Managing Frontiers In Qing China

Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004335005
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Managing Frontiers In Qing China from the Author: . This volume offers a comprehensive overview of the Lifanyuan and Libu, revising and assessing the state of affairs in the under-researched field of these two institutions. The contributors explore the imperial policies towards and the shifting classifications of minority groups in the Qing Empire. This volume offers insight into how China's past has continued to inform its modern policies, as well as the geopolitical make-up of East Asia and beyond.

The Qing Empire And The Opium War

Author: Mao Haijian
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107069874
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The Qing Empire And The Opium War from the Author: Mao Haijian. The Opium War of 1839-43, the first military conflict to take place between China and the West, is a subject of enduring interest. Mao Haijian, one of the most distinguished and well-known historians working in China, presents the culmination of more than ten years of research in a revisionist reading of the conflict and its main Chinese protagonists. Mao examines the Qing participants in terms of the moral standards and intellectual norms of their own time, demonstrating that actions which have struck later observers as ridiculous can be understood as reasonable within these individuals' own context. This English-language translation of Mao's work offers a comprehensive response to the question of why the Qing Empire was so badly defeated by the British in the first Opium War - an answer that is distinctive and original within both Chinese and Western historiography, and supported by a wealth of hitherto unknown detail.

History As Propaganda

Author: John Powers
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199883971
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History As Propaganda from the Author: John Powers. Despite Chinese efforts to stop foreign countries from granting him visas, the Dalai Lama has become one of the most recognizable and best loved people on the planet, drawing enormous crowds wherever he goes. By contrast, China's charismatically-challenged leaders attract crowds of protestors waving Tibetan flags and shouting "Free Tibet!" whenever they visit foreign countries. By now most Westerners probably think they understand the political situation in Tibet. But, John Powers argues, most Western scholars of Tibet evince a bias in favor of one side or the other in this continuing struggle. Some of the most emotionally charged rhetoric, says Powers, is found in studies of Tibetan history. narratives.

From Frontier Policy To Foreign Policy

Author: Matthew Mosca
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 0804785384
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From Frontier Policy To Foreign Policy from the Author: Matthew Mosca. Between the mid-eighteenth and mid-nineteenth centuries, Qing rulers, officials, and scholars fused diverse, fragmented perceptions of foreign territory into one integrated worldview. In the same period, a single "foreign" policy emerged as an alternative to the many localized "frontier" policies hitherto pursued on the coast, in Xinjiang, and in Tibet. By unraveling Chinese, Manchu, and British sources to reveal the information networks used by the Qing empire to gather intelligence about its emerging rival, British India, this book explores China's altered understanding of its place in a global context. Far from being hobbled by a Sinocentric worldview, Qing China's officials and scholars paid close attention to foreign affairs. To meet the growing British threat, they adapted institutional practices and geopolitical assumptions to coordinate a response across their maritime and inland borderlands. In time, the new and more active response to Western imperialism built on this foundation reshaped not only China's diplomacy but also the internal relationship between Beijing and its frontiers.

Vulnerability Of Land Systems In Asia

Author: Ademola K. Braimoh
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118854918
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Vulnerability Of Land Systems In Asia from the Author: Ademola K. Braimoh. This book provides a comprehensive yet accessible overview of land systems vulnerability assessment in Asia - fundamental to the understanding of the link between global change, environmental sustainability and human wellbeing. The extent and intensity of human interactions with the environment have increased spectacularly since the Industrial Revolution. Thus, the global change research community and development practitioners increasingly recognize the need to address the adverse consequences of changes taking place in the structure and function of the biosphere and the implications for society. With a focus on Asia, this book provides an overview of the vulnerability of land systems and the subsequent multiple stressors in this region. The book offers a discussion surrounding the potential causal processes that affect land systems vulnerability and our capacity to cope with different perturbations. It also identifies factors that help to integrate vulnerability assessment into policy and decision-making. • Addresses the complex issues arising from human–environment interactions that cannot be satisfactorily dealt with by core disciplinary methods alone. • Key coverage of a variety of topics from the vulnerability of smallholder agriculture and urban systems to the impact of socioeconomic processes at the sub-regional level. • Coverage of the causal processes that affect land systems vulnerability and capacity to cope with different perturbations are documented. • Focus on integrating vulnerability assessment into policies and decision-making • Includes contributions from leading academics in the field.

China S Cultural Heritage

Author: Richard Joseph Smith
Publisher: Westview Pr
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China S Cultural Heritage from the Author: Richard Joseph Smith. In this extensively revised and expanded edition, Richard Smith draws upon the enormous amount of new scholarship that has appeared in the last decade on one of the most dynamic and sophisticated of China’s dynasties. Employing the pinyin system of transliteration for this edition, the author has enriched the historical dimension and deepened his analysis of both philosophical diversity and popular culture. He gives special attention to gender issues, and provides fresh perspectives on all aspects of China’s enduring cultural tradition, from daily life, mythology, religion, and philosophy, to divination, food, music, festivals, child-rearing, and sexual practices.

China Marches West

Author: Peter C Perdue
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674016842
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China Marches West from the Author: Peter C Perdue. Perdue illuminates how China came to rule Central Eurasia and how it justifies that control, what holds the Chinese nation together, and how its relations with the Islamic world and Mongolia developed. He offers valuable comparisons to other colonial empires and discusses the legacy left by China's frontier expansion.

Daily Report

Author: United States. Foreign Broadcast Information Service
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Daily Report from the Author: United States. Foreign Broadcast Information Service.