Louisiana Breakdown

Author: Lucius Shepard
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 057509124X
Size: 70.45 MB
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Louisiana Breakdown from the Author: Lucius Shepard. Jack Mustaine discovers Grail, Louisiana, when the BMW he "borrowed" to leave L.A. breaks down outside the town. The sheriff nearly scams him out of the car before Grail's top dog, Joe Dill, comes to the rescue. Then Dill brings Jack to Le Bon Chance saloon, where Jack starts wondering whether he was rescued. After luscious Vida Dumars takes him home, he starts doubting his sanity. Vida's a prodigious lay, and Jack thinks he's in love, but tomorrow is St. John's Eve, when the new Midsummer Queen will be chosen by the Good Gray Man, and outgoing MQ Vida has to pass the scepter to a 10-year-old. Plenty of people tell Jack to get Vida out of town beforehand, and he wants to, but . . .

Discography Of Western Swing And Hot String Bands 1928 1942

Author: Cary Ginell
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313311161
Size: 56.56 MB
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Discography Of Western Swing And Hot String Bands 1928 1942 from the Author: Cary Ginell. The result of years of research by its authors, this discography strives to identify and trace the recorded development of the musical style now known as western swing from its early years through World War II. The style developed from the Texas string band tradition, growing from a fiddle and guitar duo into full swing band groups, and along the way, it drew from and absorbed a variety of other musical styles, thus making it one of the most diverse genres in American music. Through exhaustive research and interviews, Ginell and Coffey have provided the most complete and comprehensive listing of pre-War western swing and hot string band recordings to date.

Louisiana Tort Law

Author: Frank L. Maraist
Publisher: LexisNexis
ISBN: 157911945X
Size: 78.75 MB
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Louisiana Tort Law from the Author: Frank L. Maraist. Thoroughly updated, Lousiana Tort Law is the first book to treat comprehensively tort theory and practice in Louisiana. Cited over 140 times in Louisiana case law and law reviews over the last 4 years, the publication provides discussion and analysis of all significant post-1996 jurisprudence on Louisiana's civil justice reform. Covering all major areas of tort theory and practice in the state, the authors include detailed coverage of intentional torts, negligence, strict liability, absolute liability, and defenses. This eBook features links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Cajun Breakdown

Author: Ryan Andre Brasseaux
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199711314
Size: 77.74 MB
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Cajun Breakdown from the Author: Ryan Andre Brasseaux. In 1946, Harry Choates, a Cajun fiddle virtuoso, changed the course of American musical history when his recording of the so-called Cajun national anthem "Jole Blon" reached number four on the national Billboard charts. Cajun music became part of the American consciousness for the first time thanks to the unprecedented success of this issue, as the French tune crossed cultural, ethnic, racial, and socio-economic boundaries. Country music stars Moon Mullican, Roy Acuff, Bob Wills, and Hank Snow rushed into the studio to record their own interpretations of the waltz-followed years later by Waylon Jennings and Bruce Springsteen. The cross-cultural musical legacy of this plaintive waltz also paved the way for Hank Williams Sr.'s Cajun-influenced hit "Jamabalaya." Choates' "Jole Blon" represents the culmination of a centuries-old dialogue between the Cajun community and the rest of America. Joining into this dialogue is the most thoroughly researched and broadly conceived history of Cajun music yet published, Cajun Breakdown. Furthermore, the book examines the social and cultural roots of Cajun music's development through 1950 by raising broad questions about the ethnic experience in America and nature of indigenous American music. Since its inception, the Cajun community constantly refashioned influences from the American musical landscape despite the pressures of marginalization, denigration, and poverty. European and North American French songs, minstrel tunes, blues, jazz, hillbilly, Tin Pan Alley melodies, and western swing all became part of the Cajun musical equation. The idiom's synthetic nature suggests an extensive and intensive dialogue with popular culture, extinguishing the myth that Cajuns were an isolated folk group astray in the American South. Ryan Andr? Brasseaux's work constitutes a bold and innovative exploration of a forgotten chapter in America's musical odyssey.

Louisiana Bulletin

Author: Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station
Size: 27.66 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Louisiana Bulletin from the Author: Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station.

The Year S Best Science Fiction Twenty First Annual Collection

Author: Gardner Dozois
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1429903848
Size: 63.12 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Year S Best Science Fiction Twenty First Annual Collection from the Author: Gardner Dozois. The stories in this collection imaginatively take readers far across the universe, into the very core of their beings, to the realm of the Gods, and to the moment just after now. Included are the works of masters of the form and the bright new talents of tomorrow. This book is a valuable resource in addition to serving as the single best place in the universe to find stories that stir the imagination and the heart.

The Mammoth Book Of The Best Of Best New Sf

Author: Gardner Dozois
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1849015406
Size: 20.61 MB
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The Mammoth Book Of The Best Of Best New Sf from the Author: Gardner Dozois. Hugo Award-winning editor Gardner Dozois' annual anthology has long been considered the standard by which other best-of-the-year SF collections are judged. After two decades' worth of superlative science fiction, Dozois now presents a retrospective compilation culling from the last 20 years. Here under one banner is some of the finest work by the genre's leading authors, with a star-studded list of contributors that features among others: Stephen Baxter, Greg Bear, William Gibson, Terry Bisson, Greg Egan, Ursula K. Le Guin, Robert Reed, Robert Silverberg, Bruce Sterling , Charles Stross, Michael Swanwick, Gene Wolfe. A number of the selections are now considered classics. Some notable stories include: 'Blood Music', Greg Bear's Hugo-winning exploration of nanotechnology. 'Bears Discover Fire', Terry Bisson's tongue-in-cheek consideration of future ursine evolution. 'The Left Hand of Darkness', Ursula K. Le Guin's coming-of-age SF tale. 'The Winter Market', in which William Gibson returns to the subject that made him a cultural icon, cyberpunk. With work spanning two decades, this is the most significant science fiction short story anthology published in years.