The Political Influence Of Queen Victoria 1861 1901

Author: Frank Hardie
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780714614816
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The Political Influence Of Queen Victoria 1861 1901 from the Author: Frank Hardie. First Published in 1963. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Masters And Commanders

Author: Andrew Roberts
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141937858
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Masters And Commanders from the Author: Andrew Roberts. Masters and Commanders describes how four titanic figures shaped the grand strategy of the West during the Second World War. Each was exceptionally tough-willed and strong minded, and each was certain that he knew best how to win the war. Yet each knew that he had to win at least two of the others over in order to get his strategy adopted. The book traces the mutual suspicion and admiration, the rebuffs and the charm, the often explosive disagreements and wary reconciliations which resulted.

Parliamentary Government In England Works Of Harold J Laski

Author: Harold J. Laski
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131758662X
Size: 36.38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Parliamentary Government In England Works Of Harold J Laski from the Author: Harold J. Laski. This volume, originally published in 1938 can be read by anyone with an interest in the evolution of the institution of government in England and how the workings of some parts of it particularly relate to the problems of the first half of the twentieth century.


Author: Jürgen Lotz
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3644533113
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Victoria from the Author: Jürgen Lotz. Rowohlt E-Book Monographie Queen Victoria wurde einst als «Großmutter Europas» bezeichnet, und sie war das Symbol britischer Weltmachtgeltung wie eine Repräsentantin bürgerlicher Ordnung und Wohlfahrt. Doch zeigt die Analyse der fast 64 Jahre ihrer Regierung einen Menschen von höchst zwiespältiger Natur, dem es nie gelang, die stürmischen Entwicklungen seiner Zeit mit den eigenen Vorstellungen in Übereinstimmung zu bringen. Gleichwohl hat Victoria der englischen Monarchie nicht nur ihre Würde zurückgegeben, sondern deren Substanz unter veränderten Bedingungen neu befestigt. Diese kurze Biographie porträtiert Königin Victoria und würdigt ihre Lebensleistung vor dem Hintergrund der viktorianischen Epoche. Das Bildmaterial der Printausgabe ist in diesem E-Book nicht enthalten.

The Plans Of War

Author: John Gooch
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317388828
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The Plans Of War from the Author: John Gooch. This book’s contribution to the discussion on the origin’s of the First World War is a pioneering study of both the British General Staff and the evolution of military strategy in the period immediately prior to the war. It describes the development of the General Staff, Britain’s agency for strategic planning, and goes on to give an account of its role in devising strategy. Problems are examined as they arose at grass-roots level in the War Office and progressed upward towards the Cabinet. The complex cross-currents involving the Admiralty, Foreign Office, Treasury and individuals from Edward VII downwards are charted. The account covers British military policy up to 1916, interpreting the Gallipoli campaign and explanation for its failure.

The Fall And Rise Of The Stately Home

Author: Peter Mandler
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300078695
Size: 37.17 MB
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The Fall And Rise Of The Stately Home from the Author: Peter Mandler. How much do the English really care about this stately homes? In this path-breaking and wide-ranging account of the changing fortunes and status of the stately homes of England over the past two centuries, Peter Mandler melds social, cultural, artistic and political perspectives and reveals much about the relationship of the nation to its past and its traditional ruling elite. Challenging the prevailing view of a modern English culture besotted with its history and its aristocracy, Mandler portrays instead a continuously changing and modernizing society in which both popular and intellectual attitudes towards the aristocracy - and its stately homes - have veered from selective appreciation to outright hostility, and only recently to thoroughgoing admiration. With great panache, Mandler adds the missing pieces to the story of the country house. Going beyond its architects and its owners, he brings to centre stage a much wider cast of characters - aristocratic entrepreneurs, anti-aristocratic politicians, campaigning conservationists, ordinary sightseers, and votersand a scenario full of incident and of local and national colour. He traces attitudes towards stately homes, beginning in the first half of the nineteenth century when public feeling about the aristocracy was mixed and divided, and criticism of the 'foreign' and 'exclusive' image of the aristocratic country house was widespread. At the same time, interest grew in those older houses that symbolized an olden time of imagined national harmony. The Victorian period saw also the first mass tourist industry, and a strong popular demand emerged for the right to visit all the stately homes. By the 1880s, however, hostility towards the aristocracy made appreciation of any country house politically treacherous, and interest in aristocratic heritage declined steadily for sixty years. Only after 1945, when the aristocracy was no longer seen as a threat, was a gentle revival of the stately homes possible, Mandler contends, and only since the 1970s has that revival become a triumphant appreciation. He enters the current debate with a discussion of how far people today - and tomorrow - are willing to see the aristocracy's heritage as their own.