Han Mongol Encounters And Missionary Endeavors

Author: Patrick Taveirne
Publisher: Leuven University Press
ISBN: 9789058673657
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Han Mongol Encounters And Missionary Endeavors from the Author: Patrick Taveirne. The study describes the origins of the Southwest Mongolia vicariate beyond the Great Wall and along the Yellow River Bend during the transition period from Lazarist missionary activities in the 1840s to the Scheutists in the early 1870

Archives De Sciences Sociales Des Religions N 133 Janv Mars 2006

Author: Collectif
Publisher: Éditions de l'École des hautes études en sciences sociales
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Archives De Sciences Sociales Des Religions N 133 Janv Mars 2006 from the Author: Collectif. Le volume aborde certaines tendances du catholicisme européen. Du prêtre du 19e siècle à ceux de la génération de Jean-Paul II, l'idéal sacerdotal fait place à l'accomplissement de soi. Le rôle de médiation entre la société civile et l'autorité politique dont hérite l'institution catholique fait problème comme la place de la religion dans l'espace public. L'économie des dons et les modes de gestion des recettes ou les types de socialisation des fidèles qui caractérisent les paroisses invitent à la comparaison, entre Paris et la province, entre la France et l'Allemagne. Plus à la marge, la résurgence de figures de "virtuoses", aussi anachroniques que les ermites et les vierges consacrées, permet de repérer les tentations d'un prophétisme "exemplaire" chez les fidèles ordinaires du catholicisme italien post-conciliaire. Enfin, la politique subversive des pentecôtismes, particulièrement en Amérique latine, se révèle un vrai défi pour le catholicisme.

The Missionary Kaleidoscope

Author: Kathleen L. Lodwick
Publisher: Missionary Experience in Asia
ISBN: 9781891936593
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The Missionary Kaleidoscope from the Author: Kathleen L. Lodwick. Missionaries in China engaged in a fascinating variety of occupations in their quest to make converts. The portraits of the six missionaries presented here attest to the astonishing range of their evangelistic ingenuity. From the nineteenth century pioneer Karl Gutzlaff to the twentieth century woman medical doctor Alie Gale, missionaries toiled in a wide range of endeavors as they sought to spread the word of Christianity among the Chinese.Jessie G. Lutz?s (Rutgers University, Emeritus) essay on Karl Gutzlaff details his attempts to use Chinese evangelists to spread the Christian message ? a technique criticized by his contemporaries who believed his Chinese employees had insufficient knowledge of Christianity to be effective and, worse, did not work but eagerly accepted their salaries.Jost Zetzsche?s (independent scholar) account of Absalom Sydenstricker and his work on translating the Bible into Chinese offers a view of the difficulties the scholar had rendering the Scripture into Chinese but also in reconciling, or failing to reconcile, the personal differences between the Chinese and the Westerners.Kathleen Lodwick?s work on James Gilmour gives a glimpse into the life of this adventuring missionary who labored twenty long years in Mongolia without converting a single Mongolian but who did write two books on Mongolia ? books that have endured owing to their engaging descriptions of the people and the land of that remote region.W.K. Cheng?s chapter on John Macgowan reveals that, unlike many missionaries who struggled with the moral ambivalence of their presence in China and Western expansionism, Macgowan uninhibitedly affirmed the intimacy between Mission and Empire in the thirteen major works he wrote on China, Chinese life, thought, religious beliefs, and customs.Cristina Zaccarini (Adelphi University) relates the work of Alie Gale, M.D., an American woman who was not formally appointed as a missionary but married to one. Gale not only organized and ran her own hospitals but she made significant contributions to the field of pubic health in China.Finally, Linda Benson?s (Oakland University) account of Mildred Case tells of an independently financed member of the China Inland Mission whose early career was overshadowed by her later venture, with two women colleagues, into China?s remote Northwest where they traveled for many years preaching in villages and distributing Christian tracts.

Chronique Du Toumet Ortos

Author: Ann Heylen
Publisher: Leuven University Press
ISBN: 9789058674180
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Chronique Du Toumet Ortos from the Author: Ann Heylen. This book introduces Joseph Van Oost's three-volume missionary chronicle, covering the years 1915-1921 when stationed in Inner Mongolia. The author has provided a thematic reading of the chronicle, divided into seven separate chapters. Relevant passages referring to each of these seven themes are selected and annotated as to render the reader familiar with the general background and immediate context. This book does not offer a critical study checking the recorded facts as to their historical accuracy. Rather, it gives a voice to a vivid past, which enables the reader to envisage a picture of every day life in Inner Mongolia, as experienced by the European missionary and the Chinese peasant communities in the early years of the Chinese Republic. Selected themes are as follows: 1. Climate; 2. Chinese customs; 3. Scheut community and an illustration of the outbreak of the plague (1917); 4. Chinese banditry as a socio-political phenomenon; 5. Political developments in Republican China; 6. Bureaucratic reforms, illustrated by the opium policy; 7. International Relations (World War I) and China's modernization. In appendix, the book offers a list of Joseph Van Oost's numerous publications. Bibliographic references, a glossary of Chinese characters and transliterations, a list of Chinese proverbs translated into English and French, and index are included. Illustrations and an excerpt from the handwritten manuscript complete the book.

Handbook Of Christianity In China

Author: Nicolas Standaert
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004114300
Size: 46.64 MB
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Handbook Of Christianity In China from the Author: Nicolas Standaert. The second volume on Christianity in China covers the period from 1800 to the present day, dealing with the complexities of both Catholic and Protestant aspects.

Revue D Histoire Eccl Siastique

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Revue D Histoire Eccl Siastique from the Author: . Each vol. includes an annual bibliography; 1915-20 consist of bibliography only.