The Long Ride

Author: Bonnie Bryant
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1497653835
Size: 16.61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Long Ride from the Author: Bonnie Bryant. School’s out, and three horse-crazy best friends promise to have the best summer ever Before Lisa Atwood, Stevie Lake, and Carole Hanson become high school juniors in the fall, the girls have a busy summer ahead. Lisa is spending every waking minute with her boyfriend, Alex—who’s also Stevie’s twin brother—until she leaves to visit her dad and his new family in California. Stevie just got her driver’s license, and when she isn’t delivering pizza, she’s hanging out with her boyfriend, Phil Marsten. And Carole is working long hours at Pine Hollow Stables—for the horses and for Ben Marlow, the mysterious stable hand who’s just as horse crazy as she is. But everything changes when the new girl arrives in town with a champion horse in tow. Will Lisa, Stevie, and Carole’s friendship ever be the same again?

The Bicycling Big Book Of Training

Author: Danielle Kosecki
Publisher: Rodale
ISBN: 1623362997
Size: 50.40 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Bicycling Big Book Of Training from the Author: Danielle Kosecki. The Bicycling Big Book of Training is an encouraging, focused training book that will speak to beginner and intermediate cyclists without making them feel like novices. It covers all the information the reader needs to begin an effective training regimen. The book is divided into five sections that are then broken into miniguides for various cycling training disciplines. Cyclists will learn about how the body becomes fit and how that fitness translates to on-the-bike performance, while discovering the components of a successful training plan, including nutrition. Furthermore, riding disciplines such as road racing, endurance events, cyclocross, mountain biking, and track are discussed at length so readers can figure out which activities are right for them. The Bicycling Big Book of Training is an excellent guide for anyone who wants to learn more about cycling and take their performance to the next level.

Centered Riding 2

Author: Sally Swift
Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books
ISBN: 1570767033
Size: 79.39 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Centered Riding 2 from the Author: Sally Swift. Centered Riding is not a style of riding as are dressage, hunter seat, or Western. Rather, it is a way of reeducating a rider’s mind and body to achieve greater balance in order to better communicate with the horse. Founder Sally Swift revolutionized riding by showing that good use of the human body makes a world of difference on horseback. Early in her work, she established what she calls the “Four Basics” — centering, breathing, soft eyes, and building blocks—which, together with grounding, are the main tenets of her method. When a rider learns and maintains these basics, then harmony between horse and human is possible. Sally Swift’s first book, Centered Riding, made its revolutionary appearance in 1985 and continues as one of the best-selling horse books of all time. This second book doesn't replace the first one, it complements it. In the intervening years, Centered Riding continued to evolve, and Sally inevitably developed many new concepts and fresh imagery, all of which are presented here.

A Long Ride Back

Author: Steven Crenfeldt
Publisher: MBS Press
ISBN: 1921883278
Size: 45.58 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A Long Ride Back from the Author: Steven Crenfeldt. Steven Crendfeldt, an average guy, participated in Ironman and Hafl Ironman Triathlons, simply because he could. No podium finishes, just pleased to make it across the finish line. This is the story of how he got back into the sport he loves, after a serious bike accident. It is how an event can change your life and how your network of friends surround you and give the greatest chance of success, more than you would ever be able to achieve on your own.

Weight Training For Cycling

Author: Chris Burnham
Publisher: Price World Publishing
ISBN: 1619844230
Size: 28.52 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Weight Training For Cycling from the Author: Chris Burnham. The typical cycling-training program consists of lots of miles with a few more miles sprinkled on top. While riding a bike is a necessity for being fast on a bike, there is a lot of potential to improve performance with a well-designed strength-training program. With a detailed program that includes mobility work, nutrition guidelines, recovery protocols, and detailed exercise instructions, this book will give you all the tools you need to take your cycling to the next level. No other cycling book to date has been so well designed, so easy to use, and so committed to weight training. This book was written specifically for cyclists to increase strength, speed, endurance, and stamina and will have you maximizing your performance in all areas. Written by cycling expert Chris Burnham, "Weight Training for Cycling" features a program guaranteed to improve your performance and get you results. • Improve cycling performance • Improve flexibility and comfort on the bike • Increase Testosterone, Growth Hormone, and other anabolic hormones • Prevent Overuse Injuries • Prevent age-related diseases like Osteopenia and Sarcopenia

Diccionari Ub Angl S Catal

Publisher: Edicions Universitat Barcelona
ISBN: 8447533182
Size: 58.96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Diccionari Ub Angl S Catal from the Author: . El diccionari UB anglès-català és el resultat d’una activitat conjunta de diferents agents que, de manera complementària, han sumat coneixements, continguts i tecnologia per fer una obra de referència rigorosa, posada al dia, útil a un ampli sector de la ciutadania i que contribueixi a eixamplar els horitzons culturals i lingüístics no solament de la comunitat universitària, sinó de la societat catalana...Pel seu contingut, constitueix una obra idònia tant per als usuaris comuns de la llengua com per a especialistes d’un ampli ventall de sectors professionals, així com per al professorat i estudiants universitaris i de cursos avançats de secundària. La mobilitat estudiantil a nivell internacional el converteix en un company de viatge imprescindible per als estudiants catalans que viatgen a l’estranger i en una eina bàsica per al coneixement de la llengua i la cultura catalanes per als qui vénen a completar els seus estudis al nostre país.

Webster S Ii Children S Dictionary

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780618374106
Size: 32.35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Webster S Ii Children S Dictionary from the Author: . A dictionary for elementary school students featuring word histories, synonym paragraphs, a spelling table, and a reference appendix with maps and tables.

Running With Faith

Author: Michael A. Bacigalupi
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469115514
Size: 63.67 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Running With Faith from the Author: Michael A. Bacigalupi. I have to admit I struggle with my faith, but my faith has been the reason that I have gotten this far. I seem to question my faith when things go bad and forget and not give God any credit when things are going good. So I ask how’s your faith, because mine is stronger and getting stronger every day. Come read with me on some points I learned in our Sunday School Class. I write about this because when you see all that inspires me while I run or compete in marathons and triathlons than there is no way you can’t see Gods work. When I am competing in any events especially long events, I catch myself talking to God. Even though I am running with thousands of people, you are still by yourself. I have to pray or talk to God or I will find myself starting to think about the long distance to much and negative thought starts creeping in my mind. This book will inspire you with touching stories of courage and faith.