Led To Believe By Billy Graham

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Led To Believe By Billy Graham from the Author: . Features words of inspiration from Billy Graham and personal stories of those who have been moved by his teachings, including a teenager that renounced a life of crime and a man that reached out to the mother he never knew.

Led To Believe

Author: Billy Graham
ISBN: 9781410411587
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Led To Believe from the Author: Billy Graham. Features words of inspiration from Billy Graham and personal stories of those who have been moved by his teachings, including a teenager that renounced a life of crime and a man that reached out to the mother he never knew.

English The Aussie Way

Author: Lynne Maree Walsh
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency
ISBN: 1618975447
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English The Aussie Way from the Author: Lynne Maree Walsh. Written by a Sydney native, English, The Aussie Way: A Fun Guide to Australia’s Colourful Phrases, Words, and Expressions offers an amusing way for English or non-English speakers around the world to learn the colloquial phrases for which Australia is famous. This user-friendly reference provides words/phrases and meanings/synonyms by using an example sentence. Says the author,“For seven years I housed international students who were attending English language schools in Sydney, and I realised that although they had a good grasp of formal grammar, they struggled to understand not only colloquial English, but many of the commonly used phrasal verbs, which could not be found in a standard English/Spanish, French, etc., dictionary. It was then that I decided to start writing some of them down for future reference and it grew from there.”

Teenage Guys

Author: Steven Gerali
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310669847
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Teenage Guys from the Author: Steven Gerali. Youth workers need to fully understand the inner workings and development of adolescents in order to really meet their needs. In Teenage Guys, Dr. Steve Gerali presents the stages of development that adolescent guys go through, providing stories from his own experiences in ministry and counseling as well as practical research findings to equip youth workers (both male and female) to more effectively minister to teenage guys. With advice from counselors and veteran youth workers, you’ll find helpful suggestions on how to minister to teenage guys and their families. Each chapter includes discussion questions to help you and other youth workers process the issues your own students face and learn how you can help them and mentor them through this tumultuous time. In addition to concepts like mentoring and rites of passage, Dr. Gerali also walks readers through the seven areas of development young guys go through. You’ll understand more about: • Cognitive development • Identity formation • Social development • Emotional development • Physiological development • Sexological maturation • Faith formation

Spilling The Beans Too

Author: Samuelin MarTinez
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1504922549
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Spilling The Beans Too from the Author: Samuelin MarTinez. Imagine living in a world that hates you, and becoming aware of this witnessing how that hate hurts your mother daily. At five I held my Ama's tired head and swore an oath, when I get big I will work hard so you won't be so tired. Look through my lens, and see Corporate America exploiting and overexposing my mother to toxic waste, and toxic relationships stressing her native will to protect me from all that she suffered as a child. I invite you to consider my agony and adoring love that inspired this indictment; Corporate America killed my mother! Cancer is not a normal death; it is murder because corporations know their waste is toxic. I provide evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt, that our native maternal relationship was a military target for America to "Kill the Indian save the child." How can a country be so cruel, feel no empathy and deny there was a related American Holocaust? I submit historical evidence that America is a socio-pathic mass murderer. I also charge Corporate America with Child Abuse and Neglect, violating the United Nations Charter on the Human Rights of the Child. The evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt, is the millions of homeless, hungry, sick and under educated children stressed, in the richest country in the world preying "In God we Trust." What is feigned love without justice or freedom? A crime confusing profit with prophet. For example, pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris explains that "...the repeated stress of abuse, neglect has real, tangible effects on the development of the brain. This unfolds across a lifetime with triple risk for heart disease and lung cancer." The related Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study "...associations childhood maltreatment and later-life health and well-being." Their focus is toxic parenting, mine is a toxic American history.

Taste And The Household

Author: Janet McCracken
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791451069
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Taste And The Household from the Author: Janet McCracken. Shows how lousy food, cheesy clothes, and dingy homes can ruin our lives.

The Fear Standard

Author: Triza Schultz
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1412021618
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The Fear Standard from the Author: Triza Schultz. Triza Schultz guides the reader down an intuitive road of self-discovery through her own extraordinary experiences with fear. She opens the door for deep healing potential with the realization that all fear is truly a spiritual matter.

Unique Healing 2

Author: Donna Pessin
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1468580809
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Unique Healing 2 from the Author: Donna Pessin. “This book offers a unique insight into the core issues of integrative health and healing. The program is simple, practical and workable for all ages. I am a practicing urologist who has personally benefited and has instituted similar protocols in my practice. A must read.” Charles R. Wallace, Jr., MD, Urology/Uro-Surgery, Integrative Medicine The Unique Answer An amendment to the successful, groundbreaking, life-altering book Unique Healing, Unique Healing 2 provides additional tools for your success in healing your bowel and body with this unique program, and eliminating your symptoms, weight problems, addictions, and illnesses in a way that “crutches”—vitamins, supplements, drugs, exercise, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, etc—can’t. You will find detailed information on over 175 symptoms, illnesses, and addictions to help you, and your children. Additional information for your understanding of why healing your bowel and body with this program eliminates these is provided. You are given very aggressive and effective recommendations for the correct “crutches” to use to eliminate or reduce these problems while you are healing your bowel and body. An entire section of this book is devoted to weight loss, and an explanation of how this unique program truly will lead you to long-term, effortless weight loss, without the need to diet or exercise (as well as to long term health, free of disease, unlike many other weight loss programs). You will read success stories from many of the followers of this program, and you will be directed to a large number of videos that correspond with the topics covered in this book for an even greater understanding of this process, and for even greater success.

Cardiovascular Psychophysiology

Author: Paul A. Obrist
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1468484915
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Cardiovascular Psychophysiology from the Author: Paul A. Obrist. It was my original intention to write a reasonably advanced psycho physiology text that would go beyond cardiovascular activity. This I believed would require a collaborative effort since my expertise outside of cardiovascular psychophysiology is too limited. After some initial limited efforts to organize such a venture, it became apparent that a text of this nature was not feasible. Thus, the effort was dropped. I did, however, receive encouragement to write the present monograph, which is more a personalized document than a text. As will become apparent, this monograph relies heavily on research from my laboratory and details the manner in which our conceptualizations of the issues have developed. At first, I believed such an effort premature since such a personalized document was something one composes upon retire ment. However, I was persuaded by some individuals (who shall re main anonymous, just in case they end up regretting their actions) to undertake the present effort. There are several people, who have rendered assistance in the preparation of this monograph, for whose efforts I am extremely grate ful. Extensive editorial assistance and encouragement were provided by Kathleen C. Light and Alberto Grignolo. Also assisting editorially were Ellen Z. Curtin, Allison Cahill, and Carolyn Williams. I wish also to thank my long-time secretary, Virginia Hodson, and Jenny Adams, for their typing assistance. There are six people to whom I would like to dedicate this book.


Author: J.G. Fisher
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1475794622
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Biofeedback from the Author: J.G. Fisher. The chapters of this book were prepared as task force reports under the aegis of the Biofeedback Society of America (BSA). The impetus for the present generation of task force reports can be dated back to 1982, when John D. Rugh, as President-Elect of the Society, announced that the updating of the task force reports would be given high priority during his term as President. An ad hoc Task Force Committee was appointed in 1983, and the committee set the following objectives: (1) solicit a widely based stream of input from all segments of the Biofeedback Society of America, (2) establish a peer review system to assure the highest degree of scholarship and an unbiased approach, (3) select for area authors only individuals who have profound knowledge of the area and who have demonstrated the ability to extend understanding by reviewing and criticizing the literature, (4) prepare all reports according to a standard ized format, and (5) publish all the reports simultaneously. Input came from several sources. Many people responded with ideas and suggestions to an announcement in the BSA Newsletter that the task force reports were being revised. In 1984, a symposium was conducted at the BSA annual meeting, which included round table dis cussions and dialogues between task force report authors and the BSA membership.