Affordable And Social Housing

Author: Paul Reeves
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134690789
Size: 50.58 MB
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Affordable And Social Housing from the Author: Paul Reeves. Affordable and Social Housing - Policy and Practice is a candid and critical appraisal of current big-ticket issues affecting the planning, development and management of affordable and social housing in the United Kingdom. The successor to the second edition of the established textbook An Introduction to Social Housing, the book includes new chapters, reflecting the focal importance of customer involvement and empowerment, regeneration and the Localism agenda which will have radical impacts on housing provision and tenure, as well as the town and country planning system which enables its development. There is also a new chapter on Housing Law in response to demand for a clear and signposting exposition of this often complex area. Reeves indicates how each theme affects the other, and suggests policy directions on the basis of past successes and failures. Paul Reeves takes a people-centred approach to the subject, describing the themes that have run through provision of social housing from the first philanthropic industrialists in the 19th Century though to the increasingly complex mixture of ownerships and tenures in the present day. The book is ideal for students of housing and social policy, and for housing professionals aiming to obtain qualifications and wanting a broad understanding of the social housing sector.

Housing Policy And Practice In China

Author: Y. Wang
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230505988
Size: 21.26 MB
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Housing Policy And Practice In China from the Author: Y. Wang. An authoritative addition to comparative housing research, adding to knowledge of housing policy in practice in China. It demonstrates how Chinese housing provision and policy differs in important ways from that of the former state socialist regimes in Eastern Europe and from other developing countries with which China is often grouped. The relationships to the Chinese political and social frameworks and the influences of Asian neighbours are outlined and assessed.

Sustainable Collective Housing

Author: Lee Ann Nicol
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415531128
Size: 37.40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sustainable Collective Housing from the Author: Lee Ann Nicol. Housing stocks provide much more than just shelter. Energy suppliers, pension fund managers and public transit providers are but a few of the many stakeholders that have a regulated interest in the non-shelter goods and services offered by housing. Such stakeholders and their activities are traditionally addressed on a sectoral basis, yet regulations that are designed to apply to one often have unintended effects on another, effects that may produce negative pressure on the housing stock – and the wider built environment – in terms of sustainability. Sustainable Collective Housing presents a new and comprehensive approach to the study of the regulations pertaining to housing: the institutional regimes framework. By considering the housing stock as a resource, this framework enables the ensemble of public policies, property rights and contracts that govern all shelter and non-shelter uses of housing to be identified, analyzed and evaluated. Using examples from Switzerland, Germany and Spain, this book describes the regulatory conditions that must be in place before housing sustainability issues can be effectively tackled. The book will provide policy-makers, housing stock owners and other stakeholders with the knowledge and tools to make rational and legitimate decisions regarding housing sustainability.

Management Of Privatised Social Housing

Author: Vincent Gruis
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781444322620
Size: 80.19 MB
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Management Of Privatised Social Housing from the Author: Vincent Gruis. The sale of public and social housing has been a major aspect of housing policies in recent decades. Privatisation and a general retreat by governments from the housing arena have pushed up sales; this has been particularly evident within Eastern European countries and China but is also taking place in many Western European countries and Australia. Wherever it occurs, such privatisation has lead to new challenges for housing management. Many estates are now a mix of public and private, raising questions about the division of responsibilities between different owners. Legislation to address this is not adequate and public managers are still hampered by the bureaucratic mechanisms within their organisations, while the new owners are not used to their responsibilities for maintenance. Added to this are the limited financial resources for renewal and maintenance among both public and private owners at a time when the need for investments is urgent, especially within the massive housing estates dating from the communist era. Experts from Australia, France, the Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, China, the Czech Republic, Moldavia, Russia, Serbia and Slovenia present their county’s context and the policies and practice for managing privatised housing, together with case studies illustrating the issues described. How privatised public housing is managed is of international concern, which will benefit from an international exchange of knowledge and best practice. The comparative analysis offered in Management of Privatised Housing: International Policies & Practice makes a significant contribution to the literature on this important topic.

Housing Policy And Practice

Author: Peter Malpass
Publisher: Palgrave
ISBN: 9780333731895
Size: 23.16 MB
Format: PDF
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Housing Policy And Practice from the Author: Peter Malpass. This new, revised and updated edition provides a comprehensive account of the current issues in housing, set in a clear historical context. The legacy of 18 years of Conservative governments and the challenges faced by New Labour are assessed.

Energy Efficiency In Housing Management

Author: Nico Nieboer
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136330240
Size: 40.55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Energy Efficiency In Housing Management from the Author: Nico Nieboer. The embedding of energy efficiency in the management of individual housing organisations is crucial for the realization of current ambitious energy efficiency policies. This issue is examined for the first time in this book through an analysis of selected case studies in new ‘green’ buildings, as well as in the retrofitting of existing housing, maintenance and budgeting. The links between policy ambitions, practice and housing management institutions are given particular attention. Thus the book is primarily concerned with how ambitions about energy efficiency are carried forward in investment decisions at the housing estate level. Technical and financial issues relevant for this are also addressed. The editors combine a wealth of experience in comparative research on housing policy and housing management with a strong academic background in housing studies and economics. The book aims to be internationally comparative including a range of countries. A chapter will be devoted to each of the following countries:- Sweden; Denmark; Germany; the Netherlands; England; France; Switzerland; Austria; Czech Republic; Slovenia; Canada. The book will appeal to a large audience of students and academics who are concerned with housing issues, urban policy and politics as well as to those engaged in research in energy efficiency policies in the built environment.

Race Housing And Community

Author: Harris Beider
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1405196963
Size: 70.86 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Race Housing And Community from the Author: Harris Beider. This book provides an important new contribution to debates around housing policy and its impact on community cohesion. There has never been a more prescient time to discuss these concepts: the book provides an interpretation of housing, race and community cohesion in a highly politicized and fluid policy context. It is designed to initiate discussion and debate but this should not be esoteric and limited to a group of academics. Rather the objective is to bridge academic and policy audiences in the hope that this fusion provides a basis for a new agenda to discuss these topics. Race and community have been key features of social housing policy over the last 20 years with many high–profile interventions, from the proactive approach by the Housing Corporation to support black and minority ethnic housing associations, to the influential Cantle Report documenting segregation in towns and cities following riots, and the National Housing Federation led Race & Housing Inquiry leading to sector wide recommendations to achieve equality. However, volume of policy interventions and reports has not been matched by academic outputs that co–ordinate, integrate and critically analyse ′race′, housing and community. Housing, Race & Community Cohesion is the first systematic overview of ′race′, housing and community during this tumultuous period. The material presented is robust and research based but also directly engages with issues around policy and delivery. It is designed to reflect the interests both of the academic research community and policy makers on both sides of the Atlantic. It is not rooted to specific policy interventions that could quickly date but instead focuses on developing new ways to analyse difficult issues that will help both students and practitioners now and in the future.

European Housing Policy And Practice

Author: United States. Federal Housing Administration
Size: 54.28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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European Housing Policy And Practice from the Author: United States. Federal Housing Administration.