In Stereo

Author: Sally Rees
ISBN: 9780975703977
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In Stereo from the Author: Sally Rees.

In Stereo Where Available

Author: Becky Anderson
Publisher: Medallion Media Group
ISBN: 1934755338
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In Stereo Where Available from the Author: Becky Anderson. Phoebe Kassner didn't set out to become a 29-year-old virgin, but she is, and, having just been dumped by her boyfriend, she doesn't see that situation changing anytime soon. Meanwhile, her twin sister Madison—aspiring actress, small-time model, and queen of the short attention span—has just been eliminated on the first round of Singing Sensation. Things aren't looking so great for either of them, but when Phoebe, victim of a fake phone number written on a cocktail napkin, receives a surprise voice mail from a guy named Jerry, she takes pity on him and calls, setting in motion a serendipitous love story neither of them saw coming. And suddenly Madison has a romance of her own, as one of 12 women competing for two men on a ruthless, over-the-top reality show. As Phoebe falls in love with the jilted high school English teacher who never intended to call her in the first place, Madison's falling in love, too, clawing and fighting her way through a tide of adorable blondes.

Internet Comedy Television Series 1997 2015

Author: Vincent Terrace
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476623937
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Internet Comedy Television Series 1997 2015 from the Author: Vincent Terrace. Created around the world and available only on the web, Internet "television" series are independently produced, mostly low budget shows that often feature talented but unknown performers. Typically financed through crowd-funding, they are filmed with borrowed equipment and volunteer casts and crews, and viewers find them through word of mouth or by chance. The fourth in a series covering Internet TV, this book takes a comprehensive look at 1,121 comedy series produced exclusively for online audiences. Alphabetical entries provide websites, dates, casts, credits, episode lists and storylines.

Africa In Stereo

Author: Tsitsi Ella Jaji
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199936374
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Africa In Stereo from the Author: Tsitsi Ella Jaji. Africa in Stereo analyzes how Africans have engaged with African American music and its representations in the long twentieth century (1890-2011) to offer a new cultural history attesting to pan-Africanism's ongoing and open theoretical potential. Tsitsi Jaji argues that African American popular music appealed to continental Africans as a unit of cultural prestige, a site of pleasure, and most importantly, an expressive form already encoded with strategies of creative resistance to racial hegemony. Ghana, Senegal and South Africa are considered as three distinctive sites where longstanding pan-African political and cultural affiliations gave expression to transnational black solidarity. The book shows how such transnational ties fostered what Jaji terms "stereomodernism." Attending to the specificity of various media through which music was transmitted and interpreted-poetry, novels, films, recordings, festivals, live performances and websites-stereomodernism accounts for the role of cultural practice in the emergence of solidarity, tapping music's capacity to refresh our understanding of twentieth-century black transnational ties.

Kiplinger S Personal Finance

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Kiplinger S Personal Finance from the Author: . The most trustworthy source of information available today on savings and investments, taxes, money management, home ownership and many other personal finance topics.

Music And Technologies 2

Author: Darius KuÄŤinskas
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443873497
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Music And Technologies 2 from the Author: Darius Kučinskas. The findings of this book are drawn from a conference held in 2013 in Kaunas, Lithuania, titled “Music and Technologies 2”, which provided a continuous discussion on the interdisciplinary music research developing currently at such important forums as the CIM (Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology) and the ISMIR (International Society for Music Information Retrieval). This book consists of a collection of articles written by musicologists and musical performers, sound engineers, and educators from Europe and the USA. Leading contemporary ideas in the field of music technologies are explored, as are some aspects of the cognition of classical and contemporary music.

Advancing Culture Of Living With Landslides

Author: Matjaz Mikos
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 331953498X
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Advancing Culture Of Living With Landslides from the Author: Matjaz Mikos. This volume contains peer-reviewed papers from the Fourth World Landslide Forum organized by the International Consortium on Landslides (ICL), the Global Promotion Committee of the International Programme on Landslides (IPL), University of Ljubljana (UL) and Geological Survey of Slovenia in Ljubljana, Slovenia from May 29 to June 2,. The complete collection of papers from the Forum is published in five full-color volumes. This second volume contains the following: • Two keynote lectures • Landslide Field Recognition and Identification: Remote Sensing Techniques, Field Techniques • Landslide Investigation: Field Investigations, Laboratory Testing • Landslide Modeling: Landslide Mechanics, Simulation Models • Landslide Hazard Risk Assessment and Prediction: Landslide Inventories and Susceptibility, Hazard Mapping Methods, Damage Potential Prof. Matjaž Mikoš is the Forum Chair of the Fourth World Landslide Forum. He is the Vice President of International Consortium on Landslides and President of the Slovenian National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction. Prof. Binod Tiwari is the Coordinator of the Volume 2 of the Fourth World Landslide Forum. He is a Board member of the International Consortium on Landslides and an Executive Editor of the International Journal “Landslides”. He is the Chair-Elect of the Engineering Division of the US Council of Undergraduate Research, Award Committee Chair of the American Society of Civil Engineering, Geo-Institute’s Committee on Embankments, Slopes, and Dams Committee. Prof. Yueping Yin is the President of the International Consortium on Landslides and the Chairman of the Committee of Geo-Hazards Prevention of China, and the Chief Geologist of Geo-Hazard Emergency Technology, Ministry of Land and Resources, P.R. China. Prof. Kyoji Sassa is the Founding President of the International Consortium on Landslides (ICL). He is Executive Director of ICL and the Editor-in-Chief of International Journal“Landslides” since its foundation in 2004. IPL (International Programme on Landslides) is a programme of the ICL. The programme is managed by the IPL Global Promotion Committee including ICL and ICL supporting organizations, UNESCO, WMO, FAO, UNISDR, UNU, ICSU, WFEO, IUGS and IUGG. The IPL contributes to the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction and the ISDR-ICL Sendai Partnerships 2015–2025.


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Billboard from the Author: . In its 114th year, Billboard remains the world's premier weekly music publication and a diverse digital, events, brand, content and data licensing platform. Billboard publishes the most trusted charts and offers unrivaled reporting about the latest music, video, gaming, media, digital and mobile entertainment issues and trends.

Epipolar Geometry In Stereo Motion And Object Recognition

Author: Gang Xu
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401586683
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Epipolar Geometry In Stereo Motion And Object Recognition from the Author: Gang Xu. Appendix 164 3. A 3. A. 1 Approximate Estimation of Fundamental Matrix from General Matrix 164 3. A. 2 Estimation of Affine Transformation 165 4 RECOVERY OF EPIPOLAR GEOMETRY FROM LINE SEGMENTS OR LINES 167 Line Segments or Straight Lines 168 4. 1 4. 2 Solving Motion Using Line Segments Between Two Views 173 4. 2. 1 Overlap of Two Corresponding Line Segments 173 Estimating Motion by Maximizing Overlap 175 4. 2. 2 Implementation Details 4. 2. 3 176 Reconstructing 3D Line Segments 4. 2. 4 179 4. 2. 5 Experimental Results 180 4. 2. 6 Discussions 192 4. 3 Determining Epipolar Geometry of Three Views 194 4. 3. 1 Trifocal Constraints for Point Matches 194 4. 3. 2 Trifocal Constraints for Line Correspondences 199 4. 3. 3 Linear Estimation of K, L, and M Using Points and Lines 200 4. 3. 4 Determining Camera Projection Matrices 201 4. 3. 5 Image Transfer 203 4. 4 Summary 204 5 REDEFINING STEREO, MOTION AND OBJECT RECOGNITION VIA EPIPOLAR GEOMETRY 205 5. 1 Conventional Approaches to Stereo, Motion and Object Recognition 205 5. 1. 1 Stereo 205 5. 1. 2 Motion 206 5. 1. 3 Object Recognition 207 5. 2 Correspondence in Stereo, Motion and Object Recognition as 1D Search 209 5. 2. 1 Stereo Matching 209 xi Contents 5. 2. 2 Motion Correspondence and Segmentation 209 5. 2. 3 3D Object Recognition and Localization 210 Disparity and Spatial Disparity Space 210 5.