Heart Of Darkness

Author: Joseph Conrad
Publisher: BookRix
ISBN: 3736800835
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Heart Of Darkness from the Author: Joseph Conrad. Heart of Darkness is a short novel by Polish novelist Joseph Conrad, written as a frame narrative, about Charles Marlow’s life as an ivory transporter down the Congo River in Central Africa. The river is "a mighty big river, that you could see on the map, resembling an immense snake uncoiled, with its head in the sea, its body at rest curving afar over a vast country, and its tail lost in the depths of the land.” In the course of his travel in central Africa, Marlow becomes obsessed with Mr. Kurtz. The story is a complex exploration of the attitudes people hold on what constitutes a barbarian versus a civilized society and the attitudes on colonialism and racism that were part and parcel of European imperialism. Originally published as a three-part serial story, in Blackwood's Magazine, the novella Heart of Darkness has been variously published and translated into many languages. In 1998, the Modern Library ranked Heart of Darkness one of the hundred best novels in English of the twentieth century.

Heart Of Darkness And Other Tales

Author: Joseph Conrad
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 9780191582745
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Heart Of Darkness And Other Tales from the Author: Joseph Conrad. HEART OF DARKNESS * AN OUTPOST OF PROGRESS * KARAIN * YOUTH The finest of all Conrad's tales, 'Heart of Darkness' is set in an atmosphere of mystery and menace, and tells of Marlow's perilous journey up the Congo River to relieve his employer's agent, the renowned and formidable Mr Kurtz. What he sees on his journey, and his eventual encounter with Kurtz, horrify and perplex him, and call into question the very bases of civilization and human nature. Endlessly reinterpreted by critics and adapted for film, radio, and television, the story shows Conrad at his most intense and sophisticated. The other three tales in this volume depict corruption and obsession, and question racial assumptions. Set in the exotic surroundings of Africa, Malaysia. and the east, they variously appraise the glamour, folly, and rapacity of imperial adventure. This revised edition uses the English first edition texts and has a new chronology and bibliography. ABOUT THE SERIES: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the widest range of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.

Heart Of Darkness And The Congo Diary

Author: Joseph Conrad
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101487305
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Heart Of Darkness And The Congo Diary from the Author: Joseph Conrad. Penguin inaugurates a series of revised editions of Conrad's finest works, with new introductions Exploring the workings of consciousness as well as the grim realities of imperialism, Heart of Darkness tells of Marlow, a seaman and wanderer, who journeys into the heart of the African continent to discover how the enigmatic Kurtz has gained power over the local people.

Joseph Conrad S Heart Of Darkness

Author: Harold Bloom
Publisher: Infobase Publishing
ISBN: 0791098257
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Joseph Conrad S Heart Of Darkness from the Author: Harold Bloom. Presents a collection of critical essays about Conrad's famous novel, arranged in chronological order of publication.

Heart Of Darkness B2 2

Author: Joseph Conrad
Publisher: Uitgeverij De Boeck Secundair onderwijs
ISBN: 9788853005588
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Heart Of Darkness B2 2 from the Author: Joseph Conrad. HUMAN INTEREST Marlow, a merchant sailor, travels through colonial Africa. He makes a perilous journey by steamboat to rescue Kurtz, an agent, who is seriously ill. He arrives at Kurtz’s station to find that the agent has taken control of the whole area. In his complete isolation from civilised society Kurtz has instituted a brutal system of human sacrifice and magic to enthral the natives. Dossiers: Conrad and the Colonial Experience and others

Heart Of Darkness

Author: Matt Kish
Publisher: Tin House Books
ISBN: 1935639676
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Heart Of Darkness from the Author: Matt Kish. Following his massive--and massively successful--Moby Dick in Pictures, artist Matt Kish has set himself upon an equally impressive, and no less harrowing, task: illustrating each page of Joseph Conrad's masterpiece, Heart of Darkness. Kish’s rich, imaginative drawings and paintings mirror Conrad’s original text and serve to illuminate Marlow’s journey into the heart of the Congo, and into the depths of the human soul. Heart of Darkness is a text ripe for analysis and argument, formally and thematically; it explores matters of imperialism, racism, gender, and the duality of human nature. Kish’s illustrations add another layer, and another voice in the conversation. Heart of Darkness is an essential edition for fans and students of Conrad’s work, but is, above all, a piece of art all its own. Kish’s introduction lends context to his approach, details his relationship and struggle with Conrad’s work, and illuminates his own creative process. An index in the rear of the book catalogs the sentences and phrases that inspired each of the one hundred original pieces of art.

Heart Of Darkness Second Edition

Author: Joseph Conrad
Publisher: Broadview Press
ISBN: 9781551113074
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Heart Of Darkness Second Edition from the Author: Joseph Conrad. The story of Marlow travelling upriver in central Africa to find Kurtz, an ivory agent as consumed by the horror of human life as he is by physical illness, has long been considered a classic, and continues to be widely read and studied. This edition, edited by one of the leading figures in ‘the Conrad controversy,’ includes an introduction and explanatory notes, as well as a fascinating variety of contemporary documents that help to set this extraordinary work in the context of the period from which it emerged. The introduction and bibliography have been updated, and two new appendices have been added; the second of these is a selection of Alice Harris’s extraordinary but little-known photographs documenting the horrors of colonialism in turn-of-the-century Congo.

In The Heart Of Darkness

Author: Eric Flint
Publisher: Baen Books
ISBN: 0671878859
Size: 18.40 MB
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In The Heart Of Darkness from the Author: Eric Flint. Guided by visions of a future that may never come to pass, the general Belisarius and his cohort attempt to bring down the Malwa Empire, which has conquered sixth-century India with the help of the forces of darkness. Original.

Conrad S Heart Of Darkness And Contemporary Thought

Author: Nidesh Lawtoo
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1441123776
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Conrad S Heart Of Darkness And Contemporary Thought from the Author: Nidesh Lawtoo. With its innovative narrative structure and its controversial explorations of race, gender and empire, Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness is a landmark of 20th century literature that continues to resonate to this day. This book brings together leading scholars to explore the full range of contemporary philosophical and critical responses to the text. Conrad's Heart of Darkness and Contemporary Thought includes the first publication in English of philosopher Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe's essay, 'The Horror of the West', described by J. Hillis Miller as 'a major essay on Conrad's novel, one of the best ever written'. In the company of Lacoue-Labarthe, leading scholars explore new readings of Conrad's text from a full range of theoretical perspectives, including deconstructive, psychoanalytic, narratological and postcolonial approaches. Drawing on the very latest insights of contemporary thought, this is an essential study of one of the most important literary texts of the 20th century.

Heart Of Darkness A Racist Text

Author: Christina König
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3638228991
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Heart Of Darkness A Racist Text from the Author: Christina König. Seminar paper from the year 2003 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Literature, grade: 2 (B), University of Tubingen (English Philology), course: Proseminar II Literatur: Heart of Darkness and its Transformations, 9 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: The following essay will deal with the question whether or not Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is a racist text. This question comes up because this novel was written during the age of Victoria, a time of imperialism and colonialism where the term “race” changed its meaning and became a monolithic factor. The term ‘race’ was first used in English literature as denoting a class of people, even a family. In eighteen-century usage it was possible to speak of a race of animals or birds. By the nineteenth century this imprecision was fully recognized, and it was suggested that the term was purely subjective, and illuminated the ‘opinion of the investigator rather than ... the object of investigation.’ (1Bolt: 1971, ix). So from then on, racism, which can be defined as “ the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others” (2Wehmeier:2000,1042) was often included or propagated in literary works. As Conrad was a member of the Victorian society it is interesting for today’s readers to examine if he also shared this belief. Furthermore, it has recently (i.e. within the last twentyfive years) been a frequently-discussed topic, because Chinua Achebe, the famous Nigerian author, arose this question. So, first of all, his accusations will be looked at more clearly, in the following, it is to be regarded if these are actually true, and finally, one will see, if a final estimation is possible. 1 Christine Bolt, Victorian Attitudes to Race (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1971) ix. 2 Sally Wehmeier (ed.) Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English,6th ed. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000) 1042.