Growth Now And Forever

Author: Giang Ho
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 1498306365
Size: 72.23 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Growth Now And Forever from the Author: Giang Ho. Forecasters often predict continued rapid economic growth into the medium and long term for countries that have recently experienced strong growth. Using long-term forecasts of economic growth from the IMF/World Bank staff Debt Sustainability Analyses for a panel of countries, we show that the baseline forecasts are more optimistic than warranted by past international growth experience. Further, by comparing the IMF’s World Economic Outlook forecasts with actual growth outcomes, we show that optimism bias is greater the longer the forecast horizon.

The End Of Normal

Author: James K. Galbraith
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451644930
Size: 73.34 MB
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The End Of Normal from the Author: James K. Galbraith. "The years since the Great Crisis of 2008 have seen slow growth, high unemployment, falling home values, chronic deficits, a deepening disaster in Europe--and a stale argument between two false solutions, "austerity" on one side and "stimulus" on the other. Both sides and practically all analyses of the crisis so far take for granted that the economic growth from the early 1950s until 2000--interrupted only by the troubled 1970s--represented a normal performance. From this perspective the crisis was an interruption, caused by bad policy or bad people, and full recovery is to be expected if the cause is corrected. The End of Normal challenges this view. Placing the crisis in perspective, Galbraith argues that the 1970s already ended the age of easy growth. The 1980s and 1990s saw only uneven growth, with rising inequality within and between countries. And the 2000s saw the end even of that--despite frantic efforts to keep growth going with tax cuts, war spending, and financial deregulation. When the crisis finally came, stimulus and automatic stabilization were able to place a floor under economic collapse. But they are not able to bring about a return to high growth and full employment. Today, four factors impede a return to normal. They are the rising costs of real resources, the now-evident futility of military power, the labor-saving consequences of the digital revolution, and the breakdown of law and ethics in the financial sector. The Great Crisis should be seen as a turning point, a barometer of the rise of unstable economic conditions, which should be regarded as the new normal. Policies and institutions going forward should be designed, above all, modestly, to cope with this fact, maintaining conditions for a good life in difficult times"--

Truth For Today

Author: John F. MacArthur
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 141858584X
Size: 56.16 MB
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Truth For Today from the Author: John F. MacArthur. Long respected as one of today's most knowledgeable Bible teachers, John MacArthur has never had a book that offers his insights in such an easily accessible manner. Be prepared to be encouraged, challenged, energized, and changed as MacArthur offers seasoned wisdom on different passages of Scripture. Perfect for daily readings, this unique gift book is destined to be a treasured classic for years to come.

Take Your Life Back Day By Day

Author: Stephen Arterburn
Publisher: NavPress
ISBN: 1496418514
Size: 60.62 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Take Your Life Back Day By Day from the Author: Stephen Arterburn. Have you ever had one of those days . . . ? Let’s face it. Living in this world can be extremely challenging. It’s hard enough just to make it through our days and years—let alone in a way we’re proud of, living a life that is pure and good. Sometimes it all feels so overwhelming. But here’s the good news: As a child of God, you can call upon the Lord, and he will help you take your life back from the daily pressures, worries, habits, and conflicts you face. In Take Your Life Back Day by Day,you’ll find 365 Scriptures, inspiring reflections, and thought-provoking questions to help yourecognize when you’ve reached your limitsallow God to care for you and comfort youexperience God’s freedom when you are overburdened and his joy when you are downheartedreplace the stress in your life with joy and peaceIt’s time to take your life back and live it for God. Keep your eyes fixed on him day by day—because with his help, you have what it takes to prevail.

The Biblical Illustrator Vol 62 Pastoral Commentary On 2 Peter

Author: Charles Spurgeon
Publisher: Primedia eLaunch
ISBN: 1943133255
Size: 35.66 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Biblical Illustrator Vol 62 Pastoral Commentary On 2 Peter from the Author: Charles Spurgeon. **This edition contains original Greek notes and is properly formatted for all ereading devices/apps. What if Charles Spurgeon helped you prepare next Sunday’s sermon? Or what if you could talk over your preaching with Joseph Parker, Richard Baxter, Henry Ward Beecher and H. P. Liddon. Do you think it would make a difference to get the input of some of the greatest preachers who ever lived? That’s precisely what Joseph Exell had in mind when he put together the massive series of volumes called The Biblical Illustrator. In what can only be called a Herculean feat, he spent years gathering preaching notes and sermon outlines from the very best preachers of his day (in the late 1800s and early 1900s), and he did it covering every book of the Bible. And it is amazingly comprehensive. Exell approached his task by taking every verse in the Bible and seeking to discover how it has been preached in the past. Though there is plenty of exegetical material here, this is not primarily a commentary. This series is for preachers, teachers, Bible students and anyone else looking for penetrating pastoral insights some of the all-time greats of the faith.

Going For Growth

Author: Ken Clarke
Publisher: SPCK
ISBN: 1844747190
Size: 77.95 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Going For Growth from the Author: Ken Clarke. Volatile. Cowardly. Slow on the uptake. As a follower of Jesus, Peter didn't have a lot going for him. Yet he became a passionate preacher and an extraordinary leader, and the rock on which Christ built his church. Bishop Ken Clarke believes that Jesus works the same kind of transformation in his followers today. In this warm-hearted and deeply encouraging book, he draws out lessons from Peter's life for us today. He equips enthusiastic disciples and growing leaders to keep their focus, handle failure and fulfil their potential in God's service.

How Solid Is Economic Growth In The East African Community

Author: Mr. Nikoloz Gigineishvili
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 1498365833
Size: 43.27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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How Solid Is Economic Growth In The East African Community from the Author: Mr. Nikoloz Gigineishvili. Is rapid economic growth experienced by the East African Community during the past decade built on solid foundations? To gain some clues, we use a variety of newly-collected and existing data sources to analyze the structural transformation of output and exports, as well as indicators of their quality and sophistication. The move from agriculture to a wide range of other sectors—bodes well for continued growth, as do gradual improvements in quality. Yet, no clear winners on the production side seem to have emerged, to embed a durable comparative advantage in international markets. These observations may instill a note of caution against projecting rapid growth into the distant future.

The Rise And Fall Of Nations Forces Of Change In The Post Crisis World

Author: Ruchir Sharma
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393248909
Size: 61.14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Rise And Fall Of Nations Forces Of Change In The Post Crisis World from the Author: Ruchir Sharma. International Bestseller "Quite simply the best guide to the global economy today." —Fareed Zakaria Shaped by his twenty-five years traveling the world, and enlivened by encounters with villagers from Rio to Beijing, tycoons, and presidents, Ruchir Sharma’s The Rise and Fall of Nations rethinks the "dismal science" of economics as a practical art. Narrowing the thousands of factors that can shape a country’s fortunes to ten clear rules, Sharma explains how to spot political, economic, and social changes in real time. He shows how to read political headlines, black markets, the price of onions, and billionaire rankings as signals of booms, busts, and protests. Set in a post-crisis age that has turned the world upside down, replacing fast growth with slow growth and political calm with revolt, Sharma’s pioneering book is an entertaining field guide to understanding change in this era or any era.

Empowering Teens Through God S Word

Author: Warner Marshall
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1452062080
Size: 53.92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Empowering Teens Through God S Word from the Author: Warner Marshall. A God inspired book based on over 40 years of experience in working with teens. Filled with training modules and puzzles designed to capture their interest and teach important topics that help them to mature in Christ. Youth will learn about: 1- Assurance of Salvation 2- Baptism 3- Church and Membership 4-The Word of God (The Bible) 5-Prayer 6- Stewardship 7- Facing Dangers And Problems 8- Knowing What We Believe 9- Church Ordinances: Baptism And The Lord's Supper


Publisher: Discovery House
ISBN: 1627076182
Size: 33.74 MB
Format: PDF
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Faith from the Author: . Faith is not just believing in God—faith is also having confidence in His Word. Engaging stories and encouraging Scriptures all center on issues of faith. You’ll be reminded of God’s power to firmly establish you in your belief in who He is and what His Word says He will do. Written by Our Daily Bread contributors, Faith: 90 Devotions from Our Daily Bread guides you toward a renewed trust in God that leads to obedience and service to the Lord.