Lead To Succeed

Author: Stan Toler
Publisher: Beacon Hill Press
ISBN: 9780834119802
Size: 56.69 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Lead To Succeed from the Author: Stan Toler. The New Testament is a survival manual for people in the trenches of leadership. As the leaders of the early church brought Christianity from obscurity to greatness, they preached, and taught, and organized powerfully and productively. Lead to Succeed shares the leadership secrets of these thoroughly dedicated men and women, from John the Baptist to John the Revelator.Lead to Succeed will help you: Learn ten principles for successful leadership.Discover practical methods of leadership from New Testament leaders.Understand the importance of integrating personal faith with public leadership.Recognize leadership characteristics essential for moving people forward.Learn how to utilize your energy for maximum effectiveness. Grasp tools for dealing with personal or corporate adversity.Find new ways to deal with people in a manner that reflects your faith in Christ

Passionate Visionary

Author: Richard S. Ascough
Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN: 1598560174
Size: 40.59 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Passionate Visionary from the Author: Richard S. Ascough. A seasoned Bible scholar and an expert in organizational leadership and change offer principles for modern managers and leaders drawn from Paul's dynamic leadership style. In a unique blend of management theory and biblical scholarship, Ascough and Cotton demonstrate that Paul essentially wrote the book on how transformational leaders should operate. Thoroughly grounded in biblical studies and the academic study of leadership--yet written in a clear and readable style--their conclusions will challenge thinking in a variety of organizations.

The Heart Of A Leader

Author: Ken Blanchard
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 9781434766632
Size: 43.65 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Heart Of A Leader from the Author: Ken Blanchard. The Heart of a Leader offers Blanchard's insight and wisdom on: • Choosing values • Aiming for excellence • Maintaining integrity • Finding the courage to change • Helping others reach their potential Arranged with your busy schedule in mind, this book offers you Blanchard's most important concepts in an accessible format. You can reach for instant motivation and insight on a daily basis or soak it up in one reading. Powerfully challenging and deeply inspiring, The Heart of a Leader will enable you to develop the courageous heart of a true leader, master key attitudes and actions to impact lives around you, and enjoy the profound wisdom that only Ken Blanchard can deliver.

Books In Print

Size: 18.76 MB
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Books In Print from the Author: . Books in print is the major source of information on books currently published and in print in the United States. The database provides the record of forthcoming books, books in-print, and books out-of-print.

National Summit On School Leadership

Author: Connie L. Fulmer
ISBN: 9781578863044
Size: 75.75 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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National Summit On School Leadership from the Author: Connie L. Fulmer. National Summit on School Leadership contains articles on educational leadership submitted for publication in the 2005 NCPEA yearbook. Included is an invited article section followed by three additional sections titled crediting the past, challenging the present, and creating the future. This annual publication features current thinking on educational leadership, innovations in the preparation of school leaders, and issues relevant to the field. It will be of interest to professors of educational administration, superintendents, principals, and scholars engaged in changing and challenging the field of educational leadership.

Lead Like Butler

Author: Judith Cebula
Publisher: Abingdon Press
ISBN: 1426765312
Size: 53.46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Lead Like Butler from the Author: Judith Cebula. Brad Stevens is a great coach, admired and respected for developing winning teams year after year. His patience and never-give-up attitude will take him a long way as Coach of the Boston Celtics. —Larry Bird, Boston Celtics 1978-1992; President, Basketball Operations Indiana Pacers Coach Brad Stevens made Butler University the first team to make 2 consecutive finals of the NCAA basketball tournament without being seeded #1 or #2. Lead Like Butler is a must read for any college basketball fan. -Chris Coddington, Fellowship of Christian Athletes ...a must read for those who desire to win in life, as well as in the arena of competition. -Jim McCoy, KDOV-TV& KDOV-FM What becomes quickly apparent is that the enduring ideas of humility, passion, teamwork, service, gratitude, and accountability prove applicable tenants in all aspects of life. -James M. Danko, President, Butler University Anyone who desires a more authentic pathway toward leadership and excellence will benefit from learning to “Lead Like Butler.” -Michael Coyner, bishop, Indiana Area of The United Methodist Church Butler's rise to the top wasn't a fluke. This is a must read for others wanting to achieve greatness.-Billy Shepherd, Butler University, Class of 1972, and Indiana's "Mr. Basketball-1968" Whether at work, at home, or even at play, the values of humility, passion, unity, service, thankfulness, and accountability can help you shape your group into a successful example for others. -Jamie Phillippe, Board of Trustees, Butler University, Class of 1973 Lead Like Butler is an important contribution to the canon of leadership literature on and off the hardwood. -Jennifer L. Bougher, Esq. Arent Fox, LLP (New York), member of Butler University Alumni Association Board of Directors

Church Planting Movements How God Is Redeeming A Lost World

Author: David Garrison
Publisher: WIGTake Resources
ISBN: 9780974756202
Size: 69.28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Church Planting Movements How God Is Redeeming A Lost World from the Author: David Garrison. David Garrison, PhD University of Chicago, defines Church Planting Movements as rapidly multiplying indigenous churches planting churches that sweep across a people group or population segment. Garrison's Church Planting Movements: How God Is Redeeming a Lost World signaled a breakthrough in missionary church planting. After the publication of Garrison's book in 2004 it became impossible to talk about missions without referencing Church Planting Movements. Church Planting Movements examines more than two-dozen movements of multiplying churches on five continents. After presenting these case studies, Garrison identifies ten universal elements present in each movement. He then broadens the circle of examination to identify a further ten common characteristics, factors identified in most, but not all, of the movements. He concludes his examination with a list of "Seven Deadly Sins," i.e. harmful practices that stifle or impede Church Planting Movements. Important for evangelical readers, the author returns to his findings to see how they stand up to the light of Scripture. What he discovers is that Church Planting Movements are much more consistent with the New Testament lay-led house-church movements that swept rapidly through the Mediterranean world in the face of hostile opposition than today's more sedentary professional institutionalized Christianity. Learn more about Church Planting Movements from the book's website: www.ChurchPlantingMovements.com.

The Marks Of A Spiritual Leader

Author: John Piper
ISBN: 9780983916468
Size: 31.75 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Marks Of A Spiritual Leader from the Author: John Piper. Leaders are a gift. God has given leaders to the church to equip the saints for the work of ministry, building her up in the faith and knowledge of God (Ephesians 4:12). But how does the Bible define spiritual leadership? What characteristics are essential in leading biblically? And what is the ultimate goal? In this short essay, John Piper answers these questions by explaining the true marks of a spiritual leader. Saturated in Scripture, and loaded with practical illustrations, this booklet will be instructive and challenging for anyone in a position of Christian leadership, as well as for anyone aspiring to lead spiritually.

Desiring God

Author: John Piper
Publisher: Multnomah
ISBN: 9780880708692
Size: 50.42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Desiring God from the Author: John Piper. Insightful and heart-warming, this classic book is written for those who seek to know God better. It unfolds life-impacting, biblical truths and has been called a "soul-stirring celebration of the pleasures of knowing God."