Married To A Daughter Of The Land

Author: Maria Raquel Casas
Publisher: University of Nevada Press
ISBN: 9780874177787
Size: 75.98 MB
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Married To A Daughter Of The Land from the Author: Maria Raquel Casas. Until recently, most studies of the colonial period of the American West have focused on the activities and agency of men. Now, historian Maria Raquel Casas examines the role of Spanish-Mexican women in the development of California. She finds that, far from being pawns in a male-dominated society, Californianas of all classes were often active and determined creators of their own destinies, finding ways to choose their mates, to leave unsatisfactory marriages, and to maintain themselves economically. Using a wide range of primary and secondary sources in English and Spanish, Casas unveils a picture of women's lives in these critical decades of California's history. She shows how many Spanish-Mexican women negotiated the precarious boundaries of gender and race to choose Euro-American husbands, and what this intermarriage meant to the individuals involved and to the larger multiracial society evolving from Californias's rich Hispanic and Indian past. Casas's discussion ranges from California's burgeoning economy to the intimacies of private households and ethnically mixed families. Here we discover the actions of real women of all classes as they shaped their own identities. Married to a Daughter of the Land is a significant and fascinating contribution to the history of women in the American West and to our understanding of the complex role of gender, race, and class in the Borderlands of the Southwest.

El Cinco De Mayo

Author: David Hayes-Bautista
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520951794
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El Cinco De Mayo from the Author: David Hayes-Bautista. Why is Cinco de Mayo—a holiday commemorating a Mexican victory over the French at Puebla in 1862—so widely celebrated in California and across the United States, when it is scarcely observed in Mexico? As David E. Hayes-Bautista explains, the holiday is not Mexican at all, but rather an American one, created by Latinos in California during the mid-nineteenth century. Hayes-Bautista shows how the meaning of Cinco de Mayo has shifted over time—it embodied immigrant nostalgia in the 1930s, U.S. patriotism during World War II, Chicano Power in the 1960s and 1970s, and commercial intentions in the 1980s and 1990s. Today, it continues to reflect the aspirations of a community that is engaged, empowered, and expanding.

Three Decades Of Engendering History

Author: Antonia I. Castaneda
Publisher: University of North Texas Press
ISBN: 1574415689
Size: 74.20 MB
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Three Decades Of Engendering History from the Author: Antonia I. Castaneda. For over three decades the work of Antonia I. Castañeda has shaped the fields of Western History and Chicana Studies. From her early articles on Chicana representation and political economy, to her most recent work mapping gendered violence and gendered resistance in the history of the U.S. Southwest, her work is consistently taught in classrooms and cited extensively. Yet Castañeda's work has been scattered throughout journals and anthologies, a "paper chase" for historians to track down. Three Decades of Engendering History ends the chase. This volume, edited by Linda Heidenreich, collects ten of Castañeda's best articles, including the widely circulated article "Engendering the History of Alta California, 1769-1848," in which she took a direct and honest look at sex and gender relations in colonial California. Demonstrating that there is no romantic past to which we can turn, she exposed stories of violence against women, as well as stories of survival and resistance. Other articles included are the prize-winning "Women of Color and the Rewriting of Western History," and two recent articles, "Lullabies y Canciones de Cuna" and "La Despedida." The latter two represent Castañeda’s most recent work excavating, mapping, and bringing forth the long and strong post-WWII history of Tejanas. Finally, the volume includes three interviews with Antonia Castañeda, conducted by Luz María Gordillo, that contribute the important narrative of her lived experiences, political perspective, her commitment to initiate and develop scholarship that highlights gender and Chicanas as a legitimate line of inquiry, and her drive to center Chicanas as historical subjects.

Sanctioning Matrimony

Author: Sal Acosta
Publisher: University of Arizona Press
ISBN: 0816532370
Size: 60.67 MB
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Sanctioning Matrimony from the Author: Sal Acosta. "This book examines intermarriage among Mexicans in the Tucson area between 1860 and 1930, shifting the focus away from marriages by the landed elite and onto the working class"--Provided by publisher.

On The Borders Of Love And Power

Author: David Wallace Adams
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520951344
Size: 79.92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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On The Borders Of Love And Power from the Author: David Wallace Adams. Embracing the crossroads that made the region distinctive this book reveals how American families have always been characterized by greater diversity than idealizations of the traditional family have allowed. The essays show how family life figured prominently in relations to larger struggles for conquest and control.


Author: Massimo Mastrogregori
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110251183
Size: 65.29 MB
Format: PDF
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2007 from the Author: Massimo Mastrogregori. Die International Bibliographiy of Historical Sciences verzeichnet jährlich die bedeutendsten Neuerscheinungen geschichtswissenschaftlicher Monographien und Zeitschriftenartikel weltweit, die inhaltlich von der Vor- und Frühgeschichte bis zur jüngsten Vergangenheit reichen. Sie ist damit die derzeit einzige laufende Bibliographie dieser Art, die thematisch, zeitlich und geographisch ein derart breites Spektrum abdeckt. Innerhalb der systematischen Gliederung nach Zeitalter, Region oder historischer Disziplin sind die Werke nach Autorennamen oder charakteristischem Titelhauptwort aufgelistet.

West Of Sex

Author: Pablo Mitchell
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226532739
Size: 36.15 MB
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West Of Sex from the Author: Pablo Mitchell. Sex can be an oppressive force, a tool to shame, divide, and control a population. But it can also be a force for change, for the legal and physical challenge of inequity and injustice. In West of Sex, Pablo Mitchell uses court transcripts and criminal cases to provide the first coherent picture of Mexican-American sexuality at the turn of the twentieth century, and a truly revelatory look at sexual identity in the borderlands. As Mexicans faced a rising tide of racial intolerance in the American West, some found cracks in the legal system that enabled them to assert their rights as full citizens, despite institutional hostility. In these chapters, Mitchell offers a rare glimpse into the inner workings of ethnicity and power in the United States, placing ordinary Mexican women and men at the center of the story of American sex, colonialism, and belonging. Other chapters discuss topics like prostitution, same-sex intimacy, sexual violence, interracial romance, and marriage with an impressive level of detail and complexity. Written in vivid and accessible prose, West of Sex offers readers a new vision of sex and race in American history.

Latinos And Latinas At Risk Issues In Education Health Community And Justice 2 Volumes

Author: Gabriel Gutiérrez
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313399263
Size: 50.79 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Latinos And Latinas At Risk Issues In Education Health Community And Justice 2 Volumes from the Author: Gabriel Gutiérrez. This two-volume collection of essays addresses the Latino/a experience in present-day America, covering six major areas of importance: education, health, family, children, teens, and violence. • Provides information from authoritative sources and data based on recent research • Includes ancillary tables, figures, and statistics for visual support • Features thoughtful questions and reflections on the chapters that support readers' further exploration of the topics • Shares some first-hand accounts and autobiographies along with selected interviews

Spring 2011

Author: Logaranee Gunaratnam
Publisher: University of Nevada Press
Size: 46.12 MB
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Spring 2011 from the Author: Logaranee Gunaratnam.

The Oxford Handbook Of American Immigration And Ethnicity

Author: Ronald H. Bayor
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190612886
Size: 50.11 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Oxford Handbook Of American Immigration And Ethnicity from the Author: Ronald H. Bayor. Scholarship on immigration to America is a coin with two sides: it asks both how America changed immigrants, and how they changed America. Were the immigrants uprooted from their ancestral homes, leaving everything behind, or were they transplanted, bringing many aspects of their culture with them? Although historians agree with the transplantation concept, the notion of the melting pot, which suggests a complete loss of the immigrant culture, persists in the public mind. The Oxford Handbook of American Immigration and Ethnicity bridges this gap and offers a comprehensive and nuanced survey of American racial and ethnic development, assessing the current status of historical research and simultaneously setting the goals for future investigation. Early immigration historians focused on the European migration model, and the ethnic appeal of politicians such as Fiorello La Guardia and James Michael Curley in cities with strong ethno-political histories like New York and Boston. But the story of American ethnicity goes far beyond Ellis Island. Only after the 1965 Immigration Act and the increasing influx of non-Caucasian immigrants, scholars turned more fully to the study of African, Asian and Latino migrants to America. This Handbook brings together thirty eminent scholars to describe the themes, methodologies, and trends that characterize the history and current debates on American immigration. The Handbook's trenchant chapters provide compelling analyses of cutting-edge issues including identity, whiteness, borders and undocumented migration, immigration legislation, intermarriage, assimilation, bilingualism, new American religions, ethnicity-related crime, and pan-ethnic trends. They also explore the myth of "model minorities" and the contemporary resurgence of anti-immigrant feelings. A unique contribution to the field of immigration studies, this volume considers the full racial and ethnic unfolding of the United States in its historical context.