John Owen And English Puritanism

Author: Crawford Gribben
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190860790
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John Owen And English Puritanism from the Author: Crawford Gribben. John Owen was a leading theologian in seventeenth-century England. Closely associated with the regicide and revolution, he befriended Oliver Cromwell, was appointed vice-chancellor of the University of Oxford, and became the premier religious statesman of the Interregnum. The restoration of the monarchy pushed Owen into dissent, criminalizing his religious practice and inspiring his writings in defense of high Calvinism and religious toleration. Owen transcended his many experiences of defeat, and his claims to quietism were frequently undermined by rumors of his involvement in anti-government conspiracies. Crawford Gribben's biography documents Owen's importance as a controversial and adaptable theologian deeply involved with his social, political, and religious environments. Fiercely intellectual and extraordinarily learned, Owen wrote millions of words in works of theology and exegesis. Far from personifying the Reformed tradition, however, Owen helped to undermine it, offering an individualist account of Christian faith that downplayed the significance of the church and means of grace. In doing so, Owen's work contributed to the formation of the new religious movement known as evangelicalism, where his influence can still be seen today.

Assurance Of Faith

Author: Joel R. Beeke
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated
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Assurance Of Faith from the Author: Joel R. Beeke. Against the backdrop of the magisterial Reformers (with special attention to Calvin), Dr. Beeke examines the theological development of personal assurance of faith from 1600-1760 in English Puritanism and its parallel movement in the Netherlands, the so-called Second Reformation. In-depth studies and comparisons of William Perkins, Willem Teellinck, the Westminster Confession, John Owen, Alexander Comrie, and Thomas Goodwin convincingly demonstrate with fresh insights that the differences between Calvin and English/Dutch Calvinism on assurance arose primarily from a newly evolving pastoral context rather than from foundational variations in doctrine. By a careful study of the role of God's promises, the practical and mystical syllogisms, and the witness of the Spirit, this study breaks new ground in revealing how English and Dutch Calvinism developed a biblically balanced doctrine of assurance which the Christian church sorely needs today.

Day By Day With The English Puritans

Author: Randall J. Pederson
Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN: 9781565638341
Size: 68.14 MB
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Day By Day With The English Puritans from the Author: Randall J. Pederson. "[Daily devotionals by] ... 74 English Puritans! Incredible assembly of English Puritans, some we know (i.e, John Owen, John Flavel), but some we have never heard of (i.e., Obadiah Sedgwick, Samuel Doolittle). So each day, you have a different Puritan speaking to you about God and us. 2) The contents are diverse. The book covers about faith, spiritual growth, temptation, holiness, God's character, prayer, joy and sorrows, etc.. But contents are deep and profound. It is filled with theological and Biblical thoughts. You need to plough through their writings. But it is worth it. 3) Each day is arranged with a verse and then a relevant words of a Puritan. Some are long (fills the whole page), and some are short (fills half of the page). 4) There is a brief introduction to English Puritans so that you will have some background knowledge. Also, at the end of the book, there are two helpful sections: [1] Sections of Readings. Each day is cataloged with where the writing came from, so you could look further, if you wish. [2] Brief biography of 74 English Puritans"

Killing Sin

Author: Aaron M. Renn
ISBN: 9780692299159
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Killing Sin from the Author: Aaron M. Renn. Killing Sin is John Owen's Puritan classic Mortification of Sin updated for today. Owen tackles the age-old challenge for the Christian: how to put to death the power of sin over our lives. This is something that is impossible through man-centered self-help or self-denial. But with God all things are possible. Though we will never be completely free of sin while alive in this world, by putting our faith on Christ with an expectation of His help, the Holy Spirit will bring the His cross into our hearts with all its sin-killing power. Owen tells us why it is imperative for the Christian to be killing sin in his life, what it actually means to kill sin, why only a Christian can do it, why it is only possible through the power of the Holy Spirit, and how we can avail ourselves of the power of the Spirit to kill sin through gospel faith in the death and resurrection of Christ. Owen's original Mortification of Sin was written in 17th century English that is extremely difficult to understand. This Killing Sin translates Owen into contemporary English that is easy to read without dumbing it down so people today can read this very important book on a most critical topic.

Divine Discourse

Author: Sebastian Rehnman
Publisher: Baker Pub Group
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Divine Discourse from the Author: Sebastian Rehnman. John Owen was a leading Puritan theologian, an advisor to Oliver Cromwell, and vice-chancellor of the University of Oxford. He was a prolific author, and his theological writings on the atonement and the work of the Holy Spirit still influence the English-speaking Calvinist world today. Sebastian Rehnman here provides a detailed analysis of the fundamentals of Owen's theolgoy by exploring his underlying principles and premises. Rehnman shows that Owen was in direct continuity with other Renaissance scholars, late medieval thinkers, the Reformation, and post-Reformation theologians. The theology of Owen, says Rehnman, must be understood within the context of a largely unbroken line of the Christian tradition.