Take Two Aspirins But Don T Call Me In The Morning

Author: M. H. Genraich
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1450271146
Size: 27.33 MB
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Take Two Aspirins But Don T Call Me In The Morning from the Author: M. H. Genraich. In response to the stifling socialism of the Canadian health care system and the intolerably long Canadian winters, Dr. Mel Genraich made a life-altering decision: leave Toronto for good, and seek his fortune in Houston, Texas. Little did he know that in the short space of eight years, he would be divorced from his wife and children, remarried to a native Texan (from a staunch Church of Christ family, no less), and would relocate his practice to the Texas Panhandle. Take Two Aspirins, but Don't Call Me in the Morning depicts the travels and struggles of a Canadian Jew living in an almost one-hundred percent Christian world. Genraich tells of his incredible swings of fortune and adaptation to events that change the course of his life. He chronicles his travels in America and abroad in particular, his transformational journey through Europe as a senior medical student. Brutally honest and sprinkled with his personal observations, Genraich shows that he is not afraid to be honest and controversial, traits that most in his profession decry. This is a memoir that is frank and engaging, far removed from the private enclave of the medical world and yet also a story of that world.

King Of Oil

Author: Daniel Ammann
ISBN: 9783280055625
Size: 72.87 MB
Format: PDF
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King Of Oil from the Author: Daniel Ammann.

The Secret Money Market

Author: Ingo Walter
Publisher: Ballinger Publishing Company
Size: 45.15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Secret Money Market from the Author: Ingo Walter. Explains why individuals and corporations seek financial secrecy and discusses the impact on world politics and economics

Homo Deus

Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Publisher: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 3406704026
Size: 55.34 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Homo Deus from the Author: Yuval Noah Harari. In seinem Kultbuch „Eine kurze Geschichte der Menschheit“ erklärte Yuval Noah Harari, wie unsere Spezies die Erde erobern konnte. In „Homo Deus“ stößt er vor in eine noch verborgene Welt: die Zukunft. Was wird mit uns und unserem Planeten passieren, wenn die neuen Technologien dem Menschen gottgleiche Fähigkeiten verleihen – schöpferische wie zerstörerische – und das Leben selbst auf eine völlig neue Stufe der Evolution heben? Wie wird es dem Homo Sapiens ergehen, wenn er einen technikverstärkten Homo Deus erschafft, der sich vom heutigen Menschen deutlicher unterscheidet als dieser vom Neandertaler? Was bleibt von uns und der modernen Religion des Humanismus, wenn wir Maschinen konstruieren, die alles besser können als wir? In unserer Gier nach Gesundheit, Glück und Macht könnten wir uns ganz allmählich so weit verändern, bis wir schließlich keine Menschen mehr sind.

Game Over

Author: Azie Faison
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1416545018
Size: 39.41 MB
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Game Over from the Author: Azie Faison. A cautionary tale about the life of former kingpin Azie Faison, who has become the fabric of street legend Faison was a ninth grade dropout who earned more than $100,000 a week selling cocaine in Harlem, New York, during the peak of America's "War on Drugs" between 1983 and 1990. Faison, along with two partners, was an urban prince with cars, jewels, and people -- in awe of this million-dollar phenomenon -- at his feet. His legacy has been praised by hip-hop's top names in their lyrics, and his life was the basis for the urban cult classic film Paid in Full starring Mekhi Phifer, Wood Harris, and rapper Cam'ron and produced by Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella Films. In Game Over, Azie brings forth a powerful memoir of New York's perilous drug underworld and music industry, with an intellect and wisdom to empower and challenge the street culture he knows so very well.


Author: Tom Juravich
Publisher: ILR Press
Size: 74.54 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Ravenswood from the Author: Tom Juravich. Ravenswood recounts how the United Steelworkers of America, in a battle waged over an aluminum plant in West Virginia, proved that organized labor can still win - even against a company controlled by one of the world's richest and most powerful men. The book provides an insider's look at the new tactics that many in the labor movement hope will revitalize the struggle for workers' rights in America. On November 1, 1990, just as its contract with the United Steelworkers of America was about to expire, Ravenswood Aluminum Corporation locked out its seventeen hundred employees and hired permanent replacements. Despite deteriorating working conditions that had led to five deaths in the previous year, the company had refused to discuss safety and health issues at the bargaining table. Drawing on interviews with key participants, Tom Juravich and Kate Bronfenbrenner describe how victory was achieved through the tremendous commitment and solidarity of the workers and their families coupled with one of the most innovative and sophisticated contract campaigns ever waged by an American union.

Truly Rich

Author: C. Zach Ivey
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1465317295
Size: 77.12 MB
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Truly Rich from the Author: C. Zach Ivey. Today the path to true richness is fraught with barriers and detours. We Americans live in a culture which promotes a message of happiness and fulfillment through material excess and views money as an end versus a means. This perspective pervades how we think and live- the result is living to less than our God intended potential. To combat this socialization, this book prescribes a proper perspective and seeks to equip you with practical knowledge so you can navigate life and handle money effectively. The purpose of this book is to focus your desires, efforts, and resources to the things that matter in life, that you may be Truly Rich.

Konsum Und Nation

Author: Oliver KĂĽhschelm
Publisher: transcript Verlag
ISBN: 3839419549
Size: 35.44 MB
Format: PDF
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Konsum Und Nation from the Author: Oliver Kühschelm. Ob durch Reiseführer, Whisky-Inserate oder »Buy-National«-Kampagnen: Über eine Vielzahl an Medien transportierte die Produktkommunikation im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert nationale Identifikationsangebote. Die von Unternehmen, Interessensverbänden oder staatlichen Organisationen initiierten nationalisierenden Konkurrenz- und Distinktionsstrategien wurden von Journalisten bzw. Massenmedien aufgegriffen und an die Konsumenten herangetragen - in Deutschland ebenso wie in Kanada oder China. Dieser Band erweitert den bislang auf die Konsumgeschichte einzelner Länder und Regionen konzentrierten Fokus zugunsten europäischer sowie globaler Muster und Vergleiche.