Howard Goodall Inspired

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Howard Goodall Inspired from the Author: . Howard Goodall Inspired is the ultimate collection of Howard Goodall's best-loved works, from his popular TV themes through to his beautiful and evocative choral works, arranged for intermediate-level piano (approximately Grades 4-6). Composer Howard Goodall (EMMY, BRIT, Gramophone and BAFTA Award winner) has written many of the nation's best-loved TV themes ? including Red Dwarf, QI, Blackadder, Mr Bean and The Vicar of Dibley. His sacred choral music has featured on numerous platinum-selling CDs and is performed around the world. A highly respected broadcaster, he will be presenting a new BBC series The Story of Music in January 2013 and is Composer-in-Residence for Classic FM (the UK's biggest commercial radio station). Titles: Agnus Dei From Eternal Light * Blackadder Goes Forth * Every Purpose Under The Heaven * Inspired (Psalm 122) As Featured On Classic FM * Mr Bean (Ecce Homo) * Nocturnes From Love Story * Pro Alios Curantibus * Psalm 23: The Lord Is My Shepherd * Red Dwarf Piano Fantasy: Tongue-Tied * Red Dwarf Piano Fantasy: Main Theme * Shackleton's Cross * Theme From QI

The Hired Man

Author: Melvyn Bragg
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1848942540
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The Hired Man from the Author: Melvyn Bragg. Set in Cumbria and covering the period from 1898 to the early twenties, this is the powerful saga of John Tallentire, first farm labourer, then coal miner, and his wife Emily. John's struggle to break free from the humiliating status of a 'hired man' is the theme of a novel which has been hailed as a classic of its kind - as meticulously detailed as a social document, as evocative as the writings of Hardy and Lawrence.

Every Purpose Under The Heaven

Author: Howard Goodall
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 9780571537181
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Every Purpose Under The Heaven from the Author: Howard Goodall. The writing of a requiem is a special challenge for any composer. The great requiems of the past by composers such as Mozart, Verdi and Berlioz interpret the sacred requiem text literally, offering prayers of salvation for the departed, whose souls are assumed to be in purgatory facing a terrible judgment. Eternal Light: A Requiem, by the Emmy Award winning British composer and internationally acclaimed broadcaster Howard Goodall is a stunning new requiem for the modern day. In contrast it is intended to provide solace to the grieving, reflecting on the words of the Latin Mass by juxtaposing them with poems in English. Speaking about the work, Howard Goodall said, "For me, a modern requiem is one that acknowledges the unbearable loss and emptiness that accompanies the death of loved ones, a loss that is not easily ameliorated with platitudes about the joy awaiting us in the afterlife. This, like Brahms', is a requiem for the living, addressing their suffering and endurance, a requiem focusing on the consequences of interrupted lives." Also available in single octavo format, is Lead, Kindly Light (057153323X). Buy digital tracks from iTunes. Complete CD also available from

Shackleton S Cross

Author: Howard Goodall
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Shackleton S Cross from the Author: Howard Goodall. Shackleton's Cross was inspired by a painting created in 1957 by the English artist Edward Seago (1910--1974). The title refers to a cross that was erected to the memory of Sir Ernest Shackleton, who led a number of explorations to the Antarctic. Shackleton died in 1922 whilst on a Polar expedition, and the cross can be found on a promontory at the entrance to the bay at Grytviken Whaling Station in South Georgia. The painting is owned by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, and was part of an exhibition at Buckingham Palace from October 2011 to April 2012. Originally scored for oboe, trumpet and small orchestra, Daniel Hall's sensitive arrangement for trumpet or cornet and brass band follows the composer's alternative version for solo trumpet and organ, created for Crispian Steele-Perkins (trumpet) and David Goode (organ).

The Story Of Music

Author: Howard Goodall
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480447625
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The Story Of Music from the Author: Howard Goodall. Why did prehistoric people start making music? What does every postwar pop song have in common? A “masterful” tour of music through the ages (Booklist, starred review). From Mozart to Motown and beyond, this “racily written, learned, and often shrewdly insightful” social history reveals music’s role in our societies as well as its power to affect us on a personal level (The Daily Telegraph). Once a building block of communication and social ritual, today music is also a worldwide tangle of genres, industries, and identities. But how did we get from single notes to multilayered orchestration, from prehistoric instruments like bone flutes to modern-day pop? In this dynamic tour, acclaimed composer and broadcaster Howard Goodall leads us through the development of music as it happened, idea by idea. In Goodall’s telling, each innovation that we now take for granted―harmony, notation, dance music, recording―strikes us anew. And along the way, Goodall gives listeners a crash course in how music works on a technical level. The story of music is the story of human ambition: the urge to invent, to connect, to rebel. Offering “a lively zip through some forty-five millennia, jumping back and forth between classical, folk, and pop,” Howard Goodall’s beautifully accessible and entertaining ode to joy is a groundbreaking look at just how far we’ve come (The Sunday Times, London).

Big Bangs

Author: Howard Goodall
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1446484548
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Big Bangs from the Author: Howard Goodall. The dramatic story of five key turning points in a thousand years of Western music - discoveries that changed the course of history. Who first invented 'Doh Re Mi...'? What do we mean by "in tune"? Looking back down the corridor of a thousand years, Howard Goodall guides us through the stories of five seismic developments in the history of Western music. His "big bangs" may not be the ones we expect - some are surprising and some are so obvious we overlook them - but all have had an extraordinary impact. Goodall starts with the invention of notation by an 11th-century Italian monk, which removed the creation of music from the hands of the players to the pens of the composers; moves on to the first opera; then to the invention of the piano, and ends with the story of the first recording made in history. Howard Goodall has the gift of making these complicated musical advances both clear and utterly fascinating. Racy and vivid in a narrative full of colourful characters and graphic illustrations of technical processes, he also gives a wonderful sense of the culture of trial and error and competition, be it in 11th-century Italy or 19th-century America, in which all progress takes place. Big Bangs opens a window on the crucial moments in our musical culture - discoveries that made possible everything from Bach to the Beatles - and tells us a riveting story of a millennium of endeavour.

Beneath The Cassock

Author: Joy Carroll
Publisher: Harpercollins Pub Limited
ISBN: 9780007122073
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Beneath The Cassock from the Author: Joy Carroll. Dawn French's Vicar of Dibley is one of Britain's best-loved sitcom characters. This is the story of the woman who inspired her. From a rebellious punk phase to her unexpected calling to the ministry, a prominent involvement in the struggle for the ordination of women to her tabloid wedding, it is perhaps unsurprising that Joy Carroll was chosen as the inspiration for The Vicar of Dibley. She charts how the series was intended to help the acceptance of women priests in the church and society, and how Dawn French worked with her to realise that intention. Moving to the States, getting married and having a baby have all added to her multi-faceted role as a woman priest, and this book gives us a true insight into what that means for her and spiritual women like her.

Sing At First Sight Level 1

Author: Andy Beck
Publisher: Alfred Music
ISBN: 9781457420115
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Sing At First Sight Level 1 from the Author: Andy Beck. A sequential sight-singing curriculum for all choirs. Each of the six units (containing four lessons each) clearly introduces new music reading concepts, reinforces those concepts with several rhythm and pitch exercises, motivates students with helpful hints and challenge exercises, and concludes with fun-filled review games and "Evaluating Your Performance" questions. The helpful "Getting Ready" pages (which precede each unit) are filled with music fundamentals, and for choirs who have never read music before, an optional "Before We Begin" chapter opens the book. And it's all a neatly laid out publication and a perfect fit for your students. From whole notes to sixteenth-note patterns, seconds to sevenths, key signatures, dynamics, articulations, and tempo markings; it's all here, and it's all logically ordered to insure student success! Spend just a few minutes a day with this book and your choir, too, will learn to "Sing at First Sight!"

Pause For Thought

Author: Radio 2
Publisher: Watkins Publishing
ISBN: 9781780289809
Size: 42.56 MB
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Pause For Thought from the Author: Radio 2. Highly designed and vibrantly colourful, this collection of scripts from BBC Radio 2's Pause for Thoughtshowcases the incredible insights that the different faiths in the UK today offer to people of all religions - and to those of none. Together, these pieces provide a guide to finding happiness and achieving psychological wellness, despite all the challenges we face. In both the selection of pieces and in the contemporary design, the emphasis is on pausing - on stopping readers in their tracks and offering new ways of perceiving and connecting with each other. The book features an exciting range of commentators with great public profile, such as comedians Shazia Mirza and Paul Kerensa and ex-Communard Richard Coles. Each of the book's seven chapters has a theme, reinforcing the overall inspirational and positive message of the book: Live Boldly, Challenge Perceptions, Understand, Connect, Love, Be Thankful, Let Go. A superb gift as well as an inspiring self-purchase.

Mr Bean S Diary

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Pub
ISBN: 9780836217605
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Mr Bean S Diary from the Author: . A tongue-in-cheek diary documents the strange life and views of Mr. Bean