnicity And Sport In North American History And Culture

Author: George Eisen
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 027595451X
Size: 21.48 MB
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Ethnicity And Sport In North American History And Culture from the Author: George Eisen. The editors use the unique lens of the history of sports to examine ethnic experiences in North America since 1840. Comprised of 12 original essays and an Introduction, it chronicles sport as a social institution through which various ethnic and racial groups attempted to find the way to social and psychological acceptance and cultural integration. Included are chapters on Native Americans, Irish-Americans, German-Americans, Canadians, African-Americans, Italian-Americans, Hispanics, and several more, showing how their sports participation also provided these communities with some measure of social mobility, self-esteem, and a shared pride.

Neoclassical History And English Culture

Author: P. Hicks
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230376150
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Neoclassical History And English Culture from the Author: P. Hicks. This book looks at neo-classicism as a context for understanding early-modern English historical writing, and traces the implications of neo-classical history for English political culture at large. By paying close attention to historical genres and audiences, it reassesses both the famous and lesser-known historians of this era, dramatizing them as engaged in a struggle to preserve ancient models of historical composition in the face of a rapidly modernizing society characterized by party politics, print, Christianity, and antiquarian erudition.

Afghanistan History Diplomacy And Journalism

Author: Dr. M. Halim Tanwir
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1479797391
Size: 60.66 MB
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Afghanistan History Diplomacy And Journalism from the Author: Dr. M. Halim Tanwir. The book (Afghanitan: History, Diplomacy and Journalism) you are studying is a summary of my research and work through the continuous years. My aim was to research about the occupation of Afghanistan by Great Britain, Russia and America in the recent centuries & resistance & defeat of Afghan nation journalism and factional publications in Afghanistan and to make research and analysis by using cultural and journalistic method about the historical occurrences from the rise of press up to the contemporary period (twenty first century) to author and publish it. In reality, this book covers the cultural possession of Afghanistan from the end of 19 century 1878/`1257 up to the 2014, America and NATO forces withdraw from Afghanistan.