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Hash from the Author: Quelle: Wikipedia. Dieser Inhalt ist eine Zusammensetzung von Artikeln aus der frei verf gbaren Wikipedia-Enzyklop die. Seiten: 39. Nicht dargestellt. Kapitel: Message-Digest Algorithm 5, Hashfunktion, Zyklische Redundanzpr fung, Kryptologische Hashfunktion, Hashtabelle, Secure Hash Algorithm, Brent-Hashing, Multiplikative Methode, Verteilte Hashtabelle, Bloomfilter, Hash-Baum, LM-Hash, Kuckucks-Hashing, Preimage-Angriff, Kollisionsangriff, Doppel-Hashing, Perfekte Hash-Funktion, Zufallsorakel, Bcrypt, Divisionsrestmethode, FNV, Mittquadratmethode, UUHash, Message-Digest Algorithm 4, Message-Digest Algorithm 2, RIPEMD-160, SHA-1 Collision Search Graz, HAVAL, Merkles Meta-Verfahren, Skein, Tiger-Tree Hash, Universelle Hash-Funktion, Konsistente Hash-Funktion, SHA-3, Whirlpool, Snefru, Gr stl. Auszug: Die zyklische Redundanzpr fung (engl. cyclic redundancy check, daher meist CRC) ist ein Verfahren zur Bestimmung eines Pr fwerts f r Daten, um Fehler bei der bertragung oder Speicherung erkennen zu k nnen. F r jeden Datenblock wird nach einem bestimmten Verfahren ein sogenannter CRC-Wert berechnet, der dem Datenblock angef gt wird. Zur berpr fung der Daten wird dasselbe Berechnungsverfahren auf den Datenblock einschlie lich des angef gten CRC-Werts angewandt. Ist das Ergebnis dann Null, kann angenommen werden, dass der Datenblock unverf lscht ist. Verschiedene technische Anwendungen weichen allerdings von diesem Schema ab, indem sie beispielsweise die Berechnung mit einem bestimmten Wert initialisieren oder den CRC-Wert vor der bermittlung invertieren. CRC ist so ausgelegt, dass Fehler bei der bertragung der Daten, wie sie beispielsweise durch Rauschen auf der Leitung verursacht werden k nnten, mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit entdeckt werden. CRCs von seriellen Daten bertragungen k nnen sehr einfach in Hardware realisiert werden. Zum Beispiel werden Daten bertragungen ber Ethernet, sowie die meisten Festplatten- bertragungen mit CRC-Verfahren gepr ft. Das CRC-Verfahren ist nur f r di...

The Hash Function Blake

Author: Jean-Philippe Aumasson
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3662447576
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The Hash Function Blake from the Author: Jean-Philippe Aumasson. This is a comprehensive description of the cryptographic hash function BLAKE, one of the five final contenders in the NIST SHA3 competition, and of BLAKE2, an improved version popular among developers. It describes how BLAKE was designed and why BLAKE2 was developed, and it offers guidelines on implementing and using BLAKE, with a focus on software implementation. In the first two chapters, the authors offer a short introduction to cryptographic hashing, the SHA3 competition and BLAKE. They review applications of cryptographic hashing, they describe some basic notions such as security definitions and state-of-the-art collision search methods and they present SHA1, SHA2 and the SHA3 finalists. In the chapters that follow, the authors give a complete description of the four instances BLAKE-256, BLAKE-512, BLAKE-224 and BLAKE-384; they describe applications of BLAKE, including simple hashing with or without a salt and HMAC and PBKDF2 constructions; they review implementation techniques, from portable C and Python to AVR assembly and vectorized code using SIMD CPU instructions; they describe BLAKE’s properties with respect to hardware design for implementation in ASICs or FPGAs; they explain BLAKE's design rationale in detail, from NIST’s requirements to the choice of internal parameters; they summarize the known security properties of BLAKE and describe the best attacks on reduced or modified variants; and they present BLAKE2, the successor of BLAKE, starting with motivations and also covering its performance and security aspects. The book concludes with detailed test vectors, a reference portable C implementation of BLAKE, and a list of third-party software implementations of BLAKE and BLAKE2. The book is oriented towards practice – engineering and craftsmanship – rather than theory. It is suitable for developers, engineers and security professionals engaged with BLAKE and cryptographic hashing in general and for applied cryptography researchers and students who need a consolidated reference and a detailed description of the design process, or guidelines on how to design a cryptographic algorithm.


Author: Wensley Clarkson
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Hash from the Author: Wensley Clarkson. For millions of people across the world, lighting up a joint is no more controversial than having a cup of tea. But in Hash Wensley Clarkson explores the dark and sinister side of this multi-billion pound business: one fuelled by a brutal underworld network of dealers, drug barons, bent cops and even terrorists. Sex, intimidation, bribery and murder are all employed in a quest for vast profits. Travelling from the lawless Rif mountains in Morocco to darkened warehouses in Spain, protected by heavily armed gangsters, this is a revelatory roller-coaster ride through the secret world of Hash.

Hope For Despair

Author: Bernard G. Hash
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
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Hope For Despair from the Author: Bernard G. Hash. There is no available information at this time.


Author: Marcus Pratt Wheeler
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Hash from the Author: Marcus Pratt Wheeler.


Author: Torgny Lindgren
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
ISBN: 9780715632642
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Hash from the Author: Torgny Lindgren. In a small town where an epidemic of tuberculosis rages, Robert Maser, a travelling garment salesman arrives and persuades the local schoolteacher, Lars, to join him on a bizarre quest to find the world's best Swedish hash. Together they wander the Swedish countryside to sample the variety of humble family recipes.

Hash House Lingo

Author: Jack Smiley
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 048628784X
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Hash House Lingo from the Author: Jack Smiley. Originally published in 1941, this pocket-sized treasury preserves the language of diners and roadside restaurants during their golden age in the '30s and '40s. From "all hot" (baked potato) and "dog soup" (water) to "perk" (coffee) and "first lady" (spare ribs), the long-lost terms are fascinating, funny, and sometimes politically incorrect by today's standards. Historic photos from the Library of Congress add nostalgic appeal.

Beyond Buds

Author: Ed Rosenthal
Publisher: Quick Trading Company
ISBN: 1936807246
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Beyond Buds from the Author: Ed Rosenthal. Beyond Buds is a handbook to the future of marijuana. Prohibition’s end has led to a technological revolution that’s generated powerful medicines and products containing almost zero carcinogens and little smoke. Marijuana icon Ed Rosenthal and leading cannabis reporter David Downs guide readers through the best new consumer products, and demonstrate how to make and use the safest, cleanest extracts. Beyond Buds details how award-winning artisans make hash and concentrates, and includes modern techniques utilizing dry ice and CO2. The book is a primer on making kief, water hash, tinctures, topicals, edibles, and other extracts from cannabis leaves, trim, and bud bits, and it goes on to explore and simplify the more exotic and trendy marijuana-infused products, such as butane hash oil (BHO), shatter, wax, and budder. More complex than lighting a joint, these innovative products call for new accessories — special pipes, dabbing tools, and vaporizers — all of which are reviewed and pictured in the book. Beyond Buds expands on Rosenthal’s previous book Ask Ed: Marijuana Gold — Trash to Stash. Completely updated with full-color photographs that are both “how-to” guides and eye candy, this book enables not only the health-conscious toker but also the bottom line–driven cultivator.