Iraq After America

Author: Joel Rayburn
Publisher: Hoover Institution Press
ISBN: 0817916962
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Iraq After America from the Author: Joel Rayburn. More than a decade after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, most studies of the Iraq conflict focus on the twin questions of whether the United States should have entered Iraq in 2003 and whether it should have exited in 2011, but few have examined the new Iraqi state and society on its own merits. Iraq after America examines the government and the sectarian and secular factions that have emerged in Iraq since the U.S. invasion of 2003, presenting the interrelations among the various elements in the Iraqi political scene. The book traces the origins of key trends in recent Iraqi history to explain the political and social forces that produced them, particularly during the intense period of civil war between 2003 and 2009. Along the way, the author looks at some of the most significant players in the new Iraq, explaining how they have risen to prominence and what their aims are. The author identifies the three trends that dominate Iraq's post-U.S. political order: authoritarianism, sectarianism, and Islamist resistance, tracing their origins and showing how they have created a toxic political and social brew, preventing Iraq's political elite from resolving the fundamental roots of conflict that have wracked that country since 2003 and before. He concludes by examining some aspects of the U.S. legacy in Iraq, analyzing what it means for the United States and others that, after more than a decade of conflict, Iraq's communities—and its political class in particular—have not yet found a way to live together in peace.

Enduring Controversies In Military History Critical Analyses And Context 2 Volumes

Author: Spencer C. Tucker
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1440841209
Size: 36.45 MB
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Enduring Controversies In Military History Critical Analyses And Context 2 Volumes from the Author: Spencer C. Tucker. This provocative examination of major controversies in military history enables readers to learn how scholars approach controversial topics and provides a model for students in the study and discussion of other historical events. • Provides compelling examinations of major controversies in military history from the time of the ancient world to the modern day • Enables readers to see how historians address such topics and understand how their process could be applied to other topics or research areas • Offers a bibliography specific to each topic to give students looking to do further research a wealth of options

Out Of Iraq

Author: George McGovern
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781416542421
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Out Of Iraq from the Author: George McGovern. Former senator George McGovern and William R. Polk, a leading authority on the Middle East, offer a detailed plan for a speedy troop withdrawal from Iraq. During the phased withdrawal, to begin on December 31, 2006, and to be completed by June 30, 2007, they recommend that the Iraq government engage the temporary services of an international stabilization force to police the country. Other elements in the withdrawal plan include an independent accounting of American expenditures of Iraqi funds, reparations to Iraqi civilians for lives lost and property destroyed, immediate release of all prisoners of war, the closing of American detention centers, and offering to void all contracts for petroleum exploration, development, and marketing made during the American occupation.

Author: Майкл Вайс, Хасан Хасан
Publisher: Альпина Паблишер
ISBN: 5961440680
Size: 50.88 MB
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from the Author: Майкл Вайс, Хасан Хасан. После того как в июне 2014 года «Исламское государство» захватило иракский город Мосул и объявило о создании всемирного халифата, политики, политологи и журналисты разных стран задались вопросами: откуда взялась эта группировка и каковы ее истинные цели? До сих пор мало кто может дать на них четкие ответы. А между тем на сегодняшний день ИГ превратилась в одну из самых опасных организаций в истории человечества и, стерев границы государств, взяла под свой контроль территорию, сравнимую по площади с Великобританией. Массовые казни, этнические чистки, разрушение исторических памятников, официальное возрождение рабства — этот список ее преступлений далеко не полон. Современная цивилизация стоит перед лицом новой глобальной угрозы. Чтобы остановить ее, необходимо точно знать, что она собой представляет. Журналисты Майкл Вайс и Хасан Хасан не один год вели репортажи из Сирии и Ирака. Их книга написана на основе личного опыта и десятков интервью с бывшими военными и представителями разведслужб США, западными дипломатами, сирийскими и иракскими правозащитниками, боевиками ИГ, агентами-нелегалами, а также простыми жителями региона.

Sold Out Us Foreign Policy Iraq The Kurds And The Cold War

Author: Bryan R. Gibson
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 113751714X
Size: 42.99 MB
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Sold Out Us Foreign Policy Iraq The Kurds And The Cold War from the Author: Bryan R. Gibson. This book analyzes the ways in which US policy toward Iraq was dictated by America's broader Cold War strategy between 1958 and 1975. While most historians have focused on 'hot' Cold War conflicts such as Cuba, Vietnam, and Afghanistan, few have recognized Iraq's significance as a Cold War battleground. This book argues that US decisions and actions were designed to deny the Soviet Union influence over Iraq and to create a strategic base in the oil-rich Gulf region. Using newly available primary sources and interviews, this book reveals new details on America's decision-making toward and actions against Iraq during the height of the Cold War and shows where Iraq fits into the broader historiography of the Cold War in the Middle East. Further, it raises important questions about widely held misperceptions of US-Iraqi relations, such as the CIA's alleged involvement in the 1963 Ba'thist coup and the theory that the US sold out the Kurds in 1975.

American Idol After Iraq

Author: Nathan Gardels
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781444310504
Size: 16.23 MB
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American Idol After Iraq from the Author: Nathan Gardels. This dazzling little book explores the role of US media in foreign policy, not only at the present moment, but with an eye to the future. Written by a veteran Hollywood film executive and an internationally known columnist in foreign affairs Explains how American movies, TV shows, and pop music provide the images of America to the rest of the world, and the rest of the world to Americans Includes discussions of the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed Danish daily newspapers, Tibetan monks censored out of Chinese TV news reports only to show up on You Tube, and the Vatican's assault on the Da Vinci Code movie Argues that Hollywood is a key player in the 'deep coalition' required to support a 'smart power' foreign policy and build a global cultural infrastructure that will make the world safe for interdependence

America And Europe After September 11 And Iraq

Author: Sarwar A. Kashmeri
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275993016
Size: 42.76 MB
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America And Europe After September 11 And Iraq from the Author: Sarwar A. Kashmeri. The alliance is dead, cannot be fixed, and must be renegotiated."--BOOK JACKET

The Occupation Of Iraq Volume 2

Author: Stefan Talmon
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1782250174
Size: 38.99 MB
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The Occupation Of Iraq Volume 2 from the Author: Stefan Talmon. The invasion and occupation of Iraq rank among the most controversial and complex issues in international law in recent history. This volume of documents covers the occupation of Iraq from the planning stages of the invasion of Iraq in early 2002 to the transfer of governing authority to the Iraqi Interim Government on 28 June 2004. The book presents 595 selected documents including the first complete set of all Regulations, Orders, Memoranda and Public Notices issued by the US-led occupation administration of Iraq, the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), several of which were never published on the CPA`s website or promulgated in Alwaqai Aliraqiya, the Official Gazette of Iraq. Some of these legal acts have shaped the economic and political system of present day Iraq and will be part of the country`s legal order for years to come. The book also includes some 120 other CPA and CPA-related documents selected from more than 5000 unclassified CPA documents and received under freedom of information requests lodged in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Switzerland. These documents include instructions and proclamations to the Iraqi people in the early stages of the occupation, organizational charts, internal legal opinions, diplomatic notes, international agreements concluded by the CPA with other States, and numerous internal memoranda for the head of the CPA, Ambassador Paul L Bremer, on legal, diplomatic and political issues. The book also presents for the first time all 235 resolutions passed by the Iraqi Governing Council (IGC) between July 2003 and June 2004. The resolutions as well as many of the 25 other important IGC documents (including various political statements, press releases and decrees of the Council`s Higher National De-Ba`athification Commission) have been translated from Arabic and are presented here for the first time in English. These documents are complemented by the relevant United Nations documents on the occupation of Iraq as well as some 50 policy documents of the United States, the United Kingdom and the Iraqi opposition movement as well as all relevant fatwas (religious rulings) of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani which shaped the internal Iraqi political process during the occupation. This collection archives these important documents for future use and makes them easily accessible to researchers and professionals. Considering that the main source of information for the occupying powers in Iraq were the precedents set during the First and Second World Wars, the occupation of Iraq will serve as a modern precedent for future administrations of occupied territory. The documents are made easily accessible by a comprehensive table of documents, a list of abbreviations, more than 1100 explanatory notes and cross-references and a substantive subject index. This volume is the second on The Occupation of Iraq. It is complemented by a monograph by the same author which, on the basis of the documents collection, presents a comprehensive analysis of The Governance of Occupied Territory in Contemporary International Law.


Author: Michael Weiss
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1941393713
Size: 42.20 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Isis from the Author: Michael Weiss. A revelatory look inside the world's most dangerous terrorist group. Initially dismissed by US President Barack Obama, along with other fledgling terrorist groups, as a “jayvee squad” compared to al-Qaeda, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has shocked the world by conquering massive territories in both countries and promising to create a vast new Muslim caliphate that observes the strict dictates of Sharia law. In ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror, American journalist Michael Weiss and Syrian analyst Hassan Hassan explain how these violent extremists evolved from a nearly defeated Iraqi insurgent group into a jihadi army of international volunteers who behead Western hostages in slickly produced videos and have conquered territory equal to the size of Great Britain. Beginning with the early days of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the founder of ISIS’s first incarnation as “al-Qaeda in Iraq,” Weiss and Hassan explain who the key players are—from their elusive leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to the former Saddam Baathists in their ranks—where they come from, how the movement has attracted both local and global support, and where their financing comes from. Political and military maneuvering by the United States, Iraq, Iran, and Syria have all fueled ISIS’s astonishing and explosive expansion. Drawing on original interviews with former US military officials and current ISIS fighters, the authors also reveal the internecine struggles within the movement itself, as well as ISIS’s bloody hatred of Shiite Muslims, which is generating another sectarian war in the region. Just like the one the US thought it had stopped in 2011 in Iraq. Past is prologue and America’s legacy in the Middle East is sowing a new generation of terror.