The Heart And Mind In Teaching

Author: Alyssa Magee Lowery
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1475805454
Size: 67.18 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Heart And Mind In Teaching from the Author: Alyssa Magee Lowery. The Heart and Mind in Teaching: Pedagogical Styles Through the Ages provides an important historical context for an issue confronting every American teacher, administrator, student, parent, and citizen. As the art of teaching is rapidly replaced by formulas, clinical studies, and one-size-fits-all scientific pedagogy, it is important to ask the question, “How did we get here?” Authors Alyssa Magee Lowery and William Hayes trace the history of teaching from Greek philosophy to twenty-first century educational issues in an effort to provide some perspective in the long art versus science debate, ultimately finding that the two components may be able to coexist peacefully.

Heart Deep Teaching

Author: Gary C. Newton
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
ISBN: 1433677458
Size: 78.94 MB
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Heart Deep Teaching from the Author: Gary C. Newton. When teaching the Bible, what is the best theory, and what are the best practices to stimulate deeper student learning? Heart-Deep Teaching was written for parents, teachers, and students of the Word who desire to apply its principles in life transforming ways. The concept of “heart-deep teaching and learning” is based on a Hebrew understanding of the “heart” as the innermost essence of a person that involves the mind, emotions, and will. When the heart is engaged by the power of the Holy Spirit within the context of God’s Word, both character and behavioral changes occur. To actively engage students’ emotions, mind, will, and body in learning, a heart-deep teacher uses strategies involving interaction, drama, reflection, story-telling, wonder, movement, creativity, acting-out, problem-solving, and wrestling with the principles discovered in the biblical text. By integrating accurate methods of analyzing the biblical text and current research in teaching and learning, the book attempts to help teachers understand the theoretical and practical skills to create their own lessons, adapt lessons from published curriculums, and improve their own strategies of studying and teaching the Word.

Writing On The Tablet Of The Heart

Author: David M. Carr
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195346695
Size: 31.25 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Writing On The Tablet Of The Heart from the Author: David M. Carr. This book explores a new model for the production, revision, and reception of Biblical texts as Scripture. Building on recent studies of the oral/written interface in medieval, Greco-Roman and ancinet Near Eastern contexts, David Carr argues that in ancient Israel Biblical texts and other texts emerged as a support for an educational process in which written and oral dimensions were integrally intertwined. The point was not incising and reading texts on parchment or papyrus. The point was to enculturate ancient Israelites - particularly Israelite elites - by training them to memorize and recite a wide range of traditional literature that was seen as the cultural bedorck of the people: narrative, prophecy, prayer, and wisdom.

The Power Of Ashtanga Yoga Ii

Author: Kino MacGregor
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 083484124X
Size: 76.96 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Power Of Ashtanga Yoga Ii from the Author: Kino MacGregor. In this follow-up to her popular first book, The Power of Ashtanga Yoga, Kino MacGregor presents and explains the Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Yoga practice. MacGregor, a disciple of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the founder of the method, gives a basic introduction to Ashtanga Yoga philosophy; provides essential background information on the Intermediate Series; gives tips on how to know when you are ready to take on this next stage of practice; explains the purification aspects of the practice; and gives instructions for the pranayama techniques associated with the practice, along with other key points. She also describes and demonstrates the entire Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series in over 250 photographs. This solid, engaging entry into intermediate-level practice is a wonderful resource for both practitioners and teachers.

2 Corinthians Teach The Text Commentary Series

Author: Moyer V. Hubbard
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1493406140
Size: 55.85 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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2 Corinthians Teach The Text Commentary Series from the Author: Moyer V. Hubbard. The Teach the Text Commentary Series utilizes the best of biblical scholarship to provide the information a pastor needs to communicate the text effectively. The carefully selected preaching units and focused commentary allow pastors to quickly grasp the big idea and key themes of each passage of Scripture. Each unit of the commentary includes the big idea and key themes of the passage and sections dedicated to understanding, teaching, and illustrating the text.

Fostering Language Teaching Efficiency Through Cognitive Linguistics

Author: Sabine De Knop
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110245833
Size: 42.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Fostering Language Teaching Efficiency Through Cognitive Linguistics from the Author: Sabine De Knop. In contexts of instructed second language acquisition there is a need for teaching methods that are optimally efficient, i.e. teaching interventions that generate a maximal return on learners' and teachers' investment of time and effort. In the past couple of decades, many researchers have argued that insights from Cognitive Linguistics (CL) - when suitably translated for pedagogical purposes - can make a major contribution to fostering such language teaching efficiency. This collective volume assesses and supplements those CL proposals. The first part of the book positions CL-inspired language pedagogy vis-à-vis recent trends in mainstream applied linguistics and illustrates through several case studies that language-focused instruction (including CL-inspired instruction) is a useful - if not indispensable - complement to learner-autonomous, incidental acquisition. The second part demonstrates how CL research can help pedagogues identify hitherto neglected language elements that merit explicit targeting in second language instruction. The third part consists of contributions that put the pedagogical efficiency of several CL-inspired interventions to the test in classroom experiments. Additions to the currently available armoury of teaching methods are proposed. The kinds of target language items under examination in the book range from single words over multiword units to grammar patterns. Throughout, the volume illustrates how much pedagogy-oriented Cognitive Linguistics has matured in recent years.

Engaging In Mathematics In The Classroom

Author: Alf Coles
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317429761
Size: 18.24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Engaging In Mathematics In The Classroom from the Author: Alf Coles. What comes first, class management or student engagement? How can the ‘real world’ be used to engage learners? What is the role of technology in engaging students? And is ‘understanding’ or ‘exam success’ more engaging? In the modern world, success in school mathematics can determine life chances. It is therefore vital to engage children and young people in learning mathematics. Making Mathematics Engaging in the Classroom brings together the debates concerning mathematical engagement and draws on first-hand experience and key research to promote successful classroom practice. It considers what engagement looks like at different ages and the implications of this for the classroom. Accessibly written with examples of successful classroom practice, activities and projects, the book covers: Planning and managing engagement in learning; Mathematical understandings and meanings; Early Primary and the number system; Primary/Secondary Transition and geometrical thinking; Secondary school: Adolescence and algebraic activity; Post-16 and infinity; Learning across the lifespan. Written by a leading authority in the field, this timely text will be essential reading for all trainee and practising teachers of mathematics.

Common English Bible

Author: Abingdon Press
Publisher: Common English Bible
ISBN: 1609260066
Size: 30.96 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Common English Bible from the Author: Abingdon Press. A fresh translation to touch the heart and mind.