Grown Ups Get To Do All The Driving

Publisher: Carolrhoda Books
ISBN: 9781575056173
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Grown Ups Get To Do All The Driving from the Author: . A young child lists some of the characteristics and behaviors of grown-ups.

William Steig

Author: Jill C. Wheeler
Publisher: ABDO Publishing Company
ISBN: 1617845779
Size: 15.96 MB
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William Steig from the Author: Jill C. Wheeler. Traces the childhood, education, and career of children's literature illustrator William Steig.

The Carriage Journal

Author: Jill Ryder
Publisher: Carriage Assoc. of America
Size: 30.93 MB
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The Carriage Journal from the Author: Jill Ryder. 2 Mr. Currier and Mr. Ives by Catherine Luce 6 Collar Selection, Part Four by Barb Lee 7 Go West! by Vicki Nelson Bodob 14 The Music of Winter by Jennifer Singleton 16 The Rise and Fall of the Coan & Ten Broeke Carriage Manufacturing Co. by Ken Wheeling 23 Scenes from the 2006 Newport Coaching Weekend • Photo Essay 25 Stony Brook Redux by Ken Wheeling 21 Modern-Day Shop News 26 Memories ... Mostly Horsy 28 Collectors' Corner • Sleigh Robes 30 From the CMA Library 31 The Bookshelf• Reviews 33 CAA Bookstore 39 The Passing Scene • News 42 Carriage Restoration & Conservation Directory 63 Letters to the Editor 64 The View from the Box, by Harvey Waller

What The Grown Ups Were Doing

Author: Michele Hanson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0857204904
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What The Grown Ups Were Doing from the Author: Michele Hanson. Michele Hanson grew up an 'oddball tomboy disappointment' in a Jewish family in Ruislip in the 1950s - a suburban, Metroland idyll of neat lawns, bridge parties and Martini socials. Yet this shopfront of respectability masked a multitude of anxieties and suspected salacious goings-on. Was Shirley's mother really having an affair with the man from the carpet shop? Did chatterbox Dora Colborne harbour unspeakable desires for Michele's sulky dad? Whose Battenburg cake was the best? An atmosphere of intense rivalry prevails, with Michele's mum very suspicious of her non-Jewish neighbour's domestic and personal habits, and Michele very wary of children's games like 'Doctors and Nurses' that might bring bottoms into the equation. And with glamorous, scheming Auntie Celia swanning around in silk dresses demanding attention, Michele has a lot to contend with. Only the annual holidays to the south of France relieve the tension. This hilarious and wonderfully evocative memoir charts Michele's childhood and coming of age in a Britain that was emerging from post-war austerity into the days of 'you've never had it so good'. It is a characterful and affectionate look at a way of British life long since disappeared but one for which we continue to hold huge affection.

Talking Book Topics

Author: Library of Congress. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
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Talking Book Topics from the Author: Library of Congress. National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.

Not Grown Up Forever

Author: Ching Man Lam
Publisher: Nova Publishers
ISBN: 9781600210747
Size: 22.68 MB
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Not Grown Up Forever from the Author: Ching Man Lam. This book is based on a Chinese conception of adolescent development, which is a model that incorporates culture and migration as two essential components of its framework. This framework is based on the notion that there is a dynamic interplay between culture and migration in Chinese immigrant families that contributes to adolescent development. In the specific migration context, indigenous Chinese notions are reinforced and intensified; these notions thus develop particular meanings and contribute distinctive themes to both the processes and outcomes of adolescent development. The Chinese conception of adolescent development the author proposes acknowledges the unique experiences of Chinese immigrants, takes account of the personal meaning of parents and adolescents, and incorporates ideas from Chinese culture.