Hell Or High Water

Author: Jerrie Alexander
Publisher: Jerrie Alexander
ISBN: 1941205003
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Hell Or High Water from the Author: Jerrie Alexander. A woman in trouble. A man she loves but can't trust. When ex-SEAL Nate Wolfe learns a woman from his past is in danger, nothing will stop him from protecting her. Not even her. Dallas Child Protection Services Investigator Kay Taylor doesn't want or need Nate in her life. But he doesn't seem to understand the word no. He seems to also have forgotten the brand he left on her heart. When Kay is taken and sold to a monster, the devil himself couldn't stop Nate from doing whatever it takes to find her...but will he be in time? Keywords, Romantic Suspense, Military, SEAL, Ranger

Come Hell Or High Water

Author: Michael Eric Dyson
Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com
ISBN: 1458760782
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Come Hell Or High Water from the Author: Michael Eric Dyson. What Hurricane Katrina reveals about the fault lines of race and poverty in America-and what lessons we must take from the flood-from best-selling ''hip-hop intellectual'' Michael Eric Dyson Does George W. Bush care about black people? Does the rest of America? When Hurricane Katrina tore through New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, hundreds of thousands were left behind to suffer the ravages of destruction, disease, and even death. The majority of these people were black; nearly all were poor. The federal government's slow response to local appeals for help is by now notorious. Yet despite the cries of outrage that have mounted since the levees broke, we have failed to confront the disaster's true lesson; to be poor, or black, in today's ownership society, is to be left behind. Displaying the intellectual rigor, political passion, and personal empathy that have won him fans across the color line, Michael Eric Dyson offers a searing assessment of the meaning of Hurricane Katrina. Combining interviews with survivors of the disaster with his deep knowledge of black migrations and government policy over decades, Dyson provides the historical context that has been sorely missing from public conversation. He explores the legacy of black suffering in America since slavery, including the shocking ways that black people are framed in the national consciousness even today. With this call-to-action, Dyson warns us that we can only find redemption as a society if we acknowledge that Katrina was more than an engineering or emergency response failure. From the TV newsroom to the Capitol Building to the backyard, we must change the ways we relate to the black and the poor among us. What's at stake is no less than the future of democracy.

Long Time Gone

Author: Se Jakes
ISBN: 9781626490611
Size: 33.63 MB
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Long Time Gone from the Author: Se Jakes. Soldier of fortune Prophet Drews always worked alone-until Tom Boudreaux became his partner. But when Tom walked away three months ago, ostensibly to keep Prophet safe, Prophet learned the true meaning of" being" alone. Everyone knows that Prophet, a Navy SEAL turned CIA spook turned mercenary, can look after himself. Which means he must've driven his lover away. Even with half a world between them, Prophet can't get the man out of his head. Maybe that's why he's in New Orleans in the middle of a hurricane, protecting Tom's aunt. But the only looter around is Tom, bursting back into Prophet's life. It turns out that Prophet's been stuck in "Tom's" head-and heart-too. Their explosive reunion gets even hotter when Tom is arrested for murder. As they fight to clear his name, they delve deep into his past, finding enemies among everyone they meet. Staying alive in such a dangerous world is hard enough, but they soon discover that fighting to stay together is the most difficult thing they've ever done.

Charleston Come Hell Or High Water

Author: Robert N. S. Whitelaw
Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press
ISBN: 9781570034640
Size: 12.44 MB
Format: PDF
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Charleston Come Hell Or High Water from the Author: Robert N. S. Whitelaw. This text captures the indomitable spirit of one of America's oldest and best-preserved cities. The collection of 168 black and white photographs depicts Charleston from the advent of photography in the 1840s through the late 20th century.

Understanding Screenwriting

Author: Tom Stempel
Publisher: Continuum Intl Pub Group
Size: 71.16 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Understanding Screenwriting from the Author: Tom Stempel. Understanding Screenwriting dissects 21 successful and the unsuccessful screenplays. Stempel analyzes why certain aspects of a screenplay work and others do not, carefully explaining the difference between the film we watch and what was, or might have bee

Hell Or High Water

Author: Paul Martin
Publisher: Emblem Editions
ISBN: 1551993325
Size: 36.34 MB
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Hell Or High Water from the Author: Paul Martin. National bestseller Paul Martin was the Prime Minister we never really knew — in this memoir he emerges as a fascinating flesh and blood man, still working hard to make a better world. “The next thing you know, I was in a jail cell.” (Chapter 2) “From the moment I flipped his truck on the road home to Morinville…” (Chapter 3) “When I came back into Aquin’s headquarters I had a broken nose.” (Chapter 4) These are not lines that you expect in a prime ministerial memoir. But Paul Martin — who led the country from 2003 to 2006 — is full of surprises, and his book will reveal a very different man from the prime minister who had such a rough ride in the wake of the sponsorship scandal. Although he grew up in Windsor and Ottawa as the son of the legendary Cabinet Minister Paul Martin, politics was not in his blood. As a kid he loved sports, and had summer jobs as a deckhand or a roustabout. As a young man he plunged into family life, and into the business world. After his years as a “corporate firefighter” for Power Corporation came the excitement of acquiring Canada Steamship Lines in Canada’s largest ever leveraged buy-out, “the most audacious gamble of my life.” In 1988, however, he became a Liberal M.P., ran for the leadership in 1990 and in 1993 became Jean Chrétien’s minister of finance, with the country in a deep hole. The story of his years as perhaps our best finance minister ever leads to his account of the revolt against Chrétien, and his time in office. Great events and world figures stud this book, which is firm but polite as it sets the record straight, and is full of wry humour and self-deprecating stories. Far from ending with his defeat in 2006, the book deals with his continuing passions, such as Canada’s aboriginals and the problems of Africa. This is an idealistic, interesting book that reveals the Paul Martin we never knew. It’s a pleasure to meet him. From the Hardcover edition.

Hell Or High Water

Author: Joy Castro
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1250004578
Size: 67.50 MB
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Hell Or High Water from the Author: Joy Castro. Hoping she has caught a lucky break when she is assigned to write a first full-length feature, ambitious young reporter Nola CĂ©spedes becomes fixated on the search for a missing tourist in New Orleans at the same time compelling questions emerge about her identity and trustworthiness. By the author of The Truth Book. 25,000 first printing.

The Kiss Album Focus

Author: Julian Gill
Publisher: Xlibris Corp
ISBN: 9781599263588
Size: 41.59 MB
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The Kiss Album Focus from the Author: Julian Gill. THE KISS ALBUM FOCUS (3RD EDITION) VOL. II Originally debuting as a feature on the KISS Asylum website the unofficial and unsanctioned "KISS Album Focus" work was compiled into book format and privately published in two editions in 2002. Delving into the history of the "Hottest Band In The World," the work seeks to provide an objective biography supported by comments band members have made during the past 30+ years. Volume II covers the non-makeup years of the band, as KISS fought to survive in a totally different music environment to that which they dominated in the 1970s.

Lonesome Dove

Author: Larry McMurtry
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781451606539
Size: 45.12 MB
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Lonesome Dove from the Author: Larry McMurtry. A love story, an adventure, and an epic of the frontier, Larry McMurtry’s Pulitzer Prize— winning classic, Lonesome Dove, the third book in the Lonesome Dove tetralogy, is the grandest novel ever written about the last defiant wilderness of America. Journey to the dusty little Texas town of Lonesome Dove and meet an unforgettable assortment of heroes and outlaws, whores and ladies, Indians and settlers. Richly authentic, beautifully written, always dramatic, Lonesome Dove is a book to make us laugh, weep, dream, and remember.

Hell Or High Water

Author: Peter Heller
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 1101872047
Size: 37.23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Hell Or High Water from the Author: Peter Heller. From the bestselling author of The Dog Stars, the true story of an elite kayaking team's heroic conquest of the world’s last great adventure prize: Tibet's Tsangpo River. The Tsangpo Gorge in southeastern Tibet has lured explorers and adventurers since its discovery. Sacred to the Buddhists, the inspiration for Shangri La, the Gorge is as steeped in legend and mystery as any spot on earth. As a river-running challenge, the remote Tsangpo is relentlessly unforgiving, more difficult than any stretch of river ever attempted. Its mysteries have withstood a century's worth of determined efforts to explore it's length. The finest expedition paddlers on earth have tried. Several have died. All have failed. Until now. In the heart of the Himalayan winter, a team of seven kayakers launched a meticulously planned assault of the Gorge. The paddlers were river cowboys, superstars in the universe of extreme kayaking. Accompanying them was author Peter Heller, a world-class kayaker in his own right. Filled with history, white-knuckle drama, and mutiny in one of the world's most storied-and remote-locations, Hell or High Water is the riveting story of this adventure.