The Knot In The Rug

Author: Masoud Behnoud
Publisher: Garnet Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 185964290X
Size: 29.60 MB
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The Knot In The Rug from the Author: Masoud Behnoud. The Knot in the Rug encapsulates the massive upheavals of the first half of twentieth century from a point of view that the English-speaking readership rarely glimpses. The book''s heroine, Khanoum, is born in the courts of Persia''s Qajar dynasty. The twists and turns in Khanoum''s life make for a gripping read, whilst at the same time shedding light on traditional Persian customs of birth, marriage and death, still followed in modern-day Iran. Forced to flee Persia during the Constitutional Revolution of 1906, Khanoum is brought up by her uncle and his immediate family. Her teenage years are marked by her struggles: family tragedy, her horrendous journey through Persia, and her uncertain future. Once in Russia her aunt, a woman of great strength and wisdom, manages to bring some sense of order to their exiled gathering by creating a home akin to what they were accustomed to. However, some years later, the Bolshevik revolution brings another upheaval and they are forced to flee once more; this time to Istanbul. In the fairy tale palaces of the Ottoman Empire Khanoum marries a member of the Ottoman Court. But the newlyweds hardly have time to make plans for their future when they face yet more turmoil; learning of the downfall of the ruling family, they hurriedly escape to France. In Paris with her husband Khanoum at last finds a resting place, but it does not take long before her eventful and tragic destiny once again beckons and she finds herself alone and destitute.

Crochet Rug Patterns

Author: Jessica Holland
Publisher: BookRix
ISBN: 3736875894
Size: 14.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Crochet Rug Patterns from the Author: Jessica Holland. Crochet Rug Patterns includes 15 rug patterns for every crocheter's delight. And they're all beautiful vintage patterns that come with simple instructions accompanied by pictures.

The Fairchild Books Dictionary Of Textiles

Author: Phyllis G. Tortora
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1609015355
Size: 73.92 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Fairchild Books Dictionary Of Textiles from the Author: Phyllis G. Tortora. An essential reference for students and professionals involved in the textile industry.

Oriental Rugs A Complete Guide

Author: Charles Jacobsen
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462904157
Size: 51.61 MB
Format: PDF
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Oriental Rugs A Complete Guide from the Author: Charles Jacobsen. This authoritative reference contains a vast amount of information about Oriental rugs. Oriental Rugs: A Complete Guide is the first large volume on the subject to be printed in the past forty-five years is meant for the individual who is interested in purchasing his first Oriental Rug, as well as the collector, museum, and rug importer. The volume is divided into three main parts. Part I, entitled "General Discussion devotes one chapter to each of the large rug weaving countries and includes helpful hints as to what the rug buyer should look for in an particular rug. Part II, "Description of Types," is an alphabetical list of all the names that have been used to identify rugs in the past, as well as the names that are being used at present. Each entry is followed by a full discussion and description of the rug. Part III, “Plates,” contains 194 pictures of different types of rugs, complete with descriptive captions for each. Thirty-nine of the plates are in full color. All of the plates are large, allowing the reader to see the design, and in some cases, the colors used in the particular rug.

Twice As Nice Decor

Author: Kathryn Clark
Publisher: Leisure Arts
ISBN: 1601403615
Size: 13.91 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Twice As Nice Decor from the Author: Kathryn Clark. For instant versatility in home decor, these five crochet designs by Kathryn Clark all feature reversible qualities that make them twice as nice. The effect is created when you alternate yarn colors on each row, resulting in the pattern emphasizing a different color on each side. For example, the Checkered Afghan in brown and off-white yarns looks checkered on both sides but appears predominantly brown on one side and predominantly off-white on the other. 5 designs: Fiery Plaid Afghan and Pillow; Checkered Afghan; Shades of Pink Baby Afghan; and Country Diamonds Rug. The rug is crocheted using bulky yarn; all other designs use medium weight yarn. Twice As Nice Decor (Leisure Arts #4593)

The James F Ballard Collection Of Oriental Rugs

Author: Joseph Breck
Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art
Size: 66.61 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The James F Ballard Collection Of Oriental Rugs from the Author: Joseph Breck. Written on the occasion of the May 1922 gift of the James F. Ballard Collection to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, this catalogue illustrates and discusses the 125 ancient carpets from Persia, India, Turkey, The Caucasus, Central Asia, and Spain included in this gift which span from the fifteenth to the early nineteenth century. A short introduction covers the history of rug weaving and a brief discussion of rugs from each region represented.


Author: Hillary Dumas
Publisher: Hillary Dumas
ISBN: 9780962923609
Size: 57.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Trefoil from the Author: Hillary Dumas. TREFOIL catalogues the highly-praised Mills College 1990 exhibition of rugs from China, Turkestan, Persia, Anatolia, Spain & the Caucasus. The authors discuss seven design groups - Guls, Stars, Wheels, Quatrefoils, Gardens, Mihrabs & Beasts. The 33 color illustrations include a previously unpublished large-size 15th-c. "Holbein," two early "Animal/Tree" rugs, a village "Star Ushak," a silk Yarkand prayer rug, a Ladik prayer rug lacking a tulip panel, & a 21 ft. silk pile Kashgar Saph (now in the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco). "Trefoil...a major exhibition designed for the knowledgeable & committed rug exhibition of international importance..." - George O'Bannon, "TREFOIL at mills College," ORIENTAL RUG REVIEW, Vol. 10:4 (1990). "An intellectual's taste of classical & early village themes." - Thomas Murray, "Trefoil", HALI #51 (1990). "TREFOIL contains numerous insights, especially concerning the continuity of certain, possibly emblematic, designs...(It) is very much worth adding to any rug library." - Pamela Bensoussan, "TREFOIL" ORIENTAL RUG REVIEW, Vol. 11:6 (1991). TREFOIL, 248 Trinity Ave., Kensington, CA 94708; 510-526-3265. 33% library discount.

Oriental Rugs

Author: Peter F. Stone
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462911846
Size: 13.11 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Oriental Rugs from the Author: Peter F. Stone. This monumental reference work—long awaited by collectors and scholars—fills an important gap in the available literature on oriental rugs. Lavishly illustrated with over 1000 photographs and drawings, it offers clear and precise definitions for the rug and textile terms in use across a broad swath of the globe—from Morocco to Turkey, Persia, the Caucasus region, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and China. Covering priceless museum-quality rug traditions as well as modern centers of production, Oriental Rugs: An Illustrated Lexicon of Motifs, Materials, and Origins draws on classical scholarship as well as current terminology in use among producers and traders in these areas today. It focuses primarily on the rich hand-knotting and hand-weaving traditions of the Near East and Central Asia, but also includes some examples of Scandinavian and Native American weavings. Oriental rugs are receiving ever-increasing attention and recognition in the field of art history. Tribal weavings especially have become a focus for new research, and Oriental Rugs provides a new understanding of many distinctive traditions that were previously understudied, such as the weavings of southwest Persia, Baluchistan and Kurdistan. This concise oriental rug reference book is a must-have for scholars and anyone serious about collecting rugs, selling rugs or the rug trade in general. Additional reference information also includes: Foreign terms Place names The Oriental Rug lexicon Museums with notable rug collections Oriental rug internet sites

Retro Home Decor

Publisher: Leisure Arts
ISBN: 1601404808
Size: 45.59 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Retro Home Decor from the Author: CARON INTERNATIONAL. Featuring Caron International's Simply Soft® worsted weight yarn, these 10 groovy home accessories are bursting with retro style. You'll wow your guests as they step through your beaded door curtain to discover bold, bright throws, pillows, and a shag rug. 10 designs to crochet in medium weight yarn for beginner to experienced skill levels: Cherry Dazzler Throw, Flower Power Pillow, Beaded Door Curtain, Graphic Flower Throw, Circles Pillow, Flower Brite Pillow, Brite Stripes Throw, Geo Shag Rug, Mod Flowers Neckroll, and Geo Retro Pillow. Retro Home Decor (Leisure Arts #4277)