Island Sustainability

Author: S. Favro
Publisher: WIT Press
ISBN: 1845644344
Size: 39.40 MB
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Island Sustainability from the Author: S. Favro. Contains papers presented at the 1st International Conference on Island Sustainability organized on the Island of Brac, dealing with projects, initiatives and experiences related to different island issues. By using the experience of economically developed island environments, it is possible to learn how to ensure the development of other island communities, not only to prevent depopulation but to encourage new settlement. Those projects will serve as guidelines for other initiatives in less developed islands, adapting those experiences to specific regional, cultural and socio-economic characteristics.

Island Sustainability

Author: Hiroshi Kakazu
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1466906456
Size: 49.18 MB
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Island Sustainability from the Author: Hiroshi Kakazu. This book is devoted to island sustainability with a focus on the small island economies in the Pacific, especially islands of Okinawa located at the southwestern edge of Japan. It examines socio-economic characteristics, development issues, policies, networking of island societies, and the roles of culture, human resources, agriculture and tourism in a globalizing world. Okinawa, the birthplace of nissology (island studies in Greek), embraces all aspects of small, remote island characteristics, including geography, history, economy and culture. Okinawa hosted the third and fourth Pacific Leaders Meeting (PALM). PALM adopted “the Okinawa Initiative on Regional Development Strategies for a More Prosperous and Safer Pacific.” This initiative emphasized the important role of Okinawa in spearheading and coordinating development and educational relationships among the Pacific islands. Although the focus is on Okinawa, analytical methods and visions presented in this book will provide food for thought for many similar island societies which have been struggling to achieve toward sustainable development. Since the International Small Island Studies Association (ISISA) held its first meeting on Island of Okinawa, Nissology has been emerging as an important area of scientific investigation. The book is intended to appeal to students, academic researchers, policy makers and industry professionals and practitioners.

Island Sustainability Ii

Author: S. Favro
Publisher: WIT Press
ISBN: 1845646185
Size: 77.53 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Island Sustainability Ii from the Author: S. Favro. Containing the papers presented at the second conference organised on island sustainability by the Wessex Institute of Technology, the book addresses the massive scale of seasonal population mobility that has such a profound effect on coastal regions and islands. The problems that result from large temporary increases in population are especially serious for islands and archipelagos, which have limited resources and possibilities of developing supporting infrastructures. Most islands cannot provide all the resources required by a large seasonal tourist population; in many cases basic requirements such as water and energy, as well as agricultural produce, must therefore be imported. Authorities need to carefully evaluate the impact of large seasonal population increases on the community and the resulting socio-economic factors, as well as issues related to transportation and communication, all of which should be part of an overall strategy.The topics covered include: Tourism Impact and Strategies, Community Issues, Changing Climate and Environment, Infrastructure, Transport Issues, Natural Resources, Energy Issues, Risk and Safety, Waste Management and Island Services.

Sustainable Tourism In Island Destinations

Author: Rachel Dodds
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136530533
Size: 50.39 MB
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Sustainable Tourism In Island Destinations from the Author: Rachel Dodds. Many of the world's islands are dependent on tourism as their main source of income. It is therefore imperative that these destinations are managed for long-term viability. The natural appeal of a destination is typically one of its main tourism related assets, yet the natural environment is also the feature most directly threatened by potential overexploitation. Sustainable Tourism in Island Destinations builds on existing literature in the subject by providing innovative discussions and practical management structures through the use of the authors' various island project work. An original feature is the focus on islands which are part of larger nations, rather than just on island sovereign states. Through an illustrated case study approach, the book focuses on the successes and challenges islands face in achieving sustainable tourism. The authors put forward innovative mechanisms such as multi-stakeholder partnerships and incentive-driven non-regulatory approaches as ways that the sustainability agenda can move forward in destinations that face specific challenges due to their geography and historic development. The case studies - from Canada, St Kitts, Honduras, China, Indonesia, Spain, Tanzania and Thailand - provide the foundation which suggests that alternative approaches to tourism development are possible if they retain sustainability as a priority.

Island Tourism And Sustainable Development

Author: Dennis John Gayle
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275962036
Size: 65.24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Island Tourism And Sustainable Development from the Author: Dennis John Gayle. Fifteen chapters offer tourism profiles of the Caribbean, Pacific, and Mediterranean basins, considering the nature of insular tourism and its relationship to development and sustainability. Specific attention is given to its impact on agriculture, terrestrial ecosystems, carrying capacity, culture,

Small Island States And Sustainable Development

Author: International Institute for Environment & Development
Publisher: IIED
ISBN: 1843690446
Size: 30.64 MB
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Small Island States And Sustainable Development from the Author: International Institute for Environment & Development.

Island Tourism

Author: Regina Belo
ISBN: 9781681175485
Size: 12.72 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Island Tourism from the Author: Regina Belo. The concept of island tourism has attracted tourism researchers for ages who tried to examine islands characteristics, focusing on development within an economic and social context, sustainability and effective management. Especially, in the last decades, with the developments in the infrastructure and the introduction of new air and sea connections, islands became easier accessible and more favorable by tourists. In fact, many of the world's small islands depend on tourism. So the relationship of tourism and island development is very important. It can be examined through various perspectives that reflect the complexity of interaction. For small island economies such as Okinawa, Hawaii, Guam and Saipan, tourism has been the fastest growing and most important industry accounting for 20-70% of their external receipts. These island economies have comparative advantages in tourism because of their small market sizes, rich marine resources, tropical or sub-tropical climate, rich and unique cultural heritages, hospitality-oriented peoples, service-intensive nature of tourism. Island tourism, however, heavily depends on islands fragile and extremely limited natural as well as cultural resources. Islands over-expanded tourism industry has created various socio-economic-ecological issues such as cultural friction, water shortage, environmental degradation, food insecurity, imported inflation and family problem on the life of islanders. Island tourism is not a recent phenomenon; the Romans used the Isle of Capri as a holiday destination two thousand years ago. In order to understand the process of island tourism development, response to change and challenges and their journey to sustainability, Island Tourism: Sustainable Perspectives provides insights and instruction on topics including social, cultural, environmental and sustainable tourism. The present book examines islands and island tourism in relation to their specific characteristics as well as the impacts that tourism development has on islands. In addition, the development of tourism has positive and negative economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts, that in the case of islands become more significant, since tourism is often more important for small islands than for mainland destinations.

Chasing Water

Author: Brian Richter
Publisher: Island Press
ISBN: 1610915372
Size: 22.71 MB
Format: PDF
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Chasing Water from the Author: Brian Richter. Water scarcity is spreading and intensifying in many regions of the world, with dire consequences for local communities, economies, and freshwater ecosystems. Current approaches tend to rely on policies crafted at the state or national level, which on their own have proved insufficient to arrest water scarcity. To be durable and effective, water plans must be informed by the culture, economics, and varied needs of affected community members. International water expert Brian Richter argues that sustainable water sharing in the twenty-first century can only happen through open, democratic dialogue and local collective action. In Chasing Water, Richter tells a cohesive and complete story of water scarcity: where it is happening, what is causing it, and how it can be addressed. Through his engaging and nontechnical style, he strips away the complexities of water management to its bare essentials, providing information and practical examples that will empower community leaders, activists, and students to develop successful and long-lasting water programs. Chasing Water will provide local stakeholders with the tools and knowledge they need to take an active role in the watershed-based planning and implementation that are essential for water supplies to remain sustainable in perpetuity.

Sustainable Island Tourism

Author: Patrizia Modica
Publisher: CABI
ISBN: 1780645422
Size: 26.98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Sustainable Island Tourism from the Author: Patrizia Modica. Tourism continues to grow, and as the industry develops, it is important for researchers and practitioners to fully understand and examine issues such as sustainability, competiveness, and stakeholder quality of life in tourism centres around the world. Focusing on the unique perspective of island tourism destinations, this book outlines impacts on, and potential strategies for protecting, the natural environment, local economy, and local culture. A timely and important read for researchers, students and practitioners of tourism, this book also provides a valuable resource for researchers of sustainability and environmental science.