Intersubjectivity And Intersubjectification In Grammar And Discourse

Author: Lieselotte Brems
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company
ISBN: 9027269785
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Intersubjectivity And Intersubjectification In Grammar And Discourse from the Author: Lieselotte Brems. Recent years saw a growing interest in the study of subjectivity, as the linguistic expression of speaker involvement. Intersubjectivity, defined by Traugott as "the linguistic expression of a speaker/writer's attention to the hearer/reader", on the other hand, has so far received little explicit attention in its own right, let alone systematic definition and operationalization. Intersubjectivity and seemingly related notions such as interpersonal meaning, appraisal, stance and metadiscourse, frequently appear in cognitive-functional accounts, as well as historical and more applied approaches. These domains offer (partly) conflicting uses of 'intersubjectivity', differ in the overall scope of the concept and the phenomena it may cover.This book brings together contributions from a variety of different approaches, with the aim of disentangling the current web of intertwined notions of intersubjectivity. Rather than focusing on the potentially conflicting views, the volume aspires to resolve some of the conceptual puzzle by cross-fertilization between the different views, and spark discussion on how to operationalize 'intersubjectivity' in linguistic research. Originally published in English Text Construction 5:1 (2012).

Aspects Of Grammaticalization

Author: Daniel Olmen
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110492342
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Aspects Of Grammaticalization from the Author: Daniel Olmen. This volume advances our understanding of two highly debated aspects of grammaticalization: its relation to (inter)subjectification and its directionality. These aspects are studied with respect to such phenomena as auxiliaries, discourse markers, conjunctions, prepositions and pronouns. Bringing together a wide range of languages, the collection provides insight into the crucial dimensions of grammaticalization research.

The Directionality Of Inter Subjectification In The English Noun Phrase

Author: Lobke Ghesquière
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110338750
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The Directionality Of Inter Subjectification In The English Noun Phrase from the Author: Lobke Ghesquière. The book investigates pathways of (inter)subjectification followed by prenominal elements in the English Noun Phrase, by tracing the development of identifying, noun-intensifying and subjective compound uses. By means of in-depth corpus study, the assumed unidirectionality of (inter)subjectification in the NP is verified and refined.

Contrastive Analysis Of Discourse Pragmatic Aspects Of Linguistic Genres

Author: Karin Aijmer
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319545566
Size: 30.18 MB
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Contrastive Analysis Of Discourse Pragmatic Aspects Of Linguistic Genres from the Author: Karin Aijmer. This volume will give readers insight into how genres are characterised by the patterns of frequency and distribution of linguistic features across a number of European languages. The material presented in this book will also stimulate further corpus-based contrastive research including more languages, more genres and different types of corpora. This is the first special issue of the Yearbook of Corpus Linguistics and Pragmatics, a publication that addresses the interface between the two disciplines and offers a platform to scholars who combine both methodologies to present rigorous and interdisciplinary findings about language in real use. Corpus linguistics and Pragmatics have traditionally represented two paths of scientific thought, parallel but often mutually exclusive and excluding. Corpus Linguistics can offer a meticulous methodology based on mathematics and statistics, while Pragmatics is characterized by its effort in the interpretation of intended meaning in real language.

Subjectification Intersubjectification And Grammaticalization

Author: Kristin Davidse
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110205882
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Subjectification Intersubjectification And Grammaticalization from the Author: Kristin Davidse. The future of English linguistics as envisaged by the editors of Topics in English Linguistics lies in empirical studies which integrate work in English linguistics into general and theoretical linguistics on the one hand, and comparative linguistics on the other. The TiEL series features volumes that present interesting new data and analyses, and above all fresh approaches that contribute to the overall aim of the series, which is to further outstanding research in English linguistics. The book examines the relation between (inter-)subjectification and grammaticalization. As such, its aims are to clearly delineate the domain of (inter-) subjectivity - the encoding of speaker and hearer-orientation - in the language system, and to elaborate a grammar-based definition of the diachronic counterparts subjectification and intersubjectification. At the descriptive level, it seeks to test these hypotheses in three areas of grammaticalization research: adverbials, modals and the NP.

Come And Go Off The Beaten Grammaticalization Path

Author: Maud Devos
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110335980
Size: 19.96 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Come And Go Off The Beaten Grammaticalization Path from the Author: Maud Devos. This edition brings together some lesser known grammaticalization paths travelled by ‘come’ and ‘go’ in familiar and less familiar languages. No single book volume has been dedicated to the topic of grammatical targets different from tense and aspect so far. This study will increase our insight in grammaticalization processes in general as they force us to rethink certain aspects of grammaticalization.

Constructions Of Intersubjectivity

Author: Arie Verhagen
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 0199273847
Size: 53.34 MB
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Constructions Of Intersubjectivity from the Author: Arie Verhagen. Constructions of Intersubjectivity shows that the meaning of grammatical constructions often has more to do with the human cognitive capacity for taking other peoples' points of view than with describing the world. Treating pragmatics, semantics, and syntax in parallel and integrating insights from linguistics, psychology, and animal communication, Arie Verhagen develops a new understanding of linguistic communication. In doing so he shows the continuity between languageand animal communication and reveals the nature of human linguistic specialization.Professor Verhagen uses Dutch and English data from a wide variety of sources and considers the contributions of grammar to the coherence of discourse. He argues that important problems in semantics and syntax may be resolved if language is understood as an instrument for exerting influence and coordinating different perspectives. The grammatical phenomena he discusses include negative expressions, the let alone construction, complementation constructions, and discourse connectives.This powerfully argued and original explanation of the nature and operation of communication will interest a wide range of scholars and advanced students in linguistics, cognitive science, and human evolution.

Metalanguage In Interaction

Author: Yael Maschler
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing
ISBN: 9027254265
Size: 75.94 MB
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Metalanguage In Interaction from the Author: Yael Maschler. "Metalanguage in Interaction" is about the crystallization of metalanguage employed throughout interaction into the discourse markers which permeate talk. Based on close analysis of naturally-occurring Hebrew conversation, it is a synchronic study of the grammaticization of discourse markers, a phenomenon until now mostly studied from a diachronic perspective. It constitutes the first monograph in the fields of Hebrew interactional linguistics and Hebrew discourse markers. The book first presents what is unique to the present approach to discourse markers and gives them an operational definition. Discourse markers are explored as a system, illuminating their patterning in terms of function, structure, and the moments in interaction at which they are employed. Next, detailed analysis of four Hebrew discourse markers illuminates not only the functions and grammaticization patterns of these markers, but also what they reveal about quintessential aspects of Israeli society, identity, and culture. The conclusion discusses commonalities and differences in the grammaticization patterns of the four markers, and relates the grammaticization of discourse markers from interaction to projectability in discourse.