Maoism Democracy And Globalisation

Author: Ajay Gudavarthy
Publisher: SAGE Publications India
ISBN: 9351500918
Size: 48.96 MB
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Maoism Democracy And Globalisation from the Author: Ajay Gudavarthy. Maoism, democracy and globalization are three distinct but inseparable currents marking Indian politics today. They are distinct in terms of their goals, direction, and modalities of forging social, political, economic and even cultural change, while mutually influencing each other in the emergent political process. This book is an attempt to precisely map processes that are internal to each of these currents while exploring and identifying the moments of mutual influence, areas of conflict and mutually exclusive pulls they bring to the contemporary politics in India.

Social Movements And The State In India

Author: Kenneth Nielsen
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137591331
Size: 38.33 MB
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Social Movements And The State In India from the Author: Kenneth Nielsen. Questions of the extent to which social movements are capable of deepening democracy in India lie at the heart of this book. In particular, the authors ask how such movements can enhance the political capacities of subaltern groups and thereby enable them to contest and challenge marginality, stigma, and exploitation. The work addresses these questions through detailed empirical analyses of contemporary fields of protest in Indian society – ranging from gender and caste to class and rights-based legislation. Drawing on the original research of a variety of emerging and established international scholars, the volume contributes to an engaged dialogue on the prospects for democratizing Indian democracy in a context where neoliberal reforms fuel a contradictory process of uneven development.

Globalization And Cultural Trends In China

Author: Kang Liu
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
ISBN: 9780824827595
Size: 19.91 MB
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Globalization And Cultural Trends In China from the Author: Kang Liu. In this timely work, Liu Kang argues that globalization in China is both a historical condition in which the country's gaige kaifang (reform and opening up) has unfolded and a set of values or ideologies by which it and the rest of the globe are judged. Moreover, globalization signals a significant ascendancy of culture. Liu examines China's current ideological struggles in political discourse, intellectual debate, popular culture, avant-garde literature, the news media, and the internet. With careful textual analysis and observation informed by critical theories and cultural studies, he offers a forceful critique of the Chinese version of globalism that privileges economic development at the expense of social justice and equality.

Globalisation And Governance In India

Author: Harihar Bhattacharyya
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317526384
Size: 20.53 MB
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Globalisation And Governance In India from the Author: Harihar Bhattacharyya. This book examines the impact of globalization on some vital aspects of Indian politics, its structures and processes, and identifies the challenges to globalization itself, in order to highlight India’s complex and fascinating story. In 1991, India officially embraced the policy of neo-liberal reforms by signing the GATT agreement, which exposed the country, its society, culture and institutions to the various forces of globalization. Globalization as such may not be new to India, for the country has been embracing the influence of external cultures and civilisations for millennia, but the post-1991 reforms policy marked a significant shift, from a predominantly social welfare state and a command economy to a predominantly market driven one. Through a range of disciplinary perspectives, the authors analyse how India’s version of secularism, communal harmony, nationhood, the public sphere, social justice, and the rights of aboriginal communities came under attack from the forces of the new dispensation. The book goes on to show how globalisation in India has posed fresh challenges to political economy, democracy, federalism, decentralization, parliamentary system, judiciary, and the parliamentary Left. Critically reflecting on themes in the context of India’s globalisation that are local, regional, national and global, this book will be of interest to those in the fields of South Asian Politics, Globalisation, and International Relations.


Author: Charles C. Lemert
ISBN: 9780415464772
Size: 51.56 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Globalization from the Author: Charles C. Lemert. Globalization offers a unique compilation of the major statements - drawn from a variety of historical periods, political contexts, intellectual perspectives and academic disciplines - on the globalization debate. Anthony Elliott and Charles Lemert expertly guide the reader through the complex terrain of globalization - its engaging histories, transnational economies, multiple cultures and cosmopolitan politics. There is no other book that manages to wrap together the historical and contemporary, the academic and public, debates as...

The Lexus And The Olive Tree

Author: Thomas L. Friedman
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 9781429994286
Size: 12.87 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Lexus And The Olive Tree from the Author: Thomas L. Friedman. A brilliant investigation of globalization, the most significant socioeconomic trend in the world today, and how it is affecting everything we do-economically, politically, and culturally-abroad and at home. As foreign affairs columnist for The New York Times, Thomas L. Friedman crisscrosses the globe talking with the world's economic and political leaders, and reporting, as only he can, on what he sees. Now he has used his years of experience as a reporter and columnist to produce a pithy, trenchant, riveting look at the worldwide market forces that are driving today's economies and how they are playing out both internationally and locally. Globalization is the technologically driven expression of free-market capitalism, and as such is essentially an American creation. It has irrevocably changed the way business is done and has raised living standards throughout the world. But powerful local forces-of religion, race, ethnicity, and cultural identity-are in competition with technology for the hearts and minds of their societies. Finding the proper balance between the Lexus and the olive tree is the great game of globalization-and the ultimate theme of Friedman's challenging, provocative book, essential reading for all who care about how the world really works.

The Global Trap

Author: Hans-Peter Martin
Size: 57.48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Global Trap from the Author: Hans-Peter Martin.

China And Globalization

Author: Doug Guthrie
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 0415949912
Size: 58.10 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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China And Globalization from the Author: Doug Guthrie. China and Globalization is a compact, accessible, introductory text on contemporary China and the massive changes it is presently undergoing. It focuses primarily on the ways that economic restructuring is driving the processes, but discusses many other issues as well: politics, social change, reform, international economics, and cultural change. Doug Guthrie covers the social, economic, and political factors responsible for China's revolutionary changes, and interweaves this broader structural analysis with a consideration of social changes at the micro and macro levels. Considering the potential for further change, the book debates the questions: will China become more democratic? Will the government become more serious about protecting human rights and creating a transparent legal system? How will China's explosive growth impact both East Asia and the larger global economy? This is a sophisticated, definitive, yet compact overview of the effects of massive social, economic, and political reforms on the most populous nation in the world.

Politics Of Post Civil Society

Author: Ajay Gudavarthy
Publisher: SAGE Publications India
ISBN: 8132113225
Size: 55.47 MB
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Politics Of Post Civil Society from the Author: Ajay Gudavarthy. Civil Society has emerged as one of the most celebrated concept of the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries. It offers practices that are the means and certain normative ideals that are the ends to be achieved for the preservation of democracy and expansion of the process of democratization. When available practices fail, reasons have been sought in the ideals being too lofty, and when the ideals looked minimalist, the blame has been shifted to the nature of practices being free-floating and bereft of definitive borders. Politics of Post-Civil Society is an attempt to map the discourse and politics of contemporary political movements in India that have been negotiating with the hegemonic effects born out of the insidious co-habitation of political principles and practices in the domain referred to as the civil society. In course of constructing the political landscape of these movements, the book foregrounds the various strategies through which they are pushing and nudging towards a new politics of post-civil society.