Islam Liberalism And Human Rights

Author: Katerina Dalacoura
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 9781845113827
Size: 42.72 MB
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Islam Liberalism And Human Rights from the Author: Katerina Dalacoura. "Addresses the question of human rights in the international context, focusing in particular on the interaction between human rights as a value and norm in international relations and Islam as a constitutent of political culture in particular societies" -- Back cover.

Islamist Terrorism And Democracy In The Middle East

Author: Katerina Dalacoura
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139498673
Size: 70.57 MB
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Islamist Terrorism And Democracy In The Middle East from the Author: Katerina Dalacoura. What were the reasons behind the terrorist attacks of September 11th? Does the cause of Islamist terrorism relate to the lack of democracy in the Middle East? Through detailed research into the activities of both radical and moderate organizations across the Middle East, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hizbullah, and via interviews with key personnel, Katerina Dalacoura investigates whether repression and political exclusion pushed Islamist entities to adopt terrorist tactics. She also explores whether inclusion in the political process has had the opposite effect of encouraging Islamist groups toward moderation and ideological pragmatism. In a challenge to the conventional wisdom, she concludes that Islamist terrorism is not a direct consequence of authoritarianism in the Middle East and that there are many key factors that generate radicalism.

Sadat And After

Author: Raymond William Baker
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674784970
Size: 21.37 MB
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Sadat And After from the Author: Raymond William Baker. Most analyses of Egyptian politics present the limitations and failures of official political life as the complete story of politics in Egypt. Raymond Baker's direct observation of Egyptian politics has convinced him that alternative political groups have sustained themselves and carved out spaces for promising political action despite official efforts at containment. In this compelling study, Baker recreates the public worlds of eight groups on the periphery of Egyptian politics. They range in their political stances from Communists to the Muslim Brothers and include shifting clusters of critical intellectuals who gather around influential journals or in research centers, as well as the quiescent aestheticists of the Wissa Wassef community. Taken together, the experiences of Egyptians in alternative groups reveal that Egyptians are more than the objects of diverse external pressures and more than the sufferers from multiple internal problems. They are also creative political actors who have stories to tell about the human potential to struggle for humane values and goals in the modern world. In examining Egypt from the margins rather than from the center, Baker proposes a new direction for Third World political studies. He suggests a way out of the impasse in the current development literature, which is fixed on a scientific study of causes and determinants, by focusing on actual political struggles and alternative political visions.

The Islamist Dilemma

Author: Laura Guazzone
Publisher: Ithaca
Size: 13.84 MB
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The Islamist Dilemma from the Author: Laura Guazzone. This series is intended to included works that deal with the politics, international relations and political economy of Middle Eastern countries or regional organizations. Also of interest to the series are works on social forces, ideological discourses and strategic affairs pertaining to the Middle East.

Egypt Under Mubarak

Author: Charles Tripp
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 0415038871
Size: 51.94 MB
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Egypt Under Mubarak from the Author: Charles Tripp. Egypt is one of the major powers in the Middle East. The vigour of its cultural life and the extent of its influence make it a force which cannot be ignored in the Arab world. Yet, despite the comparative confidence with which its rulers handle power, the country has a politically contradictory past with which to come to terms, as well as its role in a region of shifting political identity and allegiance. This book examines the causes and consequences of the many crises within the Egyptian political, sociological, economic and moral legacy and the strategies which Mubarak's government has devised to cope with that legacy. The book's concern is for the capacity of the present administration to avoid expediency and the generation of further crisis and rather to employ Egypt's considerable resources in the shaping of a distinct and effective role for the country.

The History Of Modern Egypt

Author: Panayiotis J. Vatikiotis
Size: 25.85 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The History Of Modern Egypt from the Author: Panayiotis J. Vatikiotis. "Certainly the best general history available in English."--Times Literary Supplement.

The Rule Of Law In The Arab World

Author: Nathan J. Brown
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521030687
Size: 43.72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Rule Of Law In The Arab World from the Author: Nathan J. Brown. Nathan Brown's penetrating account of the development and operation of the courts in the Arab world is based on fieldwork in Egypt and the Gulf. The book addresses important questions about the nature of Egypt's judicial system and the reasons why such a system appeals to Arab rulers outside Egypt. From the theoretical perspective, it also contributes to the debates about liberal legality, political change and the relationship between law and society in the developing world. It will be widely read by scholars of the Middle East, students of law and colonial historians.