Heritage Culture And Society

Author: Salleh Mohd Radzi
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1315386968
Size: 21.34 MB
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Heritage Culture And Society from the Author: Salleh Mohd Radzi. Heritage, Culture and Society contains the papers presented at the 3rd International Hospitality and Tourism Conference (IHTC2016) & 2nd International Seminar on Tourism (ISOT 2016), Bandung, Indonesia, 10—12 October 2016). The book covers 7 themes: i) Hospitality and tourism management ii) Hospitality and tourism marketing iii) Current trends in hospitality and tourism management iv) Technology and innovation in hospitality and tourism v) Sustainable tourism vi) Gastronomy, foodservice and food safety, and vii) Relevant areas in hospitality and tourism Heritage, Culture and Society is a significant contribution to the literature on Hospitality and Tourism, and will be of interest to professionals and academia in both areas.

Heritage Culture And Politics In The Postcolony

Author: Daniel Herwitz
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231530722
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Heritage Culture And Politics In The Postcolony from the Author: Daniel Herwitz. The act of remaking one’s history into a heritage, a conscientiously crafted narrative placed over the past, is a thriving industry in almost every postcolonial culture. This is surprising, given the tainted role of heritage in so much of colonialism’s history. Yet the postcolonial state, like its European predecessor of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, deploys heritage institutions and instruments, museums, courts of law, and universities to empower itself with unity, longevity, exaltation of value, origin, and destiny. Bringing the eye of a philosopher, the pen of an essayist, and the experience of a public intellectual to the study of heritage, Daniel Herwitz reveals the febrile pitch at which heritage is staked. In this absorbing book, he travels to South Africa and unpacks its controversial and robust confrontations with the colonial and apartheid past. He visits India and reads in its modern art the gesture of a newly minted heritage idealizing the precolonial world as the source of Indian modernity. He traverses the United States and finds in its heritage of incessant invention, small town exceptionalism, and settler destiny a key to contemporary American media-driven politics. Showing how destabilizing, ambivalent, and potentially dangerous heritage is as a producer of contemporary social, aesthetic, and political realities, Herwitz captures its perfect embodiment of the struggle to seize culture and society at moments of profound social change.

Culture And Society In Tourism Contexts

Author: Antonio Miguel Nogués-Pedregal
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing
ISBN: 0857246836
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Culture And Society In Tourism Contexts from the Author: Antonio Miguel Nogués-Pedregal. This book strives to understand the social and cultural dynamics in Mediterranean tourist destinations through ethnographic examples from Greece, Spain, Egypt, France, Malta and Crete. Migrants, tourists and new residents with different nationalities and personal motivations converge and share with locals in the same locations and/or create new places that mushroom all over the territories (i.e. urbanisations in the coasts). As this occurs the practices and meanings that give sense to daily life seem to blur traditional dichotomic notions such as leisure and labour, residents or locals, nationals or foreigners. The work of several social scientists, from varied backgrounds, over numerous years, using multiple research techniques to observe cultures and societies as they occur in daily practices is documented here. This book underlines the importance of focusing on the relations among the relations, that is, not simply looking at only one of the possible social pairs among these groups (i.e. tourists-locals; tourist-new residents etc.) but at how the presence of all the groups affect both the whole social and cultural processes and the relations among them.

Unquiet Pasts

Author: Stephanie Koerner
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351876678
Size: 46.20 MB
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Unquiet Pasts from the Author: Stephanie Koerner. This important book addresses critical themes in the development of archaeology as a reflexive, self-critical discipline in the modern world. It explores the ethical, political and cultural tensions and responsibilities which need to be addressed by archaeologists when working within networks of global ecologies and communities, examining how authoritarian traditions can exacerbate the divide between expert and public knowledge. Moreover, it analyses how localized acts of archaeology relate to changing conceptions of risk, heritage, culture, identity, and conflict. Bringing insights from Alain Schnapp, Michael Shanks, Isabelle Stengers, Bruno Latour, Ulrich Beck, John Urry and others to cross-disciplinary discussions of these themes, Unquiet Pasts shows how archaeological discourse can contribute towards engaging and understanding current dilemmas. It also shows how archaeology, as a localized and responsibly exercised practice, can play a part in building our commonly shared and experienced world.

Contested Heritage

Author: Anne Marie Alyce Johnson
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Contested Heritage from the Author: Anne Marie Alyce Johnson. The U'mista Cultural Society ('the return of something important') was created to house the potlatch collection upon repatriation from Canadian museums after its 1921 seizure by the colonial government under the Indian Act's potlatch ban amendment. Located in the remote island community of Alert Bay in British Columbia, U'mista's collection is composed of masks and other regalia items used in the celebration of the potlatch, a ceremony that functioned as the crux of the political, social, legal, and economic framework for First Nation communities. This thesis is an investigation, within the framework of U'mista, of the cultural and administrative challenges faced by an indigenous-run heritage organization after repatriation. I will trace the ongoing acculturation within the potlatch ceremony and collection from the time of colonial rule and fervent anthropological prejudicial construction, to today's postcolonial politics of federal restitution, cultural property laws, and the influx of cultural tourism and new forms of information technology, all of which necessitate continuing syncretism. Privileging the view that culture is necessarily hybridized. I will explore how U'mista navigates the tension between tradition and cultural change, both in the display of the collection, and in how the organization frames its objectives a cultural institution. Rather than pitting a global cultural ecumene against the myth of pristine traditional culture, this thesis will consider the cognitive dissonance inherent in issues surrounding postcolonial heritage as a means of considering potential frameworks for parity, protection and cultural revitalization in the present. These tensions exist in the discursive space in which colonial and ethnographic/anthropological assumptions and practices converse with First Nation conceptions of heritage, cultural identity and the lingering colonial impact on museums, historical narrative and cultural policy.

Fractured Times

Author: Eric Hobsbawm
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1405519746
Size: 21.24 MB
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Fractured Times from the Author: Eric Hobsbawm. Born almost a hundred years ago in Vienna - the cultural heart of a bourgeois Mitteleurope - Eric Hobsbawm, who was to become one of the most brilliant and original historians of our age, was uniquely placed to observe an era of titanic social and artistic change. As the century progressed, the forces of Communism and Dadaism, Ibiza and cyberspace, would do battle with the bourgeois high culture fin-de-siècle Vienna represented - the opera, the Burgtheater, the museums of art and science, City Hall. In Fractured Times Hobsbawm unpicks a century of cultural fragmentation and dissolution with characteristic verve and vigour. Hobsbawm examines the conditions that created the great cultural flowering of the belle époque and held the seeds of its disintegration, from paternalistic capitalism to globalisation and the arrival of a mass consumer society. Passionate but never sentimental, Hobsbawm ranges freely across his subject: he records the passing of the golden age of the 'free intellectual' and examines the lives of great, forgotten men; he analyses the relation between art and totalitarianism and dissects cultural phenomena as diverse as surrealism, women's emancipation and the American cowboy myth. Written with consummate imagination and skill, Fractured Times is the last book from one of our greatest modern-day thinkers.

Childhood Philosophy And Open Society

Author: Chi-Ming Lam
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9814451061
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Childhood Philosophy And Open Society from the Author: Chi-Ming Lam. ​The purpose of this book is to develop a theory and practice of education from Karl Popper’s non-justificationist philosophy for promoting an open society. Specifically, the book is designed to develop an educational programme for fostering critical thinking in children, particularly when they are involved in group discussion.The study conducted an experiment to assess the effectiveness of Matthew Lipman’s Philosophy for Children (P4C) programme in promoting Hong Long (Chinese) children’s critical thinking. Forty-two Secondary 1 students volunteered for the experiment, from whom 28 students were randomly selected and randomly assigned to two groups of 14 each: one receiving P4C lessons and the other receiving English lessons. The students who were taught P4C were found to perform better in the reasoning test than those who were not, to be capable of discussing philosophical problems in a competent way, and to have a very positive attitude towards doing philosophy in the classroom. It was also found that P4C played a major role in developing the students’ critical thinking.Considering that the construction of children by adults as incompetent in the sense of lacking reason, maturity, or independence reinforces the traditional structure of adult authority over children in society, it runs counter to the goal of fostering critical thinking in children. As a way to return justice to childhood and to effectively promote critical thinking in children, the present study suggested reconstructing the concept of childhood, highlighting the importance of establishing a coherent public policy on promotion of agency in children and also the importance of empowering them to participate actively in research, legal, and educational institutions.

Managing Cultural Heritage

Author: Ms Federica Onofri
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1472440366
Size: 46.89 MB
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Managing Cultural Heritage from the Author: Ms Federica Onofri. Since the 1990s, heritage studies has emerged as a distinct academic field, and practices and rhetoric drawn from mainstream corporate management and strategic planning have become widespread, but the highly interdisciplinary nature of heritage has brought in a wide diversity of perspectives that has sometimes posed challenges to mutual understanding. Based on fifteen years of field work done by a group of scholars at the Department of Management, University of Bologna, this book is an in-depth investigation of management practices rather than policies, based on a variety of case studies from China, Italy, Malta, Turkey, and Peru. The authors take the issue of management in heritage seriously, but also take into account the role of other disciplines within heritage organizations. In particular, they focus on sustainability in terms of financial resources, human resources, knowledge management, and the relationship with the audience and communities of scholars. This book will be of interest to management scholars interested in heritage management, to heritage professionals who face managerial issues in their daily practice, and to arts management students all over the world.