Housing And Services In Rural And Remote Australia

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Housing And Services In Rural And Remote Australia from the Author: . This paper examines the general economic, demographic and social characteristics and trends in rural housing markets as well as access to services in non-metropolitan areas.

Welfare Reform In Rural Places

Author: Paul Milbourne
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing
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Welfare Reform In Rural Places from the Author: Paul Milbourne. This is the most important rugby book of the modern ear. Laced with controversy, it covers the period from when professionalism was adopted after the Tokyo and Paris agreements of 1995, up to and including the 2011 Six Nations Championship. In that time England employed six coaches: Geoff Cooke, Jack Rowell, Clive Woodward, Andy Robinson, Brian Ashton and Martin Johnson. It takes a critical look at them all in a period when England have not won a Grand Slam since 2003. With over half a million players in 2,500 clubs, could we not have done better? England is, after all, the wealthiest playing nation on God's earth and the only Europeans still making a profit. Why then have so many clubs fallen into the dankness of administration or gone out of business altogether like Orrell and Wakefield? Why have clubs like Coventry, London Welsh, Moseley and Bristol experienced financial difficulties? What does the future hold for Blackheath, London Scottish, Waterloo and West Hartlepool, to name but a four of the famous oldies? Is it sensible for clubs to chase after overseas players as Saracens and Leicester have been doing for many a year? Have Exeter caught that particular bug? The book looks at the shambles of the English league system, which is unedifying, cramped and costly. What are Redruth doing if they are playing Blaydon, when the cost of travel is ÂŁ3,000? Why are the leagues not regionalised? What is the point of the British & Irish Cup? How important is the Heineken Cup? Why is a club promoted to the Aviva Premiership not awarded the same level of financial help as those already in the top division? These and a host of other taxing issues are examined in depth.

Regional Development In Australia

Author: Robyn Eversole
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317417623
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Regional Development In Australia from the Author: Robyn Eversole. In Australia, regions are not just a geographic category, they are also cultural. Being regional means being located outside the nation’s capital cities and in the periphery of centres of power and influence. It is thus significantly different than its European or American counterparts. However, surprisingly little has been written about this unique dynamic; this book has been written to fill this gap. In recent decades the Australian government has made repeated policy efforts to achieve sustainable development in its non-metropolitan areas. Over the same period, those who live and work outside the nation’s capital cities have come to identify as regional Australians. This book takes an anthropological approach to understanding the particularities of regional development in Australia. It draws upon rich, on-the-ground observations of towns, industries, universities, development organisations and communities across different settings to provide an in-depth understanding of the subject. This book will be of interest to researchers and practitioners concerned with regional development and policy.

Mobility Of Aboriginal People In Rural And Remote Australia

Author: Paul Memmott
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Mobility Of Aboriginal People In Rural And Remote Australia from the Author: Paul Memmott. Aboriginal households in Dajarra, Alpurrurulam and Mt. Isa, while exceptionally mobile by Australian mainstream standards, are relatively stable in their customary attachment to their home community, local bush couontry, cultural region, and regional centre. There is a need to balance the local provision of housing and other services to outlying remote and rural communities and to rationalise service provision in regional centres.

Older People

Author: Rhonda Nay
Publisher: Elsevier Australia
ISBN: 0729538982
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Older People from the Author: Rhonda Nay. Now in its fourth edition trusted textbook Older People: Issues and Innovations in Care provides a unique collection of conversations and commentaries by leading international and local experts on a range of contemporary issues around the care of older people. Featuring six new chapters, current research and policy changes, the esteemed author team continue to highlight the importance of interdisciplinary healthcare in providing a comprehensive, person-centred approach to care. This edition encourages readers to explore care issues, innovations and change, and to utilise evidence-based practice to improve the care of older people and their families. - Editors' comments precede each chapter, providing a snapshot of the issues addressed. - Dementia care has an increased focus. New chapters include: - Caring for older people: issues for consumers - Younger people in residential aged care facilities - Health and care of older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples - Alzheimer's dementia: neuropsychology, early diagnosis and intervention - Self-esteem, dignity and finding meaning in dementia - My journey of heartbreak: my parents and Alzheimer's disease. - Vignettes highlight innovative approaches to care that result in improved health outcomes for older people. - Key points are woven through the text to reiterate vital information relevant to nurses and aged care workers. - Reflective questions encourage critical thinking as an instrument for improving practice. - In-text references are made to video interviews available on the Evolve site. This text reflects new thinking in care; include the ideas and experiences of policy analysts, nurses, doctors, allied health professionals and the consumer experience mainly from Australia but with international contributions and be based on contemporary research. It will also point readers to 'the evidence' where it exists, and include vignettes of practice and 'video' clips where appropriate.

Australian Social Policy And The Human Services

Author: Edgar Carson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316621030
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Australian Social Policy And The Human Services from the Author: Edgar Carson. Australian Social Policy and the Human Services introduces readers to the complex field of social policy development, implementation and evaluation. Drawing on the evolution of policymaking practices and debates surrounding the delivery of human services, the text explores the links between policy and practice in contemporary Australian society. Fully revised and updated, this second edition features a new chapter on citizenship and globalisation, as well as enhanced discussions of immigration policy and disability policy. A new instructor companion website features a curated suite of multimedia resources and extension questions designed to encourage readers to independently develop their knowledge. Each chapter is framed by learning objectives, reflection points, end-of-chapter exercises, further reading lists and links to online content, while key terms and case studies illustrate significant concepts. Written in an engaging and accessible style, Australian Social Policy and the Human Services is an indispensable resource for students and practitioners alike.

Social Care Practice In Rural Communities

Author: Brian Cheers
Publisher: Federation Press
ISBN: 9781862876361
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Social Care Practice In Rural Communities from the Author: Brian Cheers. The authors bring more than 40 years' experience in rural social work and community development to the challenge of providing good social care to the more than 6 million people who live in rural Australia, some in very remote locations.Their book emphasises the importance of a developmental approach encompassing proper planning, evidence-based policy, and the influence which practitioners can have. The first part explains the processes for developing, implementing and evaluating policies and social plans, including achieving impact through networking, formal consultations, community development, and lobbying.Part two of the book looks at types of social care and the challenges each present. Those covered include:Community-embedded, where practitioners view themselves as part of the community Specialised, where the focus is on a particular target group or methodology Statutory, where the provision of social care comes with legislative responsibility Visiting, where the practitioner doesn't live in the community but provides services on a visiting basisThe authors devote specific attention to Indigenous communities and, through case studies, provide examples of social care programs in action.This is an invaluable book for practitioners and students of social work, nursing, education, psychology, community development, and social policy, as well as others who care for the social needs of rural communities on a voluntary basis.

Disability And Vocational Rehabilitation In Rural Settings

Author: Debra A. Harley
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319647865
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Disability And Vocational Rehabilitation In Rural Settings from the Author: Debra A. Harley. This first-of-its-kind textbook surveys rehabilitation and vocational programs aiding persons with disabilities in remote and developing areas in the U.S. and abroad. Contributors discuss longstanding challenges to these communities, most notably economic and environmental obstacles and ongoing barriers to service delivery, as well as their resilience and strengths. Intersections of health, social, structural, and access disparities are shown affecting rural disabled populations such as women, racial and sexual minorities, youth, and elders. In terms of responses, a comprehensive array of healthcare and health policy solutions and recommendations is critiqued with regard to health, employment, and service effectiveness outcomes. Included among the topics: Healthcare initiatives, strategies, and challenges for people with disabilities in rural, frontier, and territory settings. Challenges faced by veterans residing in rural communities. The Asia and Pacific region: rural-urban impact on disability. Challenges after natural disaster for rural residents with disabilities. Meeting the needs of rural adults with mental illness and dual diagnoses. Capacity building in rural communities through community-based collaborative partnerships. Disability and Vocational Rehabilitation in Rural Settings makes a worthy textbook for graduate students and upper-level undergraduates in the fields of social work, community and environmental psychology, public health, sociology, education, and geography. Its professional audience also includes vocational rehabilitation counselors serving these dynamic populations.