Invasions Usa

Author: Michael Bliss
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442236523
Size: 38.21 MB
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Invasions Usa from the Author: Michael Bliss. Of the twenty or so science fiction films produced in America during the 1950s, there is a fascinating subset of nine films that do more than portray an invasion. These films use the invasions as metaphors for assaults against the integrity of various things, such as the self, marriage, and notions involving the supremacy of the human race.

Invasion Usa Border War

Author: William W. Johnstone
Publisher: Pinnacle Books
ISBN: 0786032650
Size: 63.78 MB
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Invasion Usa Border War from the Author: William W. Johnstone. William W. Johnstone continues his all-new action-packed series torn from today's headlines in which the American people must fight for the future of their country. . . Border War Not since the days of the infamous Pancho Villa has a foreign force raided American soil for plunder. And when a busload of American schoolgirls is hijacked and taken across the border into Mexico, the repercussions prove to be deadly. The gang of kidnappers is led by the ruthless crime lord Alphonso Guerrerro, whose daughter is on that bus. His ex-wife took his daughter back to the States, but Alphonso wants her back--it's a matter of pride--and will stop at nothing to get her. Now he's got a devil's bounty of young women to be used as hostages, or sold into the horrors of white slavery in South America if his demands are not met. But Vietnam vet Tom Brannon has something to say about this. His niece is on that school bus, so he's recruiting a battle-tough squad of ex-soldiers made up from the families of the kidnapped girls. They're going to rescue the girls and destroy Guerrerro and his gang of border thugs once and for all.

Bioenergy And Biological Invasions

Author: Lauren D Quinn
Publisher: CABI
ISBN: 1780643306
Size: 11.68 MB
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Bioenergy And Biological Invasions from the Author: Lauren D Quinn. Despite major international investment in biofuels, the invasive risks associated with these crops are still unknown. A cohesive state-of-the-art review of the invasive potential of bioenergy crops, this book covers the identified risks of invasion, distributions of key crops and policy and management issues. Including a section on developing predictive models, this book also assesses the potential societal impact of bioenergy crops and how to mitigate invasive risks.

Networks Of Invasion Empirical Evidence And Case Studies

Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128133295
Size: 17.14 MB
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Networks Of Invasion Empirical Evidence And Case Studies from the Author: . Networks of Invasion bridges a conceptual gap between ecological network studies and invasion biology studies. This book contains chapters detailing pressing concerns regarding invasive species in food webs, but also extends the idea of networks of invasion to other systems, such as mutualistic networks or even the human microbiome. Chapters describe the tools, models, and empirical methods adapted for tackling invasions in ecological networks. Contains chapters detailing pressing concerns regarding invasive species in food webs Deals with topical and important reviews on the physiology, populations, and communities of plants and animals

Invasion Ecology

Author: Julie L. Lockwood
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 144430898X
Size: 25.92 MB
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Invasion Ecology from the Author: Julie L. Lockwood. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of biological invasion by non-native species. Highlighting important research findings associated with each stage of invasion, Invasion Ecology provides an overview of the invasion process from transportation patterns and causes of establishment success to ecological impacts, invader management, and post-invasion evolution. Increasing awareness of the problems associated with invasion has led to a rapid growth in research into the dynamics of non-native species and their adverse effects on native biota and human economies. This book provides a synthesis of this fast growing field of research, and is an essential text for undergraduate and graduate students in ecology and conservation management.

Invasion U S A

Author: Jason Frost
ISBN: 9780523426693
Size: 58.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Invasion U S A from the Author: Jason Frost.

Assessment And Management Of Plant Invasions

Author: James O. Luken
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461219264
Size: 25.23 MB
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Assessment And Management Of Plant Invasions from the Author: James O. Luken. Biological invasion of native plant communities is a high-priority problem in the field of environmental management. Resource managers, biologists, and all those involved in plant communities must consider ecological interactions when assessing both the effects of plant invasion and the long-term effects of management. Sections of the book cover human perceptions of invading plants, assessment of ecological interactions, direct management, and regulation and advocacy. It also includes an appendix with descriptive data for many of the worst weeds.

Silent Invasion Of The Usa

Author: Ida Zerpa
Publisher: LibrosEnRed
ISBN: 1597542253
Size: 47.23 MB
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Silent Invasion Of The Usa from the Author: Ida Zerpa. Legal and illegal aliens. Ways in which Mexicans try to take possession of the United States under the leadership of left-wing organizations. My book is divided in three parts. The first part consists of a synthesized history of the countries of the immigrants that are concerning to the United States, their governments, their laws and their ways of life. The second part consists of what we can expect from the immigrants according to their habits of life in their home countries, the intentions and actions of the Mexican immigrants and government. The third part or the epilogue consists of the reactions of certain political figures and the U.S. government, and my premonitions.

Global Change Clonal Growth And Biological Invasions By Plants

Author: Fei-Hai Yu
Publisher: Frontiers Media SA
ISBN: 2889450465
Size: 47.47 MB
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Global Change Clonal Growth And Biological Invasions By Plants from the Author: Fei-Hai Yu. There are few more active frontiers in plant science than helping understand and predict the ecological consequences of on-going, global changes in climate, land use and cover, nutrient cycling, and acidity. This collection of research papers and reviews focuses on how these changes are likely to interact with two important factors, clonal growth in plants and the introduction of species into new regions by humans, to reshape the ecology of our world. Clonal growth is vegetative reproduction in which offspring remain attached to the parent at least until establishment. Clonal growth is associated with the invasiveness of introduced species, their tendency to spread after introduction and negatively affect other species. Will changes in climate, land cover, or nutrients further increase biological invasions by introduced, clonal plants? The articles in this book seek to address this question with new research and theory on clonal growth and its interactions with invasiveness and other components of global change.

When The Invasion Of Land Failed

Author: George R. McGhee, Jr.
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231536364
Size: 11.66 MB
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When The Invasion Of Land Failed from the Author: George R. McGhee, Jr.. The invasion of land by ocean-dwelling plants and animals was one of the most revolutionary events in the evolution of life on Earth, yet the animal invasion almost failed -- twice -- because of the twin mass extinctions of the Late Devonian Epoch. Some 359 to 375 million years ago, these catastrophic events dealt our ancestors a blow that almost drove them back into the sea. If those extinctions had been just a bit more severe, spiders and insects might have become the ecologically dominant forms of animal life on land. This book examines the profound evolutionary consequences of the Late Devonian extinctions, which shaped the composition of the modern terrestrial ecosystem. Only one group of four-limbed vertebrates now live on Earth while other tetrapod-like fishes are extinct. This gap is why the idea of "fish with feet" seems so peculiar yet these animals were once a vital part of our world.