Beyond The Veil

Author: Fatima Mernissi
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253204233
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Beyond The Veil from the Author: Fatima Mernissi. An expanded and updated edition of this classic study includes a new introduction on Muslim women and fundamentalism, in which Fatima Mernissi argues that the present conservative wave against women in the Muslim world is a defence against recent profound changes in sex roles and in perceptions of sexual identity. Sexual inequality is a prominent feature of both Western and Islamic societies but underlying concepts of female sexuality in Christian and Muslim traditions are very different. The Islamic view of women and active sexual beings resulted in stricter regulation and control of women's sexuality, which Muslim theorists regarded as a threat to civilized society. But the requirements of modernization are incompatible with traditional Muslim strictures, and the ensuing contradictions provide nearly all Muslim countries. Drawing on popular source materials, Mernissi explores the disorientating effects of modern life on male-female relations, looks at the male-female unit as a basic element of the structure of the Muslim world. A list of suggested supplementary reading enhances the value of this edition for students and general readers. Fatima Mernissi, formerly Professor of Sociology at Muhammad V University, Rabat, Morocco, holds a research appointment at Morocco's Institute Universitaire de Recherche Scientifique. She is author of Le Maroc raconté par ses femmes, Le Harem politique, and numerous articles about women in the Third World.

The Mirror Of Literature Amusement And Instruction

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The Mirror Of Literature Amusement And Instruction from the Author: . Containing original essays; historical narratives, biographical memoirs, sketches of society, topographical descriptions, novels and tales, anecdotes, select extracts from new and expensive works, the spirit of the public journals, discoveries in the arts and sciences, useful domestic hints, etc. etc. etc.


Author: Khalida Messaoudi
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 9780812216578
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Unbowed from the Author: Khalida Messaoudi. 2. The Islam of My Youth

Scheherazade Goes West

Author: Fatema Mernissi
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743422538
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Scheherazade Goes West from the Author: Fatema Mernissi. Throughout my childhood, my grandmother Yasmina, who was illiterate and grew up in a harem, repeated that to travel is the best way to learn and to empower yourself. "When a woman decides to use her wings, she takes big risks," she would tell me, but she was convinced that if you didn't use them, it hurt.... So recalls Fatema Mernissi at the outset of her mesmerizing new book. Of all the lessons she learned from her grandmother -- whose home was, after all, a type of prison -- the most central was that the opportunity to cross boundaries was a sacred privilege. Indeed, in journeys both physical and mental, Mernissi has spent virtually all of her life traveling -- determined to "use her wings" and to renounce her gender's alleged legacy of powerlessness. Bursting with the vitality of Mernissi's personality and of her rich heritage, Scheherazade Goes West reveals the author's unique experiences as a liberated, independent Moroccan woman faced with the peculiarities and unexpected encroachments of Western culture. Her often surprising discoveries about the conditions of and attitudes toward women around the world -- and the exquisitely embroidered amalgam of clear-eyed autobiography and dazzling meta-fiction by which she relates those assorted discoveries -- add up to a deliciously wry, engagingly cosmopolitan, and deeply penetrating narrative. In her previous bestselling works, Mernissi -- widely recognized as the world's greatest living Koranic scholar and Islamic sociologist -- has shed unprecedented light on the lives of women in the Middle East. Now, as a writer and scholarly veteran of the high-wire act of straddling disparate societies, she trains her eyes on the female culture of the West. For her book's inspired central metaphor, Mernissi turns to the ancient Islamic tradition of oral storytelling, illuminating her grandmother's feminized, subversive, and highly erotic take on Scheherazade's wife-preserving tales from The Arabian Nights -- and then ingeniously applying them to her own lyrically embellished personal narrative. Interwoven with vivid ruminations on her childhood, her education, and her various international travels are the author's piquant musings on a range of deeply embedded societal conditions that add up, Mernissi argues, to a veritable "Western harem." A provocative and lively challenge to the common assumption that women have it so much better in the West than anywhere else in the world, Mernissi's book is an entrancing and timely look at the way we live here and now. By inspiring us to reconsider even the most commonplace aspects of our culture with fresh eyes and a healthy dose of suspicion, Scheherazade Goes West offers an invigorating, candid, and entertaining new perspective on the themes and ideas to which Betty Friedan first turned us on nearly forty years ago.

The Harem Within

Author: Fatima Mernissi
ISBN: 9780385405423
Size: 80.70 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Harem Within from the Author: Fatima Mernissi.