Guitar Works

Author: Johann Kaspar Mertz
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Guitar Works from the Author: Johann Kaspar Mertz.

The Guitar In America

Author: Jeffrey Noonan
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 9781604733020
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The Guitar In America from the Author: Jeffrey Noonan. The Guitar in America offers a history of the instrument from America\'s late Victorian period to the Jazz Age. The narrative traces America\'s BMG (banjo, mandolin, and guitar) community, a late nineteenth-century musical and com-mercial movement dedicated to introducing these instru-ments into America\'s elite musical establishments. Using surviving BMG magazines, the author details an almost unknown history of the guitar during the movement\'s heyday, tracing the guitar\'s transformation from a refined parlor instrument to a mainstay in jazz and popular music. In the process, he not only introduces musicians (including numerous women guitarists) who led the movement, but also examines new techniques and instruments. Chapters consider the BMG movement\'s impact on jazz and popular music, the use of the guitar to promote attitudes towards women and minorities, and the challenges foreign guitarists such as Miguel Llobet and Andres Segovia presented to America\'s musicians. This volume opens a new chapter on the guitar in America, considering its cultivated past and documenting how banjoists and mandolinists aligned their instruments to it in an effort to raise social and cultural standing. At the same time, the book considers the BMG community within America\'s larger musical scene, examining its efforts as manifestations of this country\'s uneasy coupling of musical art and commerce. Jeffrey J. Noonan, associate professor of music at Southeast Missouri State University, has performed professionally on classical guitar, Renaissance lute, Baroque guitar, and theorbo for over twenty-five years. His articles have appeared in Soundboard and NYlon Review .

Mertz Volume 1 Character Pieces

Author: Johann Kaspar Mertz
Publisher: Alfred Music
ISBN: 1470628570
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Mertz Volume 1 Character Pieces from the Author: Johann Kaspar Mertz. Classical guitarists---both students and professional performers---require the same high-quality editions that their pianist colleagues have come to expect from Alfred Music. Our Classical Guitar Masterworks Editions continue the Alfred Music tradition of providing carefully edited, beautifully presented music for practice and performance. This edition of Mertz's character pieces includes 28 pieces from Bardenklänge, Op. 13, as well as Trois Nocturnes, Op. 4. Mertz's most important body of work was Bardenklänge, which features many small but delightful pieces. Included here are often-performed works like "Liebeslied," "Tarantelle," "An Malvina," and "Romanze," which clearly affirm Mertz's places as the guitar's principal German Romantic composer. The attractive Three Nocturnes, Op. 4 are popular recital pieces and will be a great addition to your repertoire. This masterwork edition features thoughtful, expert fingerings by respected performer and pedagogue Julian Gray. It is a must-have for any serious classical guitarist. Titles: * Bardenklänge, Op. 13 * An Malvina (To Malvina) * Romanze * Abendlied (Evening Song) * Unruhe (Restlessness) * Elfenreigen (Dance of the Elves) * An die Entfernte (To the Distant One) * Etude * Capriccio * Gondoliera * Liebeslied (Love Song) * Fingals-Höhle (Fingal’s Cave) * Gebeth (Prayer) * Tarantelle * Variations mignonnes * Kindermärchen (Children’s Fairy Tale) * Rondino * Romanze * Scherzo * Sehnsucht (Longing) * Lied ohne Worte (Song without Words) * Mazurka * Polonaises Favorites 1, 2, 3 & 4 * Polonaises Favorites 4, 5 & 6 * Trois Nocturnes, Op. 4

J K Mertz Guitar Works

Author: Johann Kaspar Mertz
Publisher: Chanterelle
ISBN: 9780786636556
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J K Mertz Guitar Works from the Author: Johann Kaspar Mertz. Mertz's transcription of Schubert originals. These wonderful transcriptions are altered only slightly in texture, key, and melodic changes to compensate for the guitar's inability to sustain notes. Selections include: Lob der Thranen; Liebesbothchaft; Aufentha

Selected Operatic Fantasies Of Mertz

Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
ISBN: 1609743261
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Selected Operatic Fantasies Of Mertz from the Author: JOHANN KASPAR MERTZ. This collection is drawn from the Portefeuille fĂĽr Guitarre-Spieler series and is intended for intermediate to advanced guitarists.

A Concise History Of The Classic Guitar

Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
ISBN: 160974280X
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A Concise History Of The Classic Guitar from the Author: GRAHAM WADE. A Concise History of the Classic Guitar by Graham Wade, one of the foremost international writers on the guitar, explores the history of the instrument from the 16th century to the present day. This compact assessment of five centuries of fretted instruments cover the vihuela in Spain, the history of four-course and five-course guitars, the evolution of tablature, and developments in the six-string guitar in the 19th century. the work also charts the contribution of leading composers, performers and luthiers of the 20th century, and evaluates the influence of Segovia, Llobet, Pujol, Presti, Bream, Williams, etc., among the world's famous guitarists. This book, intended for the general public and guitar students of all ages, is the first interpretative history of the classic guitar to be published in the 21st century, and will be eagerly welcomed by all lovers of the instrument.

Opern Revue

Author: Brian Torosian
Publisher: Digital Guitar Archive
ISBN: 0977692620
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Opern Revue from the Author: Brian Torosian. This series presents for the first time the complete Opern-Revue, a collection of 38 fantasies for solo guitar that include some of the world's most beloved operatic themes. Expertly arranged by the virtuoso guitarist and composer J. K. Mertz, Opern-Revue represents one of the most expansive collections of its kind from the nineteenth century. The present edition provides facsimile reproductions of the original Haslinger first editions, allowing the guitarist direct access to the scores published in Mertz's time. Opern-Revue provides the modern guitarist with a vast repertoire of concert works based on the music of Bellini, Donizetti, Verdi, Weber, Meyerbeer, Rossini, and many others. Wagner and Offenbach, two composers less common in nineteenth-century guitar music, are represented in arrangements by several of Mertz's successors. The DGA Editions Opern-Revue series commemorates the bicentennial birthday anniversary of J. K. Mertz with these volumes.

Handbook Of Guitar And Lute Composers

Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
ISBN: 1609743539
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Handbook Of Guitar And Lute Composers from the Author: HANNU ANNALA. In compiling this landmark sourcebook, Finnish guitarists Hannu Annala and Heiki Matlik consulted more than 70 music texts as well as dozens of composer resumes acquired from the musical information centers of several countries. During the writing process, which lasted for more than three years, they received additional information from many modern composers, including Leo Brouwer and Reginald Smith Brindle among others. In addition, several internationally renowned performing guitarists provided valuable information; these include Magnus Andersson (Sweden), Remi Boucher (Canada), Margarita Escarpa (Spain), Aleksander Frauchi (Russia) and David Tanenbaum (USA) among others.The authors' aim was to write a well-structured book with separate chapters for each instrument, such as the Renaissance and Baroque guitar, the Renaissance and Baroque lute, the vihuela, etc. This unique structure enables the reader to easily discover which composers wrote for a certain instrument during any given period.In addition to the composers one would expect to find in such a comprehensive listing, the book documents several historical and modern composers for whom little previous information has been available. the book's list of more than 400 guitar and lute concertos dating from the Baroque era to the present day is a totally unprecedented.Short introductions regarding guitar and lute-like instruments as well as their basic histories are provided at the beginning of the book. the authors hope that the Handbook of Guitar and Lute Composers will serve as a practical guide for both amateurs and professionals, encouraging further study of the history of these instruments and expanding the repertoire heard on today's concert stage.

J K Mertz

Author: Johann Kaspar Mertz
Publisher: Digital Guitar Archive
ISBN: 0977692663
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J K Mertz from the Author: Johann Kaspar Mertz. This is the first edition of virtuoso guitarist and composer J. K. Mertz's Divertissement uber Motive der Oper: Der Prophet (Meyerbeer), Op. 32 since its original publication in 1851. The work is a charming selection of themes from Giacomo Meyerbeer's opera Le prophete expertly arranged for violin or flute, viola, and guitar. It is of moderate difficulty and represents Mertz's only known extant work for this instrumentation. The present edition includes biographies of Mertz and Meyerbeer, suggestions concerning performance practice, and both a facsimile and an urtext edition of this long out-of-print chamber work.