A History Of Pantomime

Author: Maureen Hughes
Publisher: Remember When
ISBN: 1473832993
Size: 55.40 MB
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A History Of Pantomime from the Author: Maureen Hughes. Each Christmas entire families in the UK troop off to see, what one could almost say is 'the obligatory'. annual entertainment, known as Pantomime. It is a traditional, seasonal way of life for the British envied the world over, and one which only the British seem to understand! Pantomime serves both to entertain and to introduce each new generation to the joys of theatre in the most unique of ways, for this is not a type of theatre one merely watches, but one in which the audience participate – often in the most seemingly boisterous and bizarre of ways. The whole experience is steeped in tradition, traditions which only the British seem to understand, which is probably why we are proud to call it a 'British Experience.'??In A History of Pantomime Maureen Hughes takes a brief look at the history of Pantomime as well as taking a humorous look at some of the above mentioned traditions; she also gives a synopsis of each of the well-known Pantomimes whilst exploring the eccentric world of the characters who appear in them. There is also a short piece on just some of the most well-known and loved of the actors who each Christmas take on the part of Pantomime Dames across the UK, as well as a look at others who have contributed to this magical world of fun and eccentricity. It is thought by some to be frivolous and pointless piece of theatre, but a browse through this informative book and you will soon find that Pantomime is an art form all of its own, requiring the most dedicated and talented of actors/actresses who are prepared to honour and perpetuate this wonderful tradition as it is passed down from one generation to the next.??As seen in The Telegraph and the Sunday Post (Glasgow).

The Politics Of The Pantomime

Author: Jill Alexandra Sullivan
Publisher: Univ of Hertfordshire Press
ISBN: 9781902806891
Size: 37.54 MB
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The Politics Of The Pantomime from the Author: Jill Alexandra Sullivan. Dynamic and unique, this history examines pantomime productions in the English provinces—particularly Birmingham, Nottingham, and Manchester—from 1860 through 1900. Arguing that pantomimes were rooted in specific expressions of local identity, this volume explores censorship as well as the relationships between theaters, their managers, authors, and audiences. This valuable contribution to the study of Victorian popular culture also demonstrates how regional pantomime theater utilized political satire to its full advantage due to its geographical and creative distance from London.

Oh Yes It Is

Author: Gerald Frow
Size: 26.88 MB
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Oh Yes It Is from the Author: Gerald Frow.

Victorian Pantomime

Author: J. Davis
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230291783
Size: 57.56 MB
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Victorian Pantomime from the Author: J. Davis. Featuring contributions by new and established nineteenth-century theatre scholars, this collection of critical essays is the first of its kind devoted solely to Victorian pantomime. It takes us through the various manifestations of British pantomime in the Victorian period and its ambivalent relationship with Victorian values.

New Directions In Ancient Pantomime

Author: Edith Hall
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199232539
Size: 71.43 MB
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New Directions In Ancient Pantomime from the Author: Edith Hall. A collection of specially commissioned studies in which leading world specialists explore all aspects of the ancient pantomime dancer's performance skills, popularity, and social impact, while paying special attention to the texts that formed the basis of this distinctive art form, the forerunner of modern ballet.

Theatre History Studies 2015

Author: Elizabeth Reitz Mullenix
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
ISBN: 0817371095
Size: 73.51 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Theatre History Studies 2015 from the Author: Elizabeth Reitz Mullenix. The 2015 volume of "Theatre History Studies" presents a collection of five critical essays examining the intersection of theatre studies and historiography as well as twenty-five book reviews highlighting recent scholarship in this thriving field.

A History Of Pantomime

Author: R. J. Broadbent
Publisher: BiblioBazaar, LLC
ISBN: 9780554246611
Size: 49.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A History Of Pantomime from the Author: R. J. Broadbent. From the beginning of all time there has been implanted in the human breast the Dramatic instinct full of life and of vigour, and finding undoubtedly its outlet, in the early days of civilization, if not in the Dramatic Art then in the poetry of motion with that necessary and always essential concomitant of both-Pantomime.

Dramatic Bibliography

Author: Blanch Merritt Baker
Publisher: 清华大学出版社有限公司
Size: 60.21 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Dramatic Bibliography from the Author: Blanch Merritt Baker.

British Pantomime Performance

Author: Millie Taylor
Publisher: Intellect Books
ISBN: 1841501743
Size: 80.68 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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British Pantomime Performance from the Author: Millie Taylor. Three of Charles Dickens's much-loved Christmas novellas-The Cricket on the Hearth, The Battle of Life, and The Haunted Man-are brought to life in this classic audiobook collection.

Silent Eloquence

Author: Ismene Lada-Richards
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472537696
Size: 37.10 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Silent Eloquence from the Author: Ismene Lada-Richards. One of the greatest aesthetic attractions in the ancient world was pantomime dancing, a ballet-style entertainment in which a silent, solo dancer incarnated a series of mythological characters to the accompaniment of music and sung narrative. Looking at a multitude of texts and particularly Lucian's "On the Dance", a dialogue written at the height of pantomime's popularity, this innovative cultural study of the genre offers a radical reassessment of its importance in the symbolic economy of imperial and later antiquity. Rather than being trivial or lowbrow, pantomime was thoroughly enmeshed in wider social discourses on morality and sexuality, gender and desire and a key player in the fierce battles about education and culture that raged in the ancient world. A close reading of primary sources, judiciously interlaced with a wealth of interdisciplinary perspectives, makes this challenging book essential for anyone interested in the performance culture of the Greek and Roman world.