Love After War

Author: TĂ© Russ
ISBN: 1329452550
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Love After War from the Author: TĂ© Russ.

Love After War

Author: Cheris Hodges
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 075827663X
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Love After War from the Author: Cheris Hodges. Count on Cheris Hodges to deliver a sassy, sexy romantic read. --Farrah Rochon, author of Always and Forever When club owner Adrian Bryant discovers his biological father is hotel magnate Elliot Crawford, his life unravels. Shunned by Crawford while he and his mother struggled, Adrian hatches a high-profile plan to destroy the Crawford name--and the reputations of his two half-brothers. But to shield the woman he loves from the hell he intends to unleash, Adrian has to let her go. Photographer Dana Singleton is heartbroken and confused by Adrian's behavior. But just when she's given up on their relationship, she begins to discover the truth--and a dark side of Adrian she never knew existed. As the stakes get higher, she will have to ask herself if she can love a man who is capable of such vengeance--or if he can learn to forgive. . . "Hodges makes magic with this troupe." --Publishers Weekly on His Sexy Bad Habit "A fun and romantic story. . .Recipe for Desire has a touch of drama, humor and lots of sensual tension to keep readers turning page after page." --APOOO BookClub on Recipe for Desire "Hodges does a wonderful job of writing stories that have a positive message underneath all that passion. Great read!" --Urban Reviews on Recipe for Desire

Motherhood In Mexican Cinema 1941 1991

Author: Isabel Arredondo
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476602387
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Motherhood In Mexican Cinema 1941 1991 from the Author: Isabel Arredondo. How were femininity and motherhood understood in Mexican cinema from the 1940s to the early 1990s? Film analysis, interviews with filmmakers, academic articles and film reviews from newspapers are used to answer the question and trace the changes in such depictions. Images of mothers in films by so-called third-wave filmmakers (Busi Cortes, Maria Novaro, Dana Rotberg and Marisa Sistach) are contrasted with those in Mexican classical films (1935-1950) and films from the 1970s and 1980s. There are some surprising conclusions. The most important restrictions in the depiction of mothers in classical cinema came not from the strict sexual norms of the 1940s but in reactions to women shown as having autonomous identities. Also, in contrast to classical films, third-wave films show a woman's problems within a social dimension, making motherhood political--in relation not to militancy within the left but to women's issues. Third-wave films approach the problems of Latin American society as those of individuals differentiated by gender, sexuality and ethnicity; in such films mothers are citizens directly affected by laws, economic policies and cultural beliefs.

Billionaire Romance

Author: Kathleen Hope
ISBN: 1508063311
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Billionaire Romance from the Author: Kathleen Hope. She pulled him up into a lip-locked kiss, nodding when she felt his cock brush against her, touch questioning. He entered her and made her feel full. She hadn’t even seen him put on the condom, and she had never been better prepared for sex than she was that evening. Months of pressure she hadn’t even begun to suspect was building up inside her was let loose, every muscle relaxed and ready to follow the steady rhythm their bodies fell into as naturally as sleep. Later she would marvel that she had entirely forgotten...

Love Stories Of World War Ii

Author: Larry King
Publisher: Crown Pub
ISBN: 9780609607237
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Love Stories Of World War Ii from the Author: Larry King. Shares the stories of thirty-three couples who met and fell in love during World War II, offering a view of the personal side of the wartime experience and the legacy of relationships forged in the midst of tragedy.

From The Horrors Of World War Ii To A Great Love Story

Author: Edith V. Landis
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1553956524
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From The Horrors Of World War Ii To A Great Love Story from the Author: Edith V. Landis. "I was one of the first seven German war brides to receive permission to come to the United States to marry an ex-GI after World War II. I was the first German war bride to come to Pennsylvania. It was such a happy moment when I was finally reunited with my fiancé, Ardell L Landis, who I would marry a short time later. Because there was so much attention given to World War II in the last few years, I was asked to speak at several historical societies and also had several speaking engagements at schools and churches. Everyone that heard my story encouraged me to write a book. This work is a product of that encouragement. This is a true story of my life in Germany during the Hitler Regime, World War II, six years of blackouts and air raids, and the last battle of Berlin by Russian troops. This is also the story of how I met my husband and our struggle to get through all the red tape for me to come to the United States so that we could be married. My story, unlike some others, had a happy ending. Since coming to the United States so long ago I have lived a full and happy life, but I will never forget the war and those horrible times. It is my hope that with this book I can give people a glimpse into that time in history so that my experience can speak for so many others. This is my story." Edith V. Landis

Thanks For The Memories

Author: Jane Mersky Leder
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275988791
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Thanks For The Memories from the Author: Jane Mersky Leder. The collective consciousness of World War II revolved around the virtues of bravery, sacrifice, and commitment. Members of the Greatest Generation toed political and social lines in hopes of winning the war. They fell into lockstep, not asking many questions and breaking few social and sexual mores. Or did they? In fact, World War II, like all wars, was an era of sexual experimentation and a general loosening of morals. During this time of conflicting emotions and messages, of great sacrifice, and of discovery, some groups, especially women, experienced a relaxing of bonds that had kept them in check. "Thanks for the Memories: Love, Sex, and World War II" is the true story of how that generation responded to the fervor of war and how those passions changed their livesand the relationships between the sexesforever. But this book is more than that. As Jane Mersky Leder writes, "Thanks for the Memories" opens the hearts and memories of a generation that is dying, by one estimate, at the rate of more than 1,000 a day. It not only exposes the Greatest Generation s sexual and romantic escapades, it underscores how those four war years revolutionized relationships (including those between gays) and helped set the stage for the second wave of the women s liberation movement. Many who never thought their stories mattered, Leder writes, now feel the pull of limited time, and the importance of leaving an accurate account for their children and grandchildren of what it was like to be a young man or young woman during World War II. This is their collective story. "

Love Beyond War

Author: Carol Cherry Anderson
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
ISBN: 1625164432
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Love Beyond War from the Author: Carol Cherry Anderson. Love Beyond War is the sequel to Love Transcends War. Inspired by true stories, this book continues the adventures of three generations of a family torn apart by war. Bob, the hero of the first book, was seriously injured at Pearl Harbor and is still trying to put his life back together. Lingering amnesia and identity theft haunt him. He undergoes occasional flashbacks, although most of his life over the last three decades in Hawaii has been fulfilling. He and his beloved late wife, Ming, had four children, who also deal with challenges. With the Vietnam War raging, readers meet Matthew, the son Bob has never met. Barbara, whom Bob doesn’t remember, was his short-term fiancée before he joined the military. She has just told him about Matthew, who struggles to stay alive on the battlefield where he is seriously injured and exposed to Agent Orange. Will his life end there? Impetuous Jenny has faced many challenges, including being kidnapped and abused by a rogue group in Kenya where she works with an agency helping orphaned and abused children. Her past includes being a student at UC Berkeley, an anti-war protestor, and living on the streets of San Francisco during the 1960s. See how they search for healing after war.

Dearest Letty

Author: Leland Duvall
Publisher: University of Arkansas Press
ISBN: 1610754921
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Dearest Letty from the Author: Leland Duvall. DivLeland Duvall was a member of the 85th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron from 1942 to 1945. After the war, he pursued a career in journalism and wrote for several Arkansas newspapers, Gazette./div

Nancy Love And The Wasp Ferry Pilots Of World War Ii

Author: Sarah Byrn Rickman
Publisher: University of North Texas Press
ISBN: 1574412418
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Nancy Love And The Wasp Ferry Pilots Of World War Ii from the Author: Sarah Byrn Rickman. She flew the swift P-51 and the capricious P-38, but the heavy, four-engine B-17 bomber and C-54 transport were her forte. This is the story of Nancy Harkness Love who, early in World War II, recruited and led the first group of twenty-eight women to fly military aircraft for the U.S. Army. When the United States entered World War II, the Army needed pilots to transport or "ferry" its combat-bound aircraft across the United States for overseas deployment and its trainer airplanes to flight training bases. Most male pilots were assigned to combat preparation, leaving few available for ferrying jobs. Into this vacuum stepped Nancy Love and her civilian Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS). Love had advocated using women as ferry pilots as early as 1940. Jackie Cochran envisioned a more ambitious plan, to train women to perform a variety of the military's flight-related jobs stateside. The Army implemented both programs in the fall of 1942, but Jackie's idea piqued General Hap Arnold's interest and, by summer 1943, her concept had won. The women's programs became one under the name Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), with Cochran as the Director of Women Pilots and Love as the Executive for WASP. Nancy Love believed that the women attached to the military needed to be on equal footing with the men and given the same opportunities to prove their abilities and mettle. Young women serving today as combat pilots owe much to Love for creating the opportunity for women to serve. Her foresight and tenacity nearly seventy years ago helped ensure their future. Now author Sarah Byrn Rickman, aviation historian, presents the first full-length biography of Nancy Love and her role in the WAFS and WASP programs, Her book will appeal to all with a love of flight.