Health Promotion

Author: Keith Tones
Publisher: Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 9780748745272
Size: 51.35 MB
Format: PDF
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Health Promotion from the Author: Keith Tones. The authors have joined forces again to reflect upon the ever changing world of health promotion. As a result, their highly respected textbook has been substantially rewritten to document both theoretical and practical developments within this important sphere of professional activity.

Health Promotion Schools And Community

Author: Sergio Meresman
Publisher: Pan American Health Org
ISBN: 9275330204
Size: 48.48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Health Promotion Schools And Community from the Author: Sergio Meresman. This document seeks to contribute elements in response to the questions: How do we-in the countries of Latin America-build a Health Promoting School? and, What are the determining factors in a successful implementation process? To this end, we will examine the principal aspects involved in the implementation process, based on international experience, with special emphasis on what is distinctive in the regional context.

Evidence Based School Psychiatry

Author: Jeffrey Q. Bostic
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 1455738395
Size: 33.85 MB
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Evidence Based School Psychiatry from the Author: Jeffrey Q. Bostic. Schools can play an important role in addressing the unmet mental health needs of youth by potentially increasing access to care in a cost-effective manner. This venue provides unparalleled access to youth and exemplifies a single setting through which the majority of children can be reached. This very timely issue provides a much-needed analysis of the types of situations in which schools can and must address the mental health needs of their students, and the methodology for doing so. With an eye towards current technologies (articles cover telepsychiatry and web-based interventions), authors review school-based interventions for students suffering from post-traumatic stress-syndrome, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, depression, ADHD, psychoses, substance abuse, and other disorders. Of special interest are the articles covering bullying (including internet bullying) and mobilizing a crisis team after student death.

A Modern Epidemic

Author: Louise Baur
Publisher: Sydney University Press
ISBN: 1920899855
Size: 45.49 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A Modern Epidemic from the Author: Louise Baur. Diabetes, obesity and their related diseases make up one of the greatest challenges to human health in the 21st century. In A modern epidemic: expert perspectives on obesity and diabetes, a diverse group of researchers and clinicians from the University of Sydney has joined forces to discuss how to tackle these major health challenges.

Case Studies In Global School Health Promotion

Author: Cheryl Vince Whitman
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387922690
Size: 68.48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Case Studies In Global School Health Promotion from the Author: Cheryl Vince Whitman. A growing body of research identifies strong links between children’s health, social and educational outcomes; it also notes the reciprocal benefits of access to quality education on individual and family health status. In response to these findings, the World Health Organization developed the concept of the Health-Promoting School (HPS), a living catalyst for healthy lives, and for positive changes that students can take home and into the community. Case Studies in Global School Health Promotion provides readers with a theoretical and research base needed to understand the methods used in communities all over the world to put this captivating concept in place. Case examples from over two dozen countries (representing urban and rural areas in developing and developed nations) outline the strategies taken to implement HPS programs in individual schools, municipalities, and nations. For each program, case study authors explain the problems they tackled, their motivation and supports to respond creatively; and the barriers they faced. In the cases, authors describe the capacities and infrastructure they created and mechanisms for cooperation; as well as the personnel, financial, and time requirements involved. Case studies were drawn from the following regions: Africa The Americas Europe Eastern Mediterranean South and Southeast Asia Western Pacific. Case Studies in Global School Health Promotion offers a world of insights, ideas, and guidance to those addressing social determinants of health at this formative stage, including: education and health policy makers; professionals and administrators; and researchers in national governments, universities, local schools, community, non-governmental organizations and civil society. The material provides interesting and useful information to those dedicated to these issues within WHO, FRESH Partners and other United Nations agencies. It is also an instructive text for graduate students in public health, education, allied health professions and social sciences.

International Perspectives On Children And Mental Health 2 Volumes

Author: Hiram E. Fitzgerald
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313382980
Size: 42.62 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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International Perspectives On Children And Mental Health 2 Volumes from the Author: Hiram E. Fitzgerald. This unprecedented set examines the most prominent factors that harm or support healthy development in children outside the United States, from abuse and economics to social injustice and poor public policy.

Prevention And Intervention Practice In Post Apartheid South Africa

Author: Vijé Franchi
Publisher: Routledge
Size: 31.80 MB
Format: PDF
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Prevention And Intervention Practice In Post Apartheid South Africa from the Author: Vijé Franchi. Meet the challenge posed by South African society for community psychology! Prevention and Intervention Practice in Post-Apartheid South Africa presents theoretical, methodological, and training frameworks for violence prevention and interventions in oppressed South African communities following the end of apartheid. Researchers and practitioners examine psychological practices that empower these communities--historically marginalized and lacking in resources--to define and transform the sociopolitical and economic conditions that perpetuate the problems, risk factors, and needs associated with injustice and inequality. The book addresses violence prevention in low-income communities, injury prevention reform, non-traditional leadership alternatives, training procedures, and the use of schools as settings for community-based prevention. Prevention and Intervention Practice in Post-Apartheid South Africa strives to extend effective mental health services to all South African citizens, broadening the definition and scope of intervention for practitioners who respond to public health needs. The book challenges traditional psychological paradigms, putting prevention before curative interventions. Topics covered include: violence prevention in low-income communities using case studies to influence injury prevention reform training women for leadership using school as a setting for community-based prevention using rapid assessment procedures in training practitioners and much more! Prevention and Intervention Practice in Post-Apartheid South Africa is an essential resource for health care and helping professionals working to advance new methods of service delivery and new models of mental health practice within the community.

Mental Health And Wellbeing Through Schools

Author: Associate Professor in the School of Psychology Rosalyn H Shute
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317655060
Size: 16.27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Mental Health And Wellbeing Through Schools from the Author: Associate Professor in the School of Psychology Rosalyn H Shute. Mental Health and Wellbeing through Schools brings together international experts from various disciplines to identify and address a range of current challenges in this rapidly-developing field of endeavour. The opening chapter details lessons learned from research and practice, outlining some emerging challenges for the effective implementation of mental health initiatives in schools. Subsequent chapters take up the various issues, exploring problems and proposing solutions. Topics fall within four broad areas: Organisational and leadership issues such as dealing with 'wicked' or ‘hard-to-tame’ (complex and resistant) problems and taking a broad public health approach; Teacher-related issues, such as how to integrate programs successfully into schools, and teacher skills and professional learning; The challenges and opportunities of new technologies, including cyberbullying and the use of online, multimedia and mobile resources for both student and teacher learning and support; The need for a greater focus on targeted interventions for at-risk students, such as those with disabilities; also addressing ‘hard-to-tame’ problems such as bullying, youth suicide and depression. Mental Health and Wellbeing through Schools will be of interest to those involved in researching, developing, evaluating and implementing mental health initiatives in schools, including academics, practitioners, educators and educational and Mental Health policy makers. It will also be of use to professionals, such as nurses and social workers, concerned with the wellbeing of children and adolescents. The book will have international appeal, with contributors from around the world, experienced in a range of contexts. Rosalyn H. Shute is Adjunct Professor of Psychology at both Flinders and Federation Universities (Australia). Her research expertise lies broadly in clinical child psychology and paediatric psychology/child health and wellbeing. She is an experienced teacher of Developmental Psychology, educational and clinical child/paediatric psychology. Phillip T. Slee is a Professor in Human Development in the School of Education at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia. He is a trained teacher and registered psychologist. His main areas of interest include childhood bullying/aggression, mental health and wellbeing, stress and teacher education. He has a particular interest in the practical and policy implications of his research. He and Shute recently co-authored Child Development: Theories and Critical Perspectives.